SySy’s Chanelle

Chanelle Gown

While we are hearing so much about the candidate colours for the “new black” can we really ever go wrong with the “Old Black”? I think not; especially when it is as creatively applied, as in SySy Chapman’s breathtaking Chanelle gown. As you enter the room in this soft flowing creation your silhouette is sure to make an impression, which is only emphasized further as you turn to reveal the deeply cut back of the gown trimmed enchantingly with just a delicate touch of long slender feathers moving to echo your every step. This gown requires no further embellishment. The clean lines of the Audrey earrings from Aurora Borealis (ABJ) are simply ideal to complete the look. ~ Kym


SL Fashion According to KymSara & Sequoia

Welcome to the fashion blog of KymSara Rayna and Sequoia Nightfire. We are models in Second Life who seem to have been separated at birth. We often find ourselves arriving in similar styles, colours or moods so it was only a matter of time before we came together to share our similar “Notions of Style”. We will tend to focus on clothing and accessories, however we may stray into home style or fashionable furnishings from time to time. We hope you will find our postings worth the visit and that you will leave comments if you enjoy what you see.

Kym & Seq