On the Beach

On the beach . . .

Sometimes the most lovely creations have the strangest names. So it is with this awesome offering from Appolonia Criss of Chantkare. Her lovely cocktail dress bears the unique moniker of “Asphalt” Nevertheless, it is a flowing and thoroughly feminine delight, and sure to turn heads at your next early evening gala, dinner party or dance event.


Post Apocalyptic

Sequoia post apocalyptic

Neferia released this Tiatia outfit at Ivalde’s contemporary outlet L`Abel ….soooo forward thinking just love this futuristic outfit had to give it the full space treatment.The jacket is the so fab withthe flaired sculpted shoulders the texture giving appeal and complementary to the fantastic leggings. Add in the radical TSM Rainbow blue skin, droid eyes, ninja lashes and Fluffer hair all from The Stringer Mauseleum and you have a look fit for the galaxy bar. Accessorized with Jewelry from Aurora Borealis Jewelry & Arrn’s Creations. ~Seq

Sugar and Spice

Ginger Gown - Antik White

Some fashion looks seem to stand the test of time so well. So it is with the Ginger Gown from Ivalde. Drawing inspiration for the elegant gowns of the thirties, Neferia retained her traditional authenticity while creating a gown which is still stunning in today’s most elegant ballrooms. The rich embroidery work on the bodice contrasts beautifully with the soft folds of the chiffon shoulder pieces and the delicate movement of the expanded skirt flowing from fitted upper skirt. Rehgan Straaf’s delightful Lady Delia hat from Hatpins completes this timeless period look. ~ Kym