The Hills Are Alive

The hills are alive . . .

With the hills covered with the wildflowers of summer it is time to be outside celebrating the beauties of the season. But wait, you can always make a side trip to pick up that special outfit on the way, right? And AlaFolie has more than one reason for a detour. My pick was the Balcerise, a crisp little sundress with incredible detail at the bodice following the lines of the embroidery, and a crinoline lined skirt, giving it just the right retro touch. And, while they may not be the perfect thing for dancing throught the wildflowers, I couldn’t help matching up with pair of Bare Brigitte heels from Stiletto Moody! Just perfect when you feel like dancing — even among the wildflowers! ~ Kym

Bold Legs, Shy Eyes

Stiletto Moody - Look of the Day

Why do we keep looking for that perfect LBD? Versatility – right? Well, Neferia Abel has come up with one of the most versatile of the versatile with her Jewel Dress designs at L`Abel Couture. Shown here in the Mini Skirt version, there is also a Knee Length and a Flexi skirt in the ensemble. Satin and sequins make it a perfect choice for the most formal event. The Mini seemed like just the right option after i picked up the New Bare Brigitte heels from Stiletto Moody. ~ Kym

Ivory ROC’s

Pink Ivory (2)

Ranena Olivier Couture offers such intriguing designs. You may have read the introduction to our blog where Seq mentions that we often show up wearing the same outfits, with no prior coordination. Well, that can lead to some interesting shopping dilemnas πŸ™‚ She staked a claim to the Ivory outfit when it hit the display at ROC, and told me it was hers and i should stay clear! Well, I’ve waited long enuff to shoot her in it, and i really think it looks much better on me than it does on that hanger in her closet! Don’t you agree? ~ Kym

Hmm my dear sister knows i post her pics and comments to each post and could easily alter them `hee hee’ This time i will share since Ranena’s ivory outfit is glorious and deserves every chance to be seen. Also, what kind of sister would i be if i did not share. BTW sis i will have your favourite cashmere back to you in a few days πŸ˜€ ~ Seq

When A Brodway Baby Says Goodnight

Chocolate Covered Cherry

Chocolate Covered Cherry seems such an odd name for a dress, however, one can’t help but think YUMMY with this sweet little confection from Geryn Sloane (G. Sloane Couture). The elegant floral embroidery and delicate lace trim are reminiscent of an earlier era, and moved me back to Old New York as a setting for the shoot. But, this lovely creation is at once appropriate for the most modern of Broadway Babies to look and feel spectacular for those very special events. ~ Kym

Material Girl

Girls just wanna have fun!

Everyone will be asking “Who’s That Girl ?” This newest release from the Ivalde 1980s collection coincides with a release of a special design shape from Body Doubles, also inspired by Madonna. Neferia Abel has not only captured the kicky style of this 80s icon, but did so with her typical attention to the subtle details which make it a quality fashion outfit that you will enjoy owning and wearing for special events, or just because like another 80’s chart topper sang . . . Girls just wanna have fun! ~ Kym

Lady InΒ Red


It has been too long since we have had a Victorian gown from Ivalde but, Neferia Abel made the wait worthwhile with her latest release, the Amaude Gown. The incredible detail on the pin-tucked bodice, and the trim elements reflect Nef’s commitment to both historic accuracy for her period inspired designs and the highest quality finished products. These commitments are also a hallmark of Reghan Straaf’s consistently fine designs from Hatpins, exemplified here in one of my personal favorites – her Lady Annette hat.

Those of us who love the Victorian fashions are going to miss Cornelia Rothschild’s lovely coiffures with Historical Heroines closing Thursday. I think her Miss Banks hair is just right with this ensemble. ~ kym

Summer Color Time

Summer color time  (2)

The song says the livin’ is easy now. And, summer is definitely the time for fresh colors. Appolonia Criss has captured all that, and more, in Chantkare’s newly released Summer Colororgy Collection! So many great designs to choose from but, my first pick is this Feelings Ensemble – the fresh, light floaty skirt with a finely detailed waistband and tie belt is paired with a comfy white tank top – just perfect for that early evening walk to catch the ocean side breeze. Sequoia dropped me a prototype of her new Miaa design jewelry set from ABJ – Aurora Borealis Jewelry and I think it is perfect with this outfit! ~ Kym

Fleur de Nuit

Fleur de Nuit

OK ‘fess up now. . . how many Little Black Dresses in your closet? and you certainly still have room for another yes? — as long as it is a really special one πŸ™‚ SySy Chapman has just that tempting one called Fleur de Nuit. This awesome design from SYSY’s includes a daring deep cut back, with a delicate set of spaghetti bands securing this strapless confection. I hope you can see the brocade “fleur” pattern of the sheath, which is a truly elegant touch, commending this LBD to special occasion status in your summer wardrobe. ~ Kym

When the Deep Purple Falls…

When the Deep Purple Falls . . .(close)

Those of you who know me know that jeans and shorts are waaay rare items most often lost in my wardrobe πŸ™‚ But every once in a while there comes along a special design to challenge one’s thoughts and inspire some thoughtful experimentation. The NEWLY RELEASED L`Abel Valja Shorts Suit by Nefereia Abel is just that special! Shown here in plum, the tailored look offers a blend of ease of wear, style, and fit to make it the perfect choice for that summer afternoon garden party. ~ Kym
When the Deep Purple Falls . . .