Ivory ROC’s

Pink Ivory (2)

Ranena Olivier Couture offers such intriguing designs. You may have read the introduction to our blog where Seq mentions that we often show up wearing the same outfits, with no prior coordination. Well, that can lead to some interesting shopping dilemnas 🙂 She staked a claim to the Ivory outfit when it hit the display at ROC, and told me it was hers and i should stay clear! Well, I’ve waited long enuff to shoot her in it, and i really think it looks much better on me than it does on that hanger in her closet! Don’t you agree? ~ Kym

Hmm my dear sister knows i post her pics and comments to each post and could easily alter them `hee hee’ This time i will share since Ranena’s ivory outfit is glorious and deserves every chance to be seen. Also, what kind of sister would i be if i did not share. BTW sis i will have your favourite cashmere back to you in a few days 😀 ~ Seq


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