…Fashion Week continues!

L`Abel Fashion Week #1

Wow, it is going to take a while to absorb all the amazing new work from our wonderful designers!
I have been so looking forward to what Neferia Abel would bring out for us from Ivalde or L`Abel. And, she definitely revealed a delightful collection of gowns and dresses on Tuesday! It was a hard choice but, I selected her Karola outfit for a first review. The lines of this jacket and skirt combination are so fine, from the dramatically padded shoulders to the peplum flare, this little jacket is so very trim. I thought about adding a contrasting cami, but decided not to do anything which might distract from the crisp, tailored look Nef expressed in this design. The skirt extends the flare of the jacket to a flirty hem which follows the floral pattern of the fabric. It is perfect now for our late summer evenings, and perhaps I’ll consider adding another layer when the season cools. Watch this space for more from L`Abel’s fabulous new collection! ~ Kym


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