Symphony in Blue

Client - Sequoia Nightfire Symphony in Blue, close

Yesterday was graduation day…some of you may be aware i am a models instructor for Mimmi Boa Modeling Academy which is under the roof of EVANE Model Agency. I tell you this because i am blessed with being able to wear some of the grandest designs as i present my students for graduation. Sunday on RODEO DRIVE was no exception! The theme chosen by my class was CHRYSALLIS and this day they would rise from their cocoons and fly on figurative new wings and i would join them.

One of my favorites to call upon to sponsor our graduations is Angel Dessous. Nando and Gina are the most gracious people and have such a wide array of styles to choose from we never exhaust their enormous inventory. The Couture is Haute and the lingerie is Hawter!!!

Client - Sequoia Nightfire

For this show they selected the Symphony Blue for me to wear. From the sleeveless sweetheart cut top to the luxurious gathered silk taffeta petal skirt this dress is exquisitely styled. Delicate floral accents with diamond inlays run across the top cascading down the bodice and along the skirt to meet the fine tulle dotted pattern overlay. Symphony Blue is a fully orchestrated masterpiece.

I definitely wanted a bold look for this and the tattoo layer makeups from Lovely Mi by LovelyMiwako7399 Menna were my first choice and Butterfly Blue Full seemed perfect for the theme. N-Core Soul shoes were an easy choice. Tukiowaguma hair is always a good option but i thought the lightgold Sinter was especially suitable. Donna Flora’s Madera brought all elements from the makeup to the tulle skirt to floral and inlaid ruffles and the pattern gathers all together into one complete look. ~ seq

Model – Sequoia Nightfire
Wearing – Symphony in Blue from Angel Dessous
Skin – LAQ – Pearl
Makeup – Blue Butterfly Full by Lovely Mi Makeups
Lashes- by Celestial Studios
Jewelry – Madera by Donna Flora
Hair – Sinter lightgold by Tukiowaguma
Photographer – KymSara Rayna


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