Fall Fashions from L`Abel

Ydi Gown by L`Abel

Neferia Abel released a marvelous collection of exciting looks at L`Abel, her contemporary and high fashion house during Fashion Week this fall. There were so many it was an arduous task selecting only one to showcase, so today you get two, also then deciding on a favorite well forget it! It is impossible to pick a favorite from this dynamite collection but, the Ydi gown is definitely at, or near the top, in my view. Nef combines elegant brocade and tulle lace into a sumptuous confection which makes it a real star offering from the Fall collection. Since we understand that black is the new black for this season, what could be more perfect than black-on-black! And Sequoia Nightfire’s Serentiy Black Pearl set is just the right accompaniment – from Aurora Borealis Jewelry. See the picture for 1000 more words on this lovely ensemble.


Another bright star from the collection is the Idelle gown, crisp and fresh in soft violet and white with a black accent band at the bodice this layered beauty just exudes elegance! And, with the to- the -thigh slashed skirt, you can be as daring as you want to be on your favorite dance floor !

While you are pondering over these, and other alluring gowns from this fabulous collection, I am off to enjoy them at a few of my favorite ballrooms.


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