Yes, It’s a Sis Thing!

Summer in the Fall

I suppose some of you have clicked on the tab “About Seq & Kym” at some point and have read that we often show up in the same place wearing the same outfits and even have the same general styling thoughts. This has happened often enough that we are starting to take it for granted! When Rogan Diesel released the BFF pose set it got me to thinking, “what a great way to take advantage of this trend.” And sure enough, the very next day we picked the same dress from among Neferia Abel’s latest release from Ivalde’s 1950’s collection! Seq chose the blue ( i knew she would!) while i picked the yellow. As you see we even picked the same shoes; Ribbon Slingbacksfrom G-Field. And when i go for a vintage thirties through fifties look i always think of Seq’s Vintage bead jewelry sets (from Aurora Borealis Jewels (ABJ). The iGEms Vintage Beads are available in such a variety of colours that you are sure to find a perfect match. It was fun to capture this Sis moment and share with y’all. Thanks Rogan, for the perfect pose! ~kym

Models – KymSara Rayna & Sequoia Nightfire
Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Lucyna Dress from Ivalde’s 1950 Collection – NEW!
Shoes – Ribbon Slingbacks by GField
Hair by Damselfly
Pose by Diesel Works


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