52 Weeks of Color Challenge : Blue

Maggie in Blue - for 52 Week Colour Challenge

Neferia Abel is back, and in a 1950’s groove! We are loving it! Luna Jubilee’s 52 Weeks of Color Challenge offered us the perfect opportunity to showcase one of Nef’s newest releases in her collection is the charming little Maggie dress. It’s available in a number of terrific pastels but, since the Colour Challenge this week is blue . . . . and since that happens to be my favorite . . . off we go! When I think fifties I always think of the super period shoes from Evoke, Here we have their Chunk Heel Mary Janes – they not only look good and right for the era but they are sooo comfortable for those long hours on the stand πŸ™‚

Take it from the Top!

…And I just couldn’t resist a bit of departure from era to match up the totally delightful Lady Carrie Hat from Reghan Straaf of Hatpins. It may be a Victorian design but, I really loved the color match and the lace accents, which go so well with the bodice overlay of the Maggie dress. And, it is rather fun to borrow from various eras sometimes! ~kym

Photographer/Model – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Maggie Dress from Ivalde’s 1950’s Collection
Skin – Julie by LAQ
Hair – Ryleigh by Dameslfly
Hat – Lady Carrie by Hatpins
Jewelry – Adriatic Sea Vintage Beads by Aurora Borealis Jewelry (ABJ)


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