52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Teal

Out of the Mists (close)

Another week in Luna’s Jubilee’s 52 Weeks of Color Challenge took a little longer in the search for just the right Teal, but was a wonderful distraction from the late winter blahs. The perfect teal turned my thoughts to Caribbean waves caressing the warm white sands and tropical flora surrounding me. To my delight i found the perfect fit to my daydream at Tres Beau! Kimmera Madison’s Maali would be stunning in any color but, took my breath away in the soft shimmering teal. A floral pattern woven into oceans of fabric this gown Maali is swimmingly divine.

Part of the fun of this was experimenting with different makeups. So many available options and with the right viewer you can continue to add lashes eyeliners, eyeshadows, hairbases, lipsticks in tatoo layers. The perfect match to my look in Teal was from one of the first to experiment in this and still one of the absolute best LovelyMiwako7399 Menna. Le Bleu Simplicite by Lovely Mi Make-ups was the perfect shade and cover i was looking for. The Labrodite and Moonstone stones of the Zahra set from Earthstones Jewelry added some flair and contrast to the theme. And finally I choose Tabata Jewell’s gorgeous new hair BLUSH vainille, available at Vanity Hair, seeing it as the perfect crown to this study in teal. The Maali dress is such a dream! So much so, it inspired Kym to paint me into the ethereal surroundings of coming out of the mists. ~seq

Out of the Mists

Model – Sequoia Nightfire
Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Maali gown by Tres Beau
Hair – Blush vainille by Vanity Hair
Jewelry – Zahra Earrings – Labradorite/Moonstone by Earthstones Jewelry
Poses – Body Talking


ALEIDA of the Pack

ALEIDA Valentina shot

Are you a current or aspiring model of color? Unique? A trendsetter? A designer’s dream? Meticulous in your styling and fierce on the catwalk? Grace under pressure? Willing to push yourself to be the best? Are YOU “MISS EBONY INTERNATIONAL 2011”?!

These are some of the words i have been seeing about a new exciting competition to beginning very very soon. Sounds quite intriguing, especially when i hear of the rumours of the prizes and possible entry into another rather famous competition that comes with winning the title. All i know for sure is that the skin makers of SL had better brace themselves because the demand for ethnic skins is going to increase considerably.

Good thing Aleida Rhode has taken a step in the right direction with her promotional fair skin ALEIDA Valentina, which is only available as an exclusive at the fair. The Valentina skin is available in 5 different skin tones: Nougat, Dark Tan, Tan, Sunkiss, and Pale (all in the picture below). The skin includes hairbases, freckles, and cleavage options.

Today i have captured the essence of Aleida’s creation in the statuesque form of someone who might be competing for the MISS EBONY INTERNATIONAL 2011. I have chosen L`Abel’s Nana black jumpsuit for a nice out around casual look, for the accessories [MANDALA] TAKARA bangles and Avion lashes rest and blend so nicely to the ALEIDA skin. The hair you may recognize as PurpleMoon’s Ana, but i have altered some to suit my mood and look. The Stilleto Moody Bare Ava Gold in black are the perfect choice for this ensemble to rise over. A perfect look for the ebony got it together model.

The ALEIDA Valentina skins are available during the Skin Fair 2011 which runs through March 6th, 2011.

ALEIDA Valentina

Model/Photographer – Sequoia Nightfire
Wearing – L`Abel – Nana black jumpsuit
Skin – ALEIDA Valentina TAN – Skinfair 2011
Shoes – Stiletto Moody Bare Ava Gold (Black)
Jewelry – [MANDALA] TAKARA bangles/ Gold
Hair – :: PurpleMoon :: Ana (mod by model)
Lashes – Avion – Lashes – Ruby Arch
Nails – RiSa’s JTR nails

Skin Fair 2011 Gifts & Guide

#Skin blog JeSyLitO skin and red mint nails_002

Skin designers continue to astonish me! Skin Fair is always one of my fave events of the year. This year is no exception and i encourage a visit to each of the 46 designers stores just so you can see just how truly gifted these artists are that help us look so good. This year we should probably call Skin Fair 2011 the Year of the Tattoo Layer. Most designers are offering tatto layers for hairbases, eyebrows, freckles, moles, a myriad of makeups , lashes and lipsticks. Many places have them included with the skins and others are making them available separately. The number of combinations possible makes my head spin thinking of the multiple attachments with the new upgraded viewers.

Skin Fair 2011 gifts

Lipstick from one designer, eyeliner and eyeshadow from another the skin from yet another. I have had some success with this already and it is my hope that designers will all continue to work well with each other . If the gifts from the fair are an example then the possibilities are endless! All the pictures in this blog feature free gifts from Skin Fair 2011 (see the list below for details).

Skin Fair 2011 gifts

Today i took some notes on each of the designers stores and what is offered to give you a shopping guide. These are my first impressions and are not a complete picture of the designers work or what is offered. They are intended to help the casual shopper find their way to the places that might appeal to them most. Here is your limo: http://slurl.com/secondlife/VANITY%20UNIVERSE/85/128/24
Modavia Productions 3rd Skin Fair 2011 will run from February 20th to March 6th. Gates open Sunday, February 20th at 3pm slt.
WARNING: If you are wearing over 50 scripts you will be ejected from the sim. You may return but will continue to be ejected until you go below 50. Do your part for a lag free Skin Fair remove your scripted items before leaving home.

FLOORPLAN-skinfair2011-V8 (2_1)

Store Skin Types Demo Fee Gift Comments
adam n eve Women, Alternative/Costume. Men No Yes Interesting Chrome skin. Makeup kiosk as you enter store. Women’s gift on makeup counter
Al Vulo! Women Yes Yes Free skin and eyes gift.
Aleida Women No Yes Valentina limited edition skins special price (all skin tones), 5 pack makeup pack gift
Atomic Bambi Women, Alternative/Costume No No Special edition special priced Noir skin
Baiastice Women Yes No Makeup packs available sold separately
Belleza Women, Men No No Nicely appointed store all products on walls
Candy Doll Women No No Catering to mostly young girls and dollies
Chaisuki Women No Yes Lots of lashes options, Gift for both women and men
Cheer No Women, Men No No Lipstick and hairbase options available
Cupcakes Women, Alternative/Costume No No Some fantasy makeups
Curio Women No No Jasmine megapack has a nice assortment of Asian skins
Daring Body Beauty Women Yes No Selection of distinctively different skins
DeeTaleZ Women No No Lipsticks, Makeups & Lashes
Dream Ink Women No Yes Worth a look
dUTCH tOUCH Women No No Large variety of Eyeshadows and eyeliner packs available also lipstick pack, all sold separately
Eureka Women Yes No More natural looks with an Asian influence
Glam Affair Women Yes No 5 skin tones of one skin
Glance Women Yes No Eyeliner, and eyeshadow options, reduced price skin fair exclusives
Grixdale Women No No Nice selection of skin tones of skins with Asian influence. Funky fun nose band-aid packs only $30
hsh Women Yes No Sol-X Limited version ethnic black-lip and neck-tattoo skin at special price.
Idiosyncrasy Women, Alternative/Costume No No Some interesting makeups
IrEn Women, Alternative/Costume No No Makeup packs available sold separately
JeSyLiLO Women, Alternative/Costume Yes Yes Three free skins! Teeth tattoo and crying skins, not your typical skin store. Lipsticks and eyes sold seperately.
JM Mai Women, Men Yes No Skins and Shapes for teens
LAQ Women, Men, No No 7 skin tones available for one skin for women
Lara Hurley Skin Women No No exquisitely blemish free glow skins
League Women, Alternative/Costume No No Special Sia Wrecked skin and shape pack mascara runs and smeared lips
lelutka Women Yes No Nice lashes assortment
Lion Skins Women, Alternative/Costume Yes No Nice set of Gothic skins, Tattoo Makeups available
Maverick Design Women No Yes Free skin and shape. Gigantic faceshot posters give a clear idea what you are buying.
Mojo Women No No The have their MOJO working
MONS Women No No All skin packs include: blush tattoo layers, some additional lip colours, makeup colours and breast enhancement.
Mynerva Women No No $20 6 pack eyeliner tattoo layer, Best selection of body of Eyebrows, Lips, Dollydots, Freckles, Moles of the fair
Nikita Fride Design Women, Men, Alternative/Costume Yes No Mostly alternative/costume skins, some very nice decorative lashes available
PICO Skins & Shapes Women Yes No Cute youthful looking skins
PXL Creations Women Yes Yes $1 Teeth Bracers tattoo layer
(RED) MINT Women, Men, Alternative/Costume Yes Yes Fascinating makeup choices and skin colours for both men and women. Free welcome gift for women
red Queen [rQ] Women, Men, Alternative/Costume Yes No Best alternative/Costume skins at fair
Redgrave Women No No Avie pack which includes additional brow options, lipstick layers, hairbase, long nails, breast enlargers
Rozena Women Yes Yes Freebie 7 pack of lipstick tattoo layers. plenty of eyeshadow options available sold separately
Tellaq Women, Men No No Afro Ethnic avatar packs geared predominantly to men though has a couple women’s packs
Tuli Women No No Each skin shade pack includes: eyebrow colours, freckles, eye makeups, lipsticks, cleavage, lashes tattoo layers, and a shape.
UNIQUE Megastore Women, Men No Yes Free Eyes gift
Vassnia Women, Alternative/Costume Yes No Some real interesting makeup skin selections. All light and Asian skin tones
X*plosion Women No No Nice selection including freckled and lace mask skins
YOURSKIN & YOURSHAPE Women No Yes Skins come with many tattoo options for hairbase eyebrows, freckles and cleavage. Free skin gift includes several tattoo layers.

Skin Fair 2011 gifts

Picture #1
YS & YS Susan – Skin Fair2011 gift
Unique Megastore- gift eyes
(R E D) M I N T ~ (5) No.09 ~ M A N I C U R E

Picture #2
ALEIDA make-ups (kobolt & magenta)
Al Vulo – eliza vanity bronze gift skin

Picture #3
JeSyLiLo Skin Fair gift skin

Picture #4
Al Vulo – eliza vanity bronze gift skin
Al Vulo – Vanity eyes gift

Pictures from an Exhibition: Georgia O’Keefe

At the Exhibition III

Today is the third in the exhibition series and what fun i have had doing it! Lady Thera has created some incredible dresses, gaining inspiration from paintings of some of the worlds greatest artists! This latest outfit, Georgia O’Keefe dress provoked the comment “what wonderful colours!” to my flickr posting. That simple comment set me to thinking about the migration of thought and creativity and the many hands each piece of art passes through to be reinterpreted by each who add their own personality. Georgia O’Keefe synthesized the colors she observed in nature through brush strokes on a canvas . Lady Thera found insiration from a painting to create the pixel fabric and form for this impressive gown. I merely recognized their creativity and captured an image to share. Well maybe not quite so simple, surely i exerted a little influence on how you see the images presented. I couldn’t resist a bit of experimenting;the gown is so light and ethereal that it wasn’t difficult to envision leaves floating on the breeze, as in the O’Keefe painting, and i hope i have been able capture at least a small part of vitality of the artist’s vision. ~kym

At the Exhibition III

Model/Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Georgia O’Keefe Dress and Hat by Lady Thera
Hair – Mia by Analog Dog
Jewelry – California Horn Earrings by Turnstyle
Shoes – Bare Jane by Stiletto Moody Shoes
Poses – Diesel Works

52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Red

52 Week Color Challenge - Red

Happy Valentine’s Week! So much red springing up everywhere, so many designs and only a week too choose. When i saw Luna Jubilee’s 52 Weeks of Color Challenge choice for this week it was not at all difficult for me to find a favorite. The Meike, a high waisted button belted skirt, had the perfect shade of red. I had just loved this new vintage look when i saw it arrive with the line of new release separates at Ivalde Vintage Fashion. At once, i envisioned the perfect blouse to match. Dare i suggest, but i did! I shared that i thought it would be lovely if she might create a light pastel blouse with a pin-tuck front and Peter Pan Collar. Omygosh she did it and Voila! The Zella blouse was born! Nef released them in white and a rainbow of lovely pastels just in time for me to showcase this week. The Zella blouse is as perfect as i had imagined it would be! Old Mr Groundhog did not see his shadow so, not too early to dash over to Wanderstill to push spring a bit in their lovely gardens. Besides is it really ever too early to do some spring shopping? ~ kym

52 Week Color Challenge - Red (Close)

Model/Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Zella Blouse and Meike Skirt by Ivalde Vintage Fashion
Hair – Ashlee by Damselfly
Skin – Julie by LAQ
Shoes – Chunky-heeled Mary Janes from e v o k e

52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Black

52 Week Color Challenge - Black

Luna Jubilee’s 52 Weeks of Color Challenge continues to move right along with an opportunity to highlight our favorite LBDs! What a happy coincidence since Neferia Abel’s latest release includes a few very special black dresses which really deserve special mention. Sequoia (the glamourous, statuesque one) is wearing L`Abel’s Ysabel, a unique creation of soft leather.. Seq has added Papillon bracelet and earrings from the 14 piece ensemble available at WTG and her favorite Bax boots for a sensational overall look emphasizing these fine leather textures. Kym (the cute one) chose the Orianna dress which features a figure-hugging smocked waist and an abundance of ruffles at the skirt and shoulders, all in a gorgeous satin finish. Kym has added the elegant Mimmi jewelry set from +Aurora Borealis+ to complete her look. One thing is for certain, Coco would be very pleased with either of these looks.

Photographer – KymSara Rayna

Clothes – Ysabel black leather from L`Abel
Jewelry – **Papillon** bracelet & earrings by +:+WTG+:+
Boots – Prestige Boots Black by BAX boots

Clothes – Orianna black dress from L`Abel
Jewelry – Mimmi gem set (onyx) by +Aurora Borealis+

Aphrodite Princess Bride

Winter Bridal Fantasy

Look the quintessential fantasy Princess Bride in this new creation from Marina Ramer’s Aphrodite Shop. Over an underskirt of delicate lace, the strapless satin gown is embellished with fine embroidered patterns. The front of the skirt is a split and bordered with cascading satin roses revealing the lush lace beneath. Inspired by a modern day wedding design it has a timeless appeal. The Royal Bride from Aphrodite Shop includes many options (not pictured here) including jewelry, shoes and bouquet. For that Winter Wonderland wedding you can consider Aphrodite Shop your one stop shop. She also offers amazing catering — as delectable as her gown.

Alienbear Gupte, jewelery designer and owner of Alienbear Designs, has created a quintessential wedding set named appropriately Aphrodite Queen Gold. They are the perfect jewels to match up with this gown, given the name of the shop it came from. Surely an elegantly lush and fitting look to see a Princess Bride walk the aisle to become Queen. From the delicate crown to the diamond encrusted necklace this set from Alienbear will complete the look in the most fabulous way.~seq

Winter Bridal Fantasy (close)

Model – Sequoia Nightfire
Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Gown – Royal Bride from Aphrodite Shop
Jewelry – Aphrodite Queen Gold set from Alienbear Designs
Nails – ::Petit Deco B:: (shiny) from RiSa’s*
Hair – Princess Gold by Tukinowaguma
Skin – LAQ ~ Tasha2

Pictures from an Exhibition: William Turner

At the Exhibition II (5)

Today we feature another design of Thera Taurog. This is the second in our series of looks at the style of Lady Thera. This artistic inspiration is derived from one of Thera’s favorite William Turner paintings. The gown itself is a wonderful loose-weave knit with chiffon overskirts and back drape, all reflecting the colors, light and shading of the objet d`arte. Thera has included short matching gloves and a sensational complementary hat to complete the ensemble.

At the Exhibition II (7)

Among the many spectacular gowns in this series, this is one of my very favorites. I recently wore this delightful ensemble to a ladies tea and received several very flattering comments. It is such a perfect outfit for those sort of occasions. I added, for just the right bit of mated elegance, Audrey earrings from Aurora Borealis and Bare Brigitte shoes from Stiletto Moody.~kym

Model/Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – William Turner Dress and Hat by Lady Thera
Hair – Bryar by Damselfly
Skin – Julie by LAQ
Jewelry – Audrey Earrings by Aurora Borealis
Shoes – Bare Brigette by Stiletto Moody Shoes

Pictures from an Exhibition: Paul Klee

At the Exhibition

Lady Thera Designs is not new to the fashion world, but deserves to be introduced time and again to a new audience every so often. Over time i will showcase the some of these wonderful creations in a series entitled “Pictures at and Exhibition”. Why she deserves this noteworthy praise is that she features a spectacular collection of gowns and dresses inspired by the paintings of the masters. All of these unique creations capture the colors and spirit of the original art work, adding a dimension of movement and texture, bringing their masterpieces to life in a way which would certainly please the painters. The first gown I selected is inspired by Paul Klee’s painting, 1934.

At the Exhibition (3)

The fine trim on the deep cut back of this gown is typical of the attention to detail that marks all of the exceptional designs in this series. The transparent overskirt carries the lightest color themes for an accentuated sense of movement. Whether you are waltzing, or merely strolling across a room, all eyes will be turned on you. Aurora Borealis is the source of the perfect accessory — the KymSara jewelry set (Isn’t that a nice name?) ~ kym

Model/Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Paul Klee Gown by Lady Thera
Hair – Svea by Amacci
Skin – Julie by LAQ
Jewelry – Kymsara Pearls (Tahitian Black) by Aurora Borealis

Vive la Separates!

Vive la separates!

There is much to tempt us in Neferia Abel’s latest releases from L`Abel and Ivalde over the past week. She continues to astonish us with her understanding of the line and style of contemporary as well as vintage design. Today i draw your attention to the new Winter L`Abel release. The dresses are just delightful and , as we have come to expect, Nef’s masterful texture handling lifts all of her designs to an even higher plane. This post however is all about SEPARATES! What a fun selection to choose from for mix and matching! I was immediately drawn to the Daija Cords, with their soft earth-tone colors. There is quite a variety of tops ranging from colorful knits to warm jackets and cardigans of all sorts to pair up. I picked the Toni top for the soft color match with my cords. Nef has long been encouraged to bring out a line of separates, and she has with marvelous results. She has certainly come through with the style and quality which are the hallmarks of the L`Abel label. Don’t take my word for it drop by L`Abel to see for yourself.~kym

Model/Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Toni Top and Daija Cords by L`Abel Couture
Hair – Bryar by Damselfly
Skin – Emma by Tuli
Jewelry – Mara Hoops by EarthStones
Shoes – Beebee Boots by SLink
Poses – Perfection is Style