Pictures from an Exhibition: Paul Klee

At the Exhibition

Lady Thera Designs is not new to the fashion world, but deserves to be introduced time and again to a new audience every so often. Over time i will showcase the some of these wonderful creations in a series entitled “Pictures at and Exhibition”. Why she deserves this noteworthy praise is that she features a spectacular collection of gowns and dresses inspired by the paintings of the masters. All of these unique creations capture the colors and spirit of the original art work, adding a dimension of movement and texture, bringing their masterpieces to life in a way which would certainly please the painters. The first gown I selected is inspired by Paul Klee’s painting, 1934.

At the Exhibition (3)

The fine trim on the deep cut back of this gown is typical of the attention to detail that marks all of the exceptional designs in this series. The transparent overskirt carries the lightest color themes for an accentuated sense of movement. Whether you are waltzing, or merely strolling across a room, all eyes will be turned on you. Aurora Borealis is the source of the perfect accessory — the KymSara jewelry set (Isn’t that a nice name?) ~ kym

Model/Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Paul Klee Gown by Lady Thera
Hair – Svea by Amacci
Skin – Julie by LAQ
Jewelry – Kymsara Pearls (Tahitian Black) by Aurora Borealis

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