52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Black

52 Week Color Challenge - Black

Luna Jubilee’s 52 Weeks of Color Challenge continues to move right along with an opportunity to highlight our favorite LBDs! What a happy coincidence since Neferia Abel’s latest release includes a few very special black dresses which really deserve special mention. Sequoia (the glamourous, statuesque one) is wearing L`Abel’s Ysabel, a unique creation of soft leather.. Seq has added Papillon bracelet and earrings from the 14 piece ensemble available at WTG and her favorite Bax boots for a sensational overall look emphasizing these fine leather textures. Kym (the cute one) chose the Orianna dress which features a figure-hugging smocked waist and an abundance of ruffles at the skirt and shoulders, all in a gorgeous satin finish. Kym has added the elegant Mimmi jewelry set from +Aurora Borealis+ to complete her look. One thing is for certain, Coco would be very pleased with either of these looks.

Photographer – KymSara Rayna

Clothes – Ysabel black leather from L`Abel
Jewelry – **Papillon** bracelet & earrings by +:+WTG+:+
Boots – Prestige Boots Black by BAX boots

Clothes – Orianna black dress from L`Abel
Jewelry – Mimmi gem set (onyx) by +Aurora Borealis+

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