Pictures from an Exhibition: Georgia O’Keefe

At the Exhibition III

Today is the third in the exhibition series and what fun i have had doing it! Lady Thera has created some incredible dresses, gaining inspiration from paintings of some of the worlds greatest artists! This latest outfit, Georgia O’Keefe dress provoked the comment “what wonderful colours!” to my flickr posting. That simple comment set me to thinking about the migration of thought and creativity and the many hands each piece of art passes through to be reinterpreted by each who add their own personality. Georgia O’Keefe synthesized the colors she observed in nature through brush strokes on a canvas . Lady Thera found insiration from a painting to create the pixel fabric and form for this impressive gown. I merely recognized their creativity and captured an image to share. Well maybe not quite so simple, surely i exerted a little influence on how you see the images presented. I couldn’t resist a bit of experimenting;the gown is so light and ethereal that it wasn’t difficult to envision leaves floating on the breeze, as in the O’Keefe painting, and i hope i have been able capture at least a small part of vitality of the artist’s vision. ~kym

At the Exhibition III

Model/Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Georgia O’Keefe Dress and Hat by Lady Thera
Hair – Mia by Analog Dog
Jewelry – California Horn Earrings by Turnstyle
Shoes – Bare Jane by Stiletto Moody Shoes
Poses – Diesel Works


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