SF Design Suits to a T

Another Day at the Office

I am always alert to fine tailored business wear since my non-pixel counterpart spends a great deal of time in such outfits and Sequoia and i are consistently meeting those who are in SL in professional capacity. Helping others find their own unique style and helping them feel attractive and confident, in other words comfortable, in their avatar has always been a personal joy for us. So discovering well made professional clothing is always a great find and i must admit that the the Performance Suit, from SF Design is a true treasure. Swaffette Firefly has created a totally flexible and superbly fitted outfit for the business traveler.

Another Day at the Office - 4

The Performance Suit comes complete with vest, skirt, trousers, a variety of shirt options, and even several variations of the necktie which will have you styled perfectly for every occasion. The wide range of options is a major draw, but the real key for me is the fine quality construction of each and every piece. From the careful pattern alignment of the wool skirt and jacket to the crisp fit and detail of the blouse, with cuff and collar options, to the soft silk ties. Swaffette has crafted a masterpiece set which will enhance the business wardrobe of any successful executive. It had me thinking of the the phrase “Suits to a T” , i am not sure of the origin of that phrase, but what i can say for certain is the business wear for women, at SF Designs, is Terrific with a capital “T”.~kym

Another Day at the Office - 2

Model/Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Performance Suit by SF Design
Hair – Andrea by Sirena Hair
Skin – Molly by LAQ
Shoes – Essentiels by Storm-Schnooz (no longer available)
Jewelry – Threader Earrings by Grace Selene


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