Fashion For Life: Sascha’s Designs

Today is a special day for Kym and i, we have reached a milestone of exactly 100 blog posts in Notions of Style! We are glad this auspicious occasion occurred on the last day of a truly wonderful event, Fashion For Life. Tonight during the last few hours we are strolling and seeing what else we might pick up to help bring us closer to that $5 Million linden goal for Relay For Life. Oh so close $4,567,401 at this posting!!!

Fashion for Life - SAS Gown

We chose Sascha’s Designs for our 100th and as our last blog post for FFL because it allowed us the opportunity style together for our special milestone. We begin by sharing a picture of ourselves wearing Beerel Black and White dresses, [Kym in White & Seq in Black], which truly illustrate well the theme of this years Fashion For Life “Beyond Black & White”. Our time together as bloggers and sisters has colored our lifes in immeasurable ways. We have thoroughly enjoyed sharing the incredible outfits presented by a few of our favorite designers who participated, so generously, in the Fashion For Life event. We have a lot of other favorites, but time did not permit us to include them all. We hope you have also found some favorites and discovered some new designers during this incredible event and that you will run back today for a quick final look before it is all over for 2011.

Fashion for Life - SAS Gown

One of our favorites of the entire event is the Arrogance gown collection. Elegant, romantic, dramatic, sensuous and more! Sascha has taken the most luxurious black silk and created a dream gown series with so many delightful options that we could only begin to explore them here! Also lest you be confused by the switch of hair colors on your Notion’s friends, for the Arrogance, Sequoia is in red hair and KymSara in blond.

Fashion for Life - SAS Arrogance Gown, Long Variation

The SAS Arrogance gown can be worn in long formal style witth a slim or full skirt adorned with intricate bead and sequin patterns. I have chosen the full version here and selected the full sleeveless top option. Seq picked the cocktail version and paired it with the daring lace cutout top and the Extravaganza Shawl, for a completely different look. The ensemble includes several top and skirt variations which are equally alluring and will provide you with a myriad of fantastic looks throughout the coming season. And 100% of the proceeds go to Relay For Life!!!

Fashion for Life - SAS Arrogance Gown, Cocktail Variation

Special Note:
We just could not resist including a very special new release from tosy Xue, designer of WTG jewelry, in this our final FFL blog because it was so conspicuously perfect. While not a part of this years’ event his Blessings Series works so very well with the SAS gown that we wanted to share it with you. You will be seeing more about this creative jeweler here soon.

Style Card

Models – Sequoia Nightfire & KymSara Rayna
Photographer – KymSara Rayna

1st Photo:
Wearing – SAS Beerel White & Beerel Black by Sascha’s Design’s SAS FFL Store

2nd, 3rd & 4th Photos:
Wearing – SAS Arrogance Gown by Sacha’s Designs SAS FFL Store
Jewelry – **Blessing-G** by +:+WTG+:+ (not at FFL)

2 thoughts on “Fashion For Life: Sascha’s Designs

    • Thank YOU Harper for an exciting week and all your hard work to make this so successful. We will indeed look forward to next year’s event!

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