Ivalde is Back !!!

Spring is in the air!

Ivalde is back! After a total rebuild Ivalde has reopened with a new and historical Norwegian character. The sim is resplendent with natural wonders such as waterfalls and a fjord with a Viking ship and buildings representative of the home nation of owners Neferia Abel and Brumm Bricklin. Standing watch over the sim are monsters of lore such as a rock troll and sea serpent and there is even an occasional ghost sighting of Thora the mansion’s one time matriarch. The best news of all is that during the rebuilding process Neferia was devoting all her time to creating more masterful designs. Her opening day releases included gowns and dresses inspired by fashion eras from the full spectrum of the last century. And she continues even this week later to add even more!

All are so lovely it was hard to decide where to start, but it seemed appropriate to start with one of the earliest designs from the Regency period, the Constance gown. This gorgeous design is rich with luxurious detail, perfectly appointed to this era of elegant refinement, when even a stroll through the spring garden was a formal affair requiring a proper hat and, of course a matching parasol!

I would also have you take notice to what delightful things are on the horizon at +Aurora Borealis+, just a short pleasant walk thru the Norwegian countryside from Ivalde’s main store. The lovely Neferia Cameo set is so perfect with this gown. It is a preview of one of Sequoia Nightfire’s new designs available soon as she bring’s her renewed look once again to her main store on the Ivalde sim.

Spring is in the air! (close)

Model/Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – NEW Release – Constance Gown by Ivalde
Hair – Faye by Mirone
Skin – April by LAQ
Hat – Lady Delia by Hatpins
Jewelry – Neferia Cameo NEW from +Aurora Borealis+
Poses – DieselWorks


3 thoughts on “Ivalde is Back !!!

  1. Ivalde is a beautiful build. I love the grasses and flowers. I really love vintage clothes, these rock– Neferia’s so talented! These pics are so sweet, I need to re-read a Jane Austin book now. 😉


  2. Lovely photo Kymsara and beautiful outfit from Nef. Could you tell me where the parasol comes from? I have a large collection of parasols but most have something I don’t care for about them. Thanks.

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