Demure Delights Modest Maisie

Maisie & Demure

Despite my rl and sl youthful appearance, i have an secret affection – (some might say affliction) Seq’s comment – for 1950’s fashion, especially when Nef drops a very special design from that era on the News board at Ivalde. My mind wanders as i daydream of sockhops, riding with the top down to the drive-in, poodle skirts and Débutante balls with visions of crinolines and proper heels. Looking back it seems there was an unspoken code that everyone followed, to always be perfectly pressed and appropriately dressed. One simply wouldn’t venture out without checking makeup and being sure that everything matched just so. Sure, we can giggle now at the TV shows of that era that presented the perfectly prim housewife (i.e. Domestic Engineer) bustling about the kitchen looking like she is about to host a tea party (i.e. Girls only afternoon parties with crust off sandwiches and no alcohol). Oh and lets not forget the ever classic look >coughs< of vacuuming while wearing pearls.

So when the new Maisie dress appeared at Ivalde all these notions floated thru my head. A delightfully demure little dress, faithful to the spirit of the fifties, fashioned in the perfect silks with all the fine period accurate detail we have come to expect from Nef. The bodice embroidery and lines of the folds are simply astonishing. And Nef even provides the perfect pair of 7 button gloves.

Finesmith Demure

Wihin moments of opening the box, containing this lovely creation and pondering the styling, I received a notice from Finesmith Jewelry. Yula Finesmith had just released a new spring line including a set of incredible jewelry, DEMURE earrings and necklace ! What a perfect name and upon inspection i found they could not be more perfect with this dress. I would be surprised if Yula had been thinking of vintage fifties when she crafted these pieces, as she is such a forward thinking designer. However, they caught my fancy and certainly would have been the talk of the town had they been so available. Coco Chanel said ” Fashion fades but style is forever.” Some designs are timeless – so too are designers with style.

Model/Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Maisie Dress – NEW from Ivalde’s 1950 Collection
Hair – Alyx By Damselfly
Skin – Molly by LAQ
Jewelry – Demure NEW from Finesmith Jewelry
Poses – Glitterati


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