Elegant Ensembles Part II

Sascha Zephra -  Full Ball Gown Variation

Part two of my Elegant ensembles post begins with a beautiful pose and focus on the exquisite J.D-2 ensemble from the creative mind of tosy Xue. WTG has offered many wonderful sets in the past year and this may be the crown jewel. Not only is the J.D-2 ensemble a perfect set to play off the Zephra, but the ensemble options give nearly as much variety, all re-sizable, the ensemble includes choker and necklace styles which can be attached to either spine or chest to enable you to work easily with all clothing attachments, as well as beautiful bracelets for either or both arms, and the most finely detailed earpieces. Exquisite fit and such elegance, the bracelets are such a striking accent to wear over the the soft full length gloves.

Sascha Zephra -  Full Ball Gown Variation

The full ball gown variation can be fabulously trimmed in a sheer shawl surrounding the bare shoulders and a hat of the same light material woven into this terribly chic matching hat. Sascha Frangelli has really created the all in one formal ensemble in the Zephra : the perfect little black cocktail dress, to the full ballroom gown with accessories including hat, stockings, gloves, ruffled collar, shawl, and bolero. In these two posts i put together three totally different looks, but could easily have assembled many many more . . . and i will! I will with certainty, turn to this delightful set time and time again for special occasions in the coming season.

Model – Sequoia Nightfire
Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Zephra in Black by SAS [Sascha’s Designs]
Jewelry – J.D-02 Ensemble by WTG
Shoes – Bare Kathryn by Stiletto Moody
Poses – Body Talking

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