Memorial Day

Andrews Sisters - LIVE!

Today in the United States we honor our veterans and those who have fallen in defense of our nation. We also wish to honor those currently in harms way. To do that we have turned our clocks back to feature a famous tune performed by the iconic Andrews Sisters. Wearing the Nadine from Ivalde’s 30’s Collection are left to right LaVerne, Maxene and Patty (KymSara, Baccara and Sequoia). The sisters have chosen to perform “Boogie Woogie Bugleboy” , which interestingly enough was released January 2, 1941, nearly a year before US involvement in World War II. We ask that you please set personal thoughts aside and take time today for a moment of silence and give thanks to those who selflessly have put our safety ahead of their own. Thank you.

Andrews Sisters - LIVE!

The Andrews Sisters:
KymSara Rayna as LaVerne, Baccara Rhodes as Maxene, and Sequoia Nightfire as Patty


Country Chic: Summer Lace

L`Abel Enna (Preview!)

Yesterday was a big day on the Ivalde sim, the first part of the NEW summer Country Chic Collection from L`Abel was released. Neferia Abel has brought an attitude of style that is both flirty, feminine and way cool comfortable. She has brought a contemporary update of a classic look and feel to her L`Abel Summer collection using the coolest summer-weight cotton fabrics to include such wearable, lovable, fashionable, adorable, covetable and most comfortable pieces that i hardly know where to begin 🙂

We were struck at first by a few highlights of this collection right from the outset. Nef has used an absolutely dreamy collection of finely tatted lace fabrics as accent and focal points. This provides a connection to her vintage styles, but with a totally fresh and sassy perspective that is perfect for this season’s fashion trend of Boho Chic. Neferia’s colour palette is perfect to bring out the soft lines of these special pieces! We have been waiting so long for a collection that could offer so much in the way of soft pastels and distinctive bright florals, with a bonus of lace embellishment, to mix and match our to our attitude and style.

L`Abel Enna (Preview!)

The Enna in lavender is so perfectly Kymmie! Soft and crisp in pastel with fine lace accents, you will have the option of a full skirt which could be worn at the waist or babydoll style or the adorable tunic top for a more casual look with the bloomer style pants. Kym was able to, of course, find the perfect hat in the GoS floppy hat with colour change scarf she has turned to the lavender to match.

Country Chic - Jessica; NEW from L`Abel!

Sequoia is all in white, wearing the Jessica White Lace in the long skirt version. What wonderfully fine detailed work on the bodice and well along the waistline and hemline of the 100% lightweight cotton dress. This set is full of finely hand tatted lace overlay and fringe from the long skirt version, seen here, to the many other options including baby doll version and lace cuff bloomers version with a both a long and short tunic. Soft cool feminine sass! complete with a bit of “tude”, which was easy for Seq to manage with her additions of the G Field Short Western Boots and Western hat from Hatpins.Tosy Xue has just released the NEW Kaleidescope set from WTG, in various colours and metals, Seq is adorned in the long silver and beaded necklace with a filigree pendant, a perfect length for this summer look. The nails are also from WTG, called Magna Mater.

Style Cards

Model/Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Enna from NEW L`Abel 2011 summer Country Chic Collection Part 1
Shoes – GoS Espadrilles
Hat – Gos Floppy hat with Scarf
Skin – Emma by Tuli
Hair – Evi – by Maitreya

Model – Sequoia Nightfire
Wearing – Jessica White Lace Set from NEW L`Abel 2011 summer Country Chic Collection Part 1
Boots – Short Western boots by G Field
Hat – Heather Western Hat – White from Hatpins
Skin – LAQ
Hair – Maryam by CaTwA
Jewelry&Nails – WTG Kaleidescope necklace and earrings & Magna Mater nails

Grand Jete for the JRF

Meiling - Coquette Ballerina 5C

We all want to look fabulous and we feel even better when we can help others in the process, so too for designers. 100% of all proceeds from the sale of this amazing House of Meiling original, named Coquette Ballerina, will go to the Japan Relief Fundraiser, but you better hurry it is only available until Sunday May 29th. SLURL to House of Meiling at the JRF!!!

Meiling - Coquette Ballerina 1C

Meiling has created, for her generous donation, a fascinating coupling of influences in this dance studio themed Coquette Ballerina dress. Her choice of silk for the strapless top and skirt goes much beyond the typical studio outfit and the addition of a large bow accent of the same material clearly sets this well beyond the mere casual.The inclusion of capri length leggings helps to expand the many possibilities from comfortable casual to LBD dressy.

Meiling - Coquette Ballerina 4C

Your imagination can continue well beyond the studio as you consider adding a floppy brim hat and dark glasses with Meiling’s free gift Fave Ballerina Flats (available at the House of Meiling main store) for a day of wandering around he beach or antique shops. Or perhaps your might don your favorite bling and strappy heels for cocktails at the club. While you are contemplating why not take that giant leap or “grand jete” to bring joy to the people of Japan. The JRF under the leadership of its founders, reigning Miss Virtual World, Serene Faith and Ji Nirvana, have raised over $800,000 lindens at last report, let’s see if we can make it a Million!

Model – Sequoia Nightfire
Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Coquette Ballerina Dress – NEW from House of Meiling at the JRF
Nails – Magna Mater by WTG
Shoes – Fave Ballerina Flats GRAPHITE – Gift from House of Meiling
Hair – Ballzy Ponytail by CHANTKARE

The Birth of a New Reality

Meiling - le Garcon

We are very pleased to be sharing more extraordinary designs from the House of Meiling. This real life designer continues to send a shockwave through the SL fashion world from her Caribbean island home of Trinidad and Tobago. The texture, line and flow of Meiling’s SL designs are transmigrated from her real fabric sewn creations, creating a “New Reality” in SL fashion. A minimalist designer, Meiling has always made a point to emphasize that her designs are meant to “show the woman in the clothes, and not the clothes on the woman”. I think it is reasonable to say a new era in SL women’s fashion has begun.

Meiling - le Garcon

Comfortable and vogue is the Le Garcon outfit , a light creation of a soft flowing short dress which hints of a peasant blouse heritage. As the name suggests, there might be a wee touch of boyish influence, but the result is totally feminine. This outfit is made for the active avatar, the movement could not be more brilliant. While the Le Garcon outfit will definitely work in a very casual setting, we are happy to show, with a touch of glam styling you can effectively shift your eye-catching look to be perfectly suited to an evening event.

WTG - Nemesis Jewelry & Nails

Sequoia has opted for jewelry and nails from tosy Xue of WTG to bring that effect. We both were so excited to see tosy’s new Nemesis monthly gift set which includes not only his signature unique jewelry and nails, but a totally fresh look with the smashing bespectacled sun spectacles, some really cool jeweled sunglasses, with an awesomely fun animation that will have you pushing them to the top of your head or returning them to your nose to block the sun.

Model – Sequoia Nightfire
Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Le Garcon – NEW from House of Meiling
Hair – UPP382 by booN
Jewelry & Nails – “Nemesis” NEW WTG Group Gift (earrings, bangles, nails and glasses!)
Shoes – Cassandra by SLink

Meiling - Lady Sings the Blues

Meiling’s “Lady Sings the Blues” dress really sets the stage for any performer or audience member. This little dress could easily be both casual or dressy and i found it totally comfortable in both stylings. And yes, this dress is really made from denim! A bit of surprise at first for KymSara until she slipped it on. “The softest denim i have ever found”, she said, and we both love the look of the matched sheer overskirt, a very innovative approach!

Meiling - Lady Sings the Blues (2)

The Nemisis set from WTG gets another look to show its versatility, and deservedly so! Kym was delighted to discover Kia Goodliffe is back with a fresh branding of her hair designs in the new shop. The vivacious Keely had a lovely cascade of curls Kym thought just right with look!

Meiling - Lady Sings the Blues (Close)

Model/Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Lady Sings the Blues – NEW from House of Meiling
Hair – Keely from
Skin – Tanya by Tuli
Shoes – Plastique by Kalnins
Jewelry & Nails – Nemesis by WTG
Poses – Body Talking

Office Wear Design Sublime

SF Design - Mimi Suit (Close)

Swaffette Firefly has done it again! The Mimi, the new release suit design from SF Designs, is not only a major style find in SL, but has raised my RL coveting to an exuberant level! The crisp lines, exquisite fabric texture and fine detailing are so clearly evident, but that is just the beginning of the story. This suit ensemble includes both a medium and long skirt, I chose the shorter of the two for the office, AND something very special — the collar and jacket peplum prim pieces each have two different size options included to minimize the typical “fit fussing” associated with such parts. YAY Swaffette!

Lunch in the City . . . hmmm

Time for a bit to eat i don my Roma, a Sophia Loren inspired hat from Couture Chapeau and i am easy to spot as i hail a cab to club for a light lunch. Chigadee London has captured the elegant style of the screen goddess that will give a panache to any look.

Swaffette really does so much to bring her SF Designs customers a wonderful one stop shopping experience and complete satisfaction, as if the thoughtfulness in assuring a perfect fit were not enough , she has also included matching heels and even a clutch purse to finish the look. The Mimi suit comes in three wonderful colors. I chose the charcoal which would also be my first RL pick. But, the blue and oatmeal colours have also found a spot in my business wardrobe and will definitely be seen in board meetings, special presentations and other to other important functions, especially with the versatility offered with the additional long skirt.

SF Design - Mimi Suit

Model/Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Mimi Suit – NEW from SF Designs
Hair – Lush by LeLutka
Skin – Emma by Tuli
Hat – Roma by Couture Chapeau
Poses – Body Talking

Bedecked, Bejeweled and Bedazzled!


L’agence Bel’Lys Academy presented an incredibly impressive and delightful show to a packed house on April 17th from the Grand Theatre of Paris spotlighting the remarkable creations of some of SL’s most prominent and renowned designers. The Mascarade Couture Show echoed and drew inspiration from one of history’s greatest eras of fashion, the most elegantly defined court of King Louis XVI, in particular the wildly extravagant Marie Antoinette and friends. I must admit am a little biased however, because I not only contributed my Aurora Borealis designs to the show, as the featured jewelry designer, but was asked to audition and consequently invited as a runway model to show the incredible gowns of these designers. The Mascarade show was so well received that a second show is being presented today, May 13th, beginning at 1pm slt at the Grand Theatre of Paris. Special thanks to Morgane Batista and Sue Moonwall and all the models who wore my jewelry so well!!!

Venice Gown - Sucreries de Fairy (1)

To whet your appetite for the show we will give you a preview of two of the fabulous gowns you will see, beginning with fairyzette Sahara’s Venice Gown from Sucreries de Fairy. The Venice is a dazzling white brocade strapless design with a golden accent over-skirt, rows of gold beading following the bell curve of the long formal giving it wondrously regal and elegant look as you move.

Venice Gown - Sucreries de Fairy (2)

This outfit also includes a lovely lingerie set with matching gold stockings. The delicate Valentin Silver Face tatoo from White Widow emphasize the princess look of this ensemble. The necklace is included with the ensemble and the earrings I made special to match fairyzette’s design.

Venice Gown - Sucreries de Fairy (close)

Model – Sequoia Nightfire
Photographer KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Venice by Sucreries de Fairy (fairyzette Sahara)
Jewelry – Venice earrings by Aurora Borealis
Hair – Ribbon updo by Curio
Face tatoo – Valentin Silver from White Widow

Rialto Gown - Edika Creations (close)

Intrigue, mystery and glamour radiate from the intricate blue and gold detail of the Rialto costume by Edika (Kohime) Membert of Edika Creations. A grande entrance is assured with the spectacular cape, jewel encrusted headpiece, and the striking colours of the peacock plumage.

Without the cape, the deep cut of the gown reveals a seducive glimpse of decollette and a charming line to the low shoulder of the attached sleeves. and what could be more alluring than the delicate gold filigree embellishment or the simply elegant jewel which dangles from the perfectly framed headpiece !

Rialto Gown - Edika Creations

Hope you can attend the show today (May 13th) at 1pm slt, at Grand Theatre of Paris. If you do not land directly in the theatre but land on the ground at the hub, take the ferris wheel to the deck and click on the transport booth in the corner next to the invitation poster to arrive at the theatre. SLURL:

Model – Sequoia Nightfire
Photographer KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Rialto by Edika Creations (Edika (Kohime) Membert

All That Glitters…Part II

Ala Folie Miss Phillipines, Long with cowl

As you may recall we promised you a peek at the other variations of pixivor Allen’s amazing Miss Phillipines gown, available from Ala Folie. It took us a few days to get back to it, but worth the wait and what fun I had getting them ready!

Ala Folie Miss Phillipines, Long

For the long gown I wore the optional stole to our shoot locale, the home of Lusti Decosta of Decosta Custom Builds. I chose not to add the lovely Fleur attachments with this variation, mostly so that i could better highlight the sensational silouette and detail of the sequinned streamers.

Finesmith Inspiration - Shena

For this particular look the cascade and flow of Yula Finesmith’s Shena Inspiration Set of earrings and necklace seemed to be made to go with the gown. Coincidentally, Yula released her incredible series of Inspiration Jewelry sets just as we were preparing these shoots and i think the combination of the AlaFolie gowns and Finesmith jewelry sets are just magic!

Taylor Inspiration by Finesmith & AlaFolie  Miss Phillipines Courte

As i continued to explore the possibilities of the Miss Phillipines gown I found an irresistible set, the Taylor Neckpiece and Bracelet Ensemble! True to the series name, these accessories provided just the right touch of fantasy and inspiration for the presentation of the third variation. If you look real close you will see that i am adorned in the earrings from the Finesmith Rusalka Inspiration set. All of the Finesmith Inspiration Sets are released in a limited edition of 50, so if you are even considering adding them to your fine jewelry case — hurry!

Ala Folie  Miss Phillipines Courte & Taylor Inspiration by Finesmith

Ten available Finesmith Inspirations and three delightful AlaFolie gown variations the possibilities seem endless. Did we mention there is a black version of the gown called Diamant Noir to be featured in future Notions of Style posts. We know you’ll enjoy these delightful dilemnas as much as we do!

Ala Folie  Miss Phillipines Courte & Taylor Inspiration by Finesmith

Long Variation

Model/Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Miss Phillipines Gown by AlaFolie
Hair – Necy by Damselfly
Skin – Julie by LAQ
Jewelry – Shena Inspiration Set by Finesmith Jewelry
Shoes – Bare Katherine by Stiletto Moody
Poses – Body Talking

Short Variation

Model/Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Miss Phillipines Gown Courte by AlaFolie
Hair – Faith by Tukinowaguma
Skin – Julie by LAQ
Jewelry – Taylor Inspiration Set (Limited Edition of 50) by Finesmith Jewelry
Shoes – Bare Katherine by Stiletto Moody
Poses – Body Talking

MEILING Crosses the Line Part II

Title get you attention? We all have curiosity and i assure you that only good will come from crossing this line. If you missed the first post let me explain….

Meiling's Vetiver

Meiling is an award winning Caribbean fashion designer with an exquisite eye for detail in real world design who has crossed over to Second Life fashion. A minimalist, her aesthetic sensibility demands clean lines which celebrate the beauty of form in a artful and functional way. How wonderful it is then she is bringing many of her creations in natural fabrics and linens to be recreated in our virtual world. Each of these designs of her SL collection is based upon her RL collections. They are not only a comfort to wear and but also a comfort to be seen in. We are thrilled to be able to help showcase the fabulous talent of MEILING.

Meiling's Vetiver

KymSara is wearing yards of an incredibly vibrant linen tapestry print which MEILING used to create her Vetiver dress , a midi-length full-skirted number, perfect for a casual dinner out or more formal evening event. The plain flared skirt is shown here, but Meiling includes an optional skirt with green rose embellishments to match the optional collar piece also being worn.

Model/Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Vetiver Dress – NEW from House of MEILING
Hair – Byanca by Damselfly
Skin – Molly by LAQ
Jewelry – Blessings Earrings & Bracelet and Magna Mater Nails from WTG
Shoes – Cassandra from SLink
Poses – Body Talking

Meiling's Bombay Dreams

Sequoia wears Bombay Dreams, a charming reflection of the climate of Meiling’s tropical island RL home of Trinidad. Light, breezy and oh so comfy, this unique little ensemble will have you turning heads at your favorite beach gathering. A chiffon cutaway jacket reveals a very colorful silk tasseled Indian scarf halter top.

Meiling's Bombay Dreams (detail)

The clean lines of mid-thigh black shorts are continued beneath to add a perfect blend and balance. Add your favorite bangles, such as the Japanese Lacquered bangles seen here from Aurora Borealis Jewelry and your most comfortable espadrilles or sandals and you will be set for an afternoon and evening warm weather rendezvous. As we explored her collection more it became quite evident that Meiling is very thoughtful in her creation of dresses and outfits which wear very well in the most basic of configurations – reflecting her RL reputation as a leading minimalist designer. She has also carefully considered options and embellishments which will add a bit of decoration while not overpowering the crisp lines of her basic designs. We are very confident that we will be seeing a lot of her work around the fashionable venues of SL.

Meiling's Bombay Dreams

Model – Sequoia Nightfire
Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Bombay Dreams Set NEW from House of MEILING
Jewelry – Japanese Laquered Bangles from Aurora Borealis
Shoes – J’s Real Toe Tassle Wedge Sandals
Hair – Sama by Catwa

MEILING Crosses the Line Part 1

Meiling's Whimsy

We wish to welcome MEILING, a real life and world renowned fashion designer, who makes home in Trinidad and Tobago and now in Second Life! Her designs lend themselves so well to traverse from the real to our pixeled reality. Her fabrics are so lush and textured they bring true life to our animated form. Kym and i will show four outfits in two posts of those awesome designs featured from her inaugural Second Life collection. We can’t possibly explain how excited we were to hear Chigadee London of Couture Chapeau was collaborating with MEILING to champion her designs in SL. We hope and trust this will be one of many such relationships that will develop between RL designers and those in SL and that it will lead to a greater exchange of ideas and how we perceive fashion in both worlds.

meiling bloomer

I first selected the Whimsey Bloomer set to showcase, i adore how this short pantset, like many of MEILING’s designs, is welcome in a multitude of settings. Did you see me at the Boulevard Agency show wearing this outfit? If not, no worries, i will be out and about in it often. The sleeves are a dream, shaped to give a nice softness to the shoulders the detail is fantastic to the button up back closure which gives such a wonderful elegance for a short set. The blousing meets the waist of the bloomers that share the same soft crumples, as the sleeves, adding extra softness and femininity. This Whimsey Bloomer set is destined to be a best seller.

Meiling's Whimsy (detail)

I had just made this new unnamed jewelry set for the cover model of the inaugural issue of Peoplz Magazine and it is so perfect to the blue grey of the material and laid well against the breast. See it soon at Aurora Borealis. Looking for other accent pieces i found a recent release nail set that included optional bangles from WTG. The Magna Mater in platinum bangle was perfect fit and the nails well see for yourself another must have from tosy Xue.

Model – Sequoia Nightfire
Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – M- Whimsy Bloomer Set from MEILING
Jewelry – unnamed Peoplz cover model necklace and earring set by +Aurora Borealis+
Nails – **Magna Mater-Platinum set including optional Bangles from +:+WTG+:+
Hair – Jill Ebony by Tukinowguma
Shoes – O Wedges by Stiletto Moody
Skin – LAQ

KymSara is wearing the Origami Crumpled Dress with an intricately folded prim skirt and origami shoulder corsage from MEILING; every outfit you find in her house of fashion draws directly from her RL designs. The texture and fabric selection sets this dress apart from all your other LBD’s! Meiling has managed to capture every crease, fold and scrunch of the crumpled linen texture delightfully in this creation.

Crumpled Origami

While it could be easily dressed up or worn in a casual setting, Kym chose dressing it up with tosy Xue’s WTG Easter Egg collection with the jewelry accent pieces and elegant nails. tosy continues to wow us with not only fab new releases but a monthly gift that always brings surprises.

Crumpled Origami (2)

So clever and exciting stayed tuned for more MEILING!!!!

Model/Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Origami Crumpled Dress – NEW from House of MEILING
Jewelry – Easter Egg Set (Earrings, bracelet and nails) from +:+WTG+:+
Shoes – Bare Katherine by Stiletto Moody
Poses – Body Talking