MEILING Crosses the Line Part 1

Meiling's Whimsy

We wish to welcome MEILING, a real life and world renowned fashion designer, who makes home in Trinidad and Tobago and now in Second Life! Her designs lend themselves so well to traverse from the real to our pixeled reality. Her fabrics are so lush and textured they bring true life to our animated form. Kym and i will show four outfits in two posts of those awesome designs featured from her inaugural Second Life collection. We can’t possibly explain how excited we were to hear Chigadee London of Couture Chapeau was collaborating with MEILING to champion her designs in SL. We hope and trust this will be one of many such relationships that will develop between RL designers and those in SL and that it will lead to a greater exchange of ideas and how we perceive fashion in both worlds.

meiling bloomer

I first selected the Whimsey Bloomer set to showcase, i adore how this short pantset, like many of MEILING’s designs, is welcome in a multitude of settings. Did you see me at the Boulevard Agency show wearing this outfit? If not, no worries, i will be out and about in it often. The sleeves are a dream, shaped to give a nice softness to the shoulders the detail is fantastic to the button up back closure which gives such a wonderful elegance for a short set. The blousing meets the waist of the bloomers that share the same soft crumples, as the sleeves, adding extra softness and femininity. This Whimsey Bloomer set is destined to be a best seller.

Meiling's Whimsy (detail)

I had just made this new unnamed jewelry set for the cover model of the inaugural issue of Peoplz Magazine and it is so perfect to the blue grey of the material and laid well against the breast. See it soon at Aurora Borealis. Looking for other accent pieces i found a recent release nail set that included optional bangles from WTG. The Magna Mater in platinum bangle was perfect fit and the nails well see for yourself another must have from tosy Xue.

Model – Sequoia Nightfire
Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – M- Whimsy Bloomer Set from MEILING
Jewelry – unnamed Peoplz cover model necklace and earring set by +Aurora Borealis+
Nails – **Magna Mater-Platinum set including optional Bangles from +:+WTG+:+
Hair – Jill Ebony by Tukinowguma
Shoes – O Wedges by Stiletto Moody
Skin – LAQ

KymSara is wearing the Origami Crumpled Dress with an intricately folded prim skirt and origami shoulder corsage from MEILING; every outfit you find in her house of fashion draws directly from her RL designs. The texture and fabric selection sets this dress apart from all your other LBD’s! Meiling has managed to capture every crease, fold and scrunch of the crumpled linen texture delightfully in this creation.

Crumpled Origami

While it could be easily dressed up or worn in a casual setting, Kym chose dressing it up with tosy Xue’s WTG Easter Egg collection with the jewelry accent pieces and elegant nails. tosy continues to wow us with not only fab new releases but a monthly gift that always brings surprises.

Crumpled Origami (2)

So clever and exciting stayed tuned for more MEILING!!!!

Model/Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Origami Crumpled Dress – NEW from House of MEILING
Jewelry – Easter Egg Set (Earrings, bracelet and nails) from +:+WTG+:+
Shoes – Bare Katherine by Stiletto Moody
Poses – Body Talking


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