Soho Retro Metro Boho

On the Sidewalks of New York

Isn’t it wonderful when we see certain styles that we love return to vogue, like this years Boho Summer fashions? We here at Notions of Style are all for being “Green” and especially when it recycles something we truly take pleasure from, so please enjoy my “trip” down memory lane.

Peace! Make Love not War! I am feeling so happy being caught up in today’s fashion forward trend, mostly because it seems so familiar and thinking that i would have got along famously back in the late 60’s, at the very least i would have had a splendid time assembling outfits with clothes of that era! Bold colors, comfortable fit, and expressive hair out to there! So i was delighted with Bohemian Rhapsody, a NEW release from Paris Metro. I then found this terrific “shoulder width” Rykiel hair at LeLutka with just the right shade of red. I loved the whole look so much in fact, that i even forsook my usual tall heels for a more style-consistant pair of colorful flats from Zaara. Sis thought i was standing in a pothole 🙂

Sequoia also thinks that I would have fit right in with the hippie generation, not only because of the spot on style, but because i play the mountain dulcimer and would have been popular and a welcomed member to any commune. I left my flat in Soho or was it the Chelsea Hotel, I can’t remember, and was making my way up 8th to the tunnel to try to catch a ride up to Bethel where they are having this Woodstock Music & Art Fair, Seq was sure i was trapped in a time warp, especially when she saw “Sid and Nancy” on the Chelsea Theater Marquee. But hey its New York! stranger things happen and what a long, strange journey it’s been. Was i channeling a Chelsea Girl? Andy is gone but not forgotten. Like good fashion it is good to preserve and reclaim our history before it is gone. Bring Back Stanley Bard!

On the Sidewalks of New York

Model/Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Bohemian Rhapsody from Paris Metro
Hair – Rykiel from LeLutka
Skin – Molly by LAQ
Shoes – Ilaida Mojri by Zaara
Jewelry – iGems Vintage Beads by Aurora Borealis
Poses – Mirione


2 thoughts on “Soho Retro Metro Boho

  1. Stunning lady and terrific Story Seq… Wonderful reference to Sid and Nancy. That era was so colorful and kinky at the same time and I am old enough to know and proud of it. You really do your research I see. Keep up the great work ladies!

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