Coveting Pixels

Silk and Silver Leaves

Coveting pixel outfits may seem a bit out there, but when you wear business wear as i do in my RL circumstance you might even become envious of your avatar when you come across certain outfits. Among Swaffette Firefly’s latest releases from SF Designs, the Rizzo silk blouse and Leather skirt separates really caught my attention. Swaffette, in my humble opinion, is one of the select group of SL designers who is simply superb in bringing desirable and current RL designs to SL. Her styles are exciting, her workmanship flawless and she always includes options to make the fit and look personal.

Silk and Silver Leaves

The Rizzo Blouse, for example, includes both regular and “discrete” variations, as well as integrated and separate collar and ruffle attachements to enable all the fine adjustments for a perfect fit. The menu adjustable skirt and finely tooled belt, with exquisite detail and silver buckles, also reflects her customer care. Like many SF Designs outfits there are additional options in each set; she has thoughtfully included a mini-mini version of the leather skirt! I found my NEW Marina boots from SLink to be a perfect match and i loved the way the streaks of my blond Nanase hair by Hal*Hina were drawn out by the color of the blouse. This is an ensemble i will wear a LOT and hope some RL designer will be inspired to recreate.

Silk and Silver Leaves

Model/Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Rizzo Silk Blouse and Leather Skirt by SF Designs
Hair – Nanase by Hal*Hina
Skin – Emma by Tuli
Boots – Marina by SLinK
Poses – Body Talking

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