Evenings In Black

tosy's Kaleidoscopes

Happy Anniversary to our friend Tosy Xue of WTG!!! Tosy is officially entering his second year as a SL designer and you would think him much more mature by the sophistication of his jewelry designs. The Kaleidoscope sets of jewelry and nails are exquisitely detailed. We have already featured the long necklace in dazzling platinum with medallion pendant in a previous post, today will showcase the black set of the earrings, choker necklace and bejeweled nails with bracelet set. Sequoia adores the intricate filigree of this set and opted for the medallion earrings and choker necklace; the delicate design of the Kaleidoscope set will enhance and evening wear where you demand a certain unique elegance.

Midnight at Maracas Gown by Meiling

As we return to showcasing the fabulous collection of Meiling Couture designs, we focus on the “New Reality” in SL fashion we have spoken of in previous posts. You need only look to the fabric of the sateen and ruffles, with fine detail in every fold and crease, to see the exquisitely unique recreation of a real life gown in the Midnight in Maracas worn by KymSara. The evening wear from Meiling is consistent in the theme of exceptional design we found in the casual wear and dresses, which could be worn in either dressy or more casual modes. Meiling uses only the finest fabrics and pays close attention to detail with an emphasis on comfort and unique styling. Kym selected the smaller double elemment earrings of the Kaleidoscope set from WTG to compliment the softer look of the Midnight gown.

Midnight at Maracas Gown by Meiling

Kym found the soft silks and chiffon overlay and frills of the Midnight at Maracas Gown to be irresitable. Meiling has used a similar wrinkle-pleated silk skirt design with both of the gowns featured, but achieves distinctively different looks with her use of finely textured bodice elements.

Meiling's Silk, Satin & Chifffon

Sequoia is wearing Meiling’s fabulous Haute Noire Gown which features a layered, wrinkle-pleated silk skirt and a peplum jacket top. The trim contours, wide satin waistband, and sheer collar are unique design details which will definitely merit a second and third look at your next formal event. Whichever choice you make, Meiling’s wearable elegance is sure to become your favorite look for that special evening event and many more to come! We also want to give a big shout-out to Tabata Jewell for her creation of her NEW Folie d’Ete hair from Vanity Hair. I am sure we will be seeing this beautiful coiffure styled to much of the seasons elegant creations this season.

Style Cards

Model – Sequoia Nightfire
Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Haute Noire Gown from House of Meiling
Hair – Folie d’Ete-Nova Brown from Vanity Hair
Jewelry and Nails – Kaleidoscope-black from +:+WTG+:+
Skin – LAQ
Shoes – Cassandra Heels Black by SLink
Poses – Body Talking

Model/Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Midnight at Maracas Gown – NEW! from House of Meiling
Jewelry and Nails – Kaleidoscope-black from +:+WTG+:+
Hair – Kat by Damselfly
Skin – Molly by LAQ
Poses – Body Talking


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