….You Make My Heart Sing!

Chillin' at the Cascades

It’s officially Summer, and time to find that perfect swimsuit! We’ve been watching our waists, counting our pixel intake. Now we get to show off our sexy curvaceous shape in high style! Swaffette Firefly has created some extraordinary sets for the beach and poolside, including her wonderful new line of Wild Thing Swimwear from SF Design. Each suit comes with a matching sarong which intensifies the vibrant colors patterned exquisitely in an animal skin. All of the color selections are tempting , i finally decided on the pink in snakeskin. That settled, i knew exactly where to turn for accessories – where else but Finesmith?

Chillin' at the Cascades

I faced a wide selection of possibilities from Yula’s myriad of incredible designs. I couldn’t narrow to one set so decided on pieces from a couple of different Finesmith series – the earrings are from the Leah Inspiration Set, while the bracelets i like best come from The Idioma Series – both are colour change and menu adjustable. And of course would feel naked without my nails so i added Finesmith Rave nails to finish the look. I recently picked up a few summery shoes at a new store to me, SHOEnique. The have some really unique and comfortably stylish designs worth a trip to see. I chose the Sea Shell Wedges which not only looked just right ,but have a name to match for any beach or swim suit destination.

Chillin' at the Cascades

Model/Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Wild Thing Swimsuit & Sarong by SF Designs
Jewelry – Leah Inspirations Earrings & Idioma Bracelets by Finesmith
Hair – Angie by EMO-tions
Skin – Julie by LAQ
Sea Shell Wedge Heels by SHOEnique
Nails – Rave Purple by Finesmith
Poses – Diesel Works

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