Fuego y Salsa!

Fuego y Salsa!

Pardon me if i seem impertenent using Spanish for the title of my post today. “Fire and Salsa!” seemed a little tame and the Carnation Salsa gown from Paris Metro is anything but tame! Upon seeing it for the first time i thought this is one virtual blaze of passion! The vibrant colors and waves of flame create a conflagration with your every movement. Run, don’t walk, burn a path to Paris Metro at FOUR SEASONS PLAZA right NOW! There is a special introductory 66% off sale price, but the Carnation Salsa Gown will go to full price after Sunday July 3rd. Wearing this gown is an almost certain guarantee to ignite a few sparks in your flame and my oh my what a way to create some fireworks!

You know i love accessories and love this new set i am previewing from Aurora Borealis. This fascinating set called Fire is part of the Elemental Series available soon in stores. The Fire earrings and necklace have a flickering flame captured in the in the jewel! Finesmith’s most awesome Rave nails, and Cybergirl bracelets added a fabulous finish. But the final touch came from Kara Goodliffe who sent her Hair Fair demo pack from Me., arriving just in time to include the sensationally sensual Elizabeth hair.

Fuego y Salsa!

Model/Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Carnation Salsa Gown NEW from Paris Metro at Four Seasons Plaza
Earrings & Necklace – Elemental Fire! [Preview of Elemental Set Series] by Aurora Borealis
Cybergirl Bracelets and Rave Nails by Finesmith
Hair – Elizabeth NEW for Hair Fair by Me. at the Hair Fair
Skin – Julie by LAQ
Poses – Diesel Works

One thought on “Fuego y Salsa!

  1. Fabulous look as always ladies ! Want to personally say that a I own and sport the Fire Earrings and Necklace by Aurora Borealis its one of the pieces I get tons of compliments on all the time. People can’t help but stare at the lovely animated fire within and fall into its depths! Waiting for the next one Seq!

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