Paisley Days of Summer

Warm Paisley Kisses

Hearing about a 66% off sale is usually enough to get my attention, but this sale is way beyond the exceptional…Paris Metro has another summer hit with the gorgeous Paisley Kisses Gown just released and at special sale price until 12:01 AM SLT Tuesday. Rose (RFB Morpork), the designer of these fabulous gowns, had this vision when she created them…

Like the summer breeze,
these gowns make you feel
as though the trade winds
have carried you to him far away.

Cool Paisley Kisses!

Anyone of these new airy designs from Paris Metro, pictured top to bottom, is sure to please. The Paisley Kisses Gown is available in three appropriately summer color blends…Warm, like the sunshine and passion you will feel wearing it, Cool, like the breezes that refresh and invigorate and Leaf , green and full of life as the rustling leaves that give the feeling of peace and harmony.

Leaf Paisley Kisses

You will be delighted how you feel as the soft gown swirls about you, whether on a hand held moonlight stroll, tripping the light fantastic across a dance floor in the arms of an adoring partner or feeling the warm summer breeze tickling your ankles while you dine. You will certainly appreciate the delicate intricacies of the design and how well the Finesmith Delicate Earrings and Bracelet and the Gentle necklace from the Rissa Collection, worn by KymSara in this close-up, are the perfect complement to this paisley perfection.

Cool Paisley Kisses!

Style Card

Models – Sequoia Nightfire & KymSara Rayna
Photographer -KymSara Rayna

Sequoia Nightfire
Wearing – Paisley Kisses Warm and Paisley Kisses Leaf- NEW on-sale at Paris Metro Main Store
Hair [Warm]- Nada HairStyle/Blondy by CaTwA
Hair [Leaf]- Zoe – Copper by Maitreya

KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Cool Paisley Kisses- NEW on-sale at Paris Metro Main Store
Jewelry – Gentle Necklace, Delicate Earrings & Bracelet from RISSA Collection at Finesmith
Hair – Ashlee by Damselfly

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