Jewelry Fair 2011

Jewelry Fair 2011 - Emerald & Diamond Ensemble

Jewelry Fair 2011 – The Elements has drawn to a close and we took in the sights and sounds experiencing some old favorites and a few wonderful new jewelry creators. With such a dazzling array of tempting designs i would like to give you a taste of some distinctive pieces i found worthy of special note.

The Enchanted Emerald and Diamond Ensemble from Lazuri caught my eye right away. One of the things i look for in fine jewelry is fit. My sister Sequoia, and other high quality jewelers like Zuri Lyric, pay particular attention to that sort of detail, so i guess i come to somewhat expect it. More about Seq’s sets in upcoming posts. This Enchanted Emerald and Diamond Ensemble, not only offers an elegant formal look but, it is a dream how well it contours of my shape. This set has already become a prime part of my formal jewelry wardrobe.

Jewelry Fair 2011 - Sleeping Beauty Ensemble

Sian Birke Jewelry offered a delightful Sleeping Beauty set, complete with thorny rose vines woven into the lovely chains and hoops. But, this is not just a fantasy set — every component is menu-driven color change! You can have a Rosebud, vine and even leaf match to your gown and choose your favorite metal as well! A very flexible and stunningly beautiful set , however the lawyers caution us to warn you, though this set may make you a “beauty”, taming a “beast” can be a thorny situation!

Jewelry Fair 2011 -  Fractal Bangles

I must admit that i embrace the part of me that loves mathematics, i have this abiding fascination with fractals and fibonacci progressions and such patterns. If you share this particular characteristic with me wonderful! If you do not, well not to worry, you don’t need it to love Kerryth Tarantal’s lovely fractal-based Glass Bangle Series. Available in a spectrum of wonderful colours, you are sure to find more than one Fractal Art to Wear to tempt you, as well as creating any number of combinations. Spyralle at Kerryth Tarantal Studio, has quickly jumped up my list of favorite new designers jewelry designers to follow.

Jewelry Fair 2011 - Fragrance by WTG

Jewelry Fair highlights would be never be quite complete without the incredible designs of tosy Xue of WTG Jewelry, tosy’s featured offering for the Fair this year was his Fragrance Ensemble. The fit is flawless, the menu-driven texture and color changes include five differnent jewel stones and every necessary metal texture. The set is not only beautiful, but a perfect choice for those particularly difficult matching up styling challenges.

Jewelry Fair 2011 - Pearl & Ribbon

Last, but by far not least, is Kimbra McMillan’s beautiful set Pearl & Ribbons from Beloved Jewelry. This set also comes with menu-drive colour adjust for every component. This ensemble can be set to work with so many outfits.

Ladies Who Brunch

Initially i thought this would be perfect to wear with any number of vintage gowns, however when i matched it up with one of Meiling’s latest releases from BOSL Fashion Week, Ladies Who Bunch dress, i discovered it is SO very much more! After hearing quite a few complements on the set, it was easy to see that the Pearl & Ribbons is spot on to the current fashion. I know we are going to be seeing much more of Kimbra and Beloved Jewelry.

The Jewelry Fair 2011 is over but the trends and excitement will live on and we encourage you to visit the main stores of those we have showcased and others who tempt us and fill our imaginations.

Style Card

All photography by KymSara Rayna
Model – KymSara Rayna

Photo 1: Enchanted Emerald and Diamond Ensemble by Lazuri

Photo 2: Sleeping Beauty Ensemble by Sian Birke Jewelry

Photo 3: Glass Bangles Fractal Art to Wear by Spyralle : Kerryth Tarantal Studio

Photo 4: Fragrance G Jewelry by WTG

Photo 5: Pearl and Ribbon Set by Beloved Jewelry

Photo 6: Ladies who Brunch Ensemble dress NEW from MEILING Couture‘s “Last Train to San Fernando” Collection featured in BOSL Fashion Week


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