Who among us doesn’t love chocolate? Snapping a piece off and savoring a rich Belgium dark chocolate with 74% cacao, so sublime, or perhaps the smooth silky tantalization of your tongue when a truffle melts on it, or perhaps unwrapping the jewels of confection, from the box of Maribelle’s of NY signature chocolates, that never made it home. Just the thought of such a delectable can set your mind reeling and your mouth watering. Hold that thought…ok got it? good 🙂


Consider what it might be like if that special treat were somehow transformed into an exquisitely luscious wearable. Rose Morpork has done exactly that, realizing her vision in layers of lace and silk in her design of the Chocolate Feast Gown, a recent release from Paris Metro. And what a delightful treat it is, at once daring and elegant. The sheer lace bodice is trimmed in rich dark chocolate velvet to emphasize the tailored design with a raised collar and cuffs. The skirt is a cascade of smooth silks and lace that will have you arriving in marvelously good taste. Sounds pretty yummy, don’t you think?


Choice of accessories was rather easy, the exceptional Shena Inspiration set from Finesmith Jewelry seems just the right touch to carry on the bold theme of the gown’s design. Hmmmm . . . . the little wrapper on my Dove chocolate bite reads, “I deserve another, just because I’m me.” I believe i will!

Model/Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Chocolate Feast Gown by Paris Metro
Jewelry – Shena Inspiration by Finesmith Jewelry
Hair – Sinnea by Amacci
Skin – Julie by LAQ
Nails – je::suis
Poses – Avante Poses

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