Fashion for Life – Just two more days!

Coat, Hat and Lamps of many colours!

With just a few more days to go in this amazing event we are running to catch up with all the special items offered by our designers. As a quilter, i was quickly drawn to the new long coat of crushed velvet by Trill Zapatero of Boho Hobo. While this is very much a modern garment, Trill’s inspiration from the Crazy Quilt traditions of Victorian times is clearly evident. I love the characteristic colours and the decorative stitching so much! It is also not too late to pick up one of her latest funky hats. This one, called Abe’s Hat, is a part of Boho Hobo’s FFL Collection with proceeds going to the fight against cancer.

Coat, Hat and Lamps of many colours!

Trill has also been working on an entirely new path, designing some of the most creative lamps i have seen in SL. you can spot a few in her FFL shop and  watch the entire collection evolve with a short trip to the Sewer beneath the Afghanistan Museum! Yes, the SEWER, really! Is there no end to this woman’s creativity?

Coat, Hat and Lamps of many colours!

Model & Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Crushed Velvet Patchwork Coat – NEW -from Boho Hobo FFL Collection
Hat – Abe’s Hat – NEW – from Boho Hobo FFL Collection
Jewelry – Delaram Ensemble from Boho Hobo
Hair – Sora from D!va
Skin – Alva by LAQ
Boots – Journey by Finesmith
Poses – Morgane
Lamps ** New Creations by Trill Zapetero of Boho Hobo **

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