Fashion for Life – Last Hours Part 2

Beach blog 2

Are you still here? Why aren’t you shopping! Last hours of FFL and still more to buy so many lovely doanations from these awesomely generous designers! Fashion for Life ends tonight in a few hours at midnight! In case you missed in my last post! hurry!!!! Slurls to the sim are included so you don’t miss out!!!

Beach blog1

So many things left to buy!!! Get used to this view of me as i rush past you grabbing all i can! whoooooooooosh there i go!
Thank you Harper this has been the best Fashion For Life ever both as a shopper and a designer. Thanks to all the designers too and builders you really outdid yourselves it was truly amazing and a great way to kick off the Relay for Life. Blessings to you all!!! It’s Time…

Model/Photographer – Sequoia Nightfire
Wearing – Rig33 Aura by ArisAris [FFL]
Hat & Hair – “Ozone” Sunhat (menu driven texture change on all parts) by Eclectica [FFL}
Shoes – Rig32 by ArisAris [FFL]
Skin – MeiMei#9 by LaVie Skins[FFL Exclusive]

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