Retro is back . . . hmmm is that redundant?

Fab 50's Barbies!

It seems that recently some of our favorite designers have been picking up inspiration from past decades. We even saw a great new sim, Spyderville, spring up with a completely fifties theme. That’s where we found these groovy Barbie boxes. Sadly, it is disappearing almost as quickly as it rezzed. But the timeless styles of the era continue. Neferia Abel continues to amaze us with her fastidious study of vintage era fashions, and her finely crafted vintage dresses. Sequoia is wearing one of her favorites, the Katinka, a recent addition to the Ivalde Fifties Collection. Kym is showing a brand new offering, the ChaCha dress, from PurpleMoon’s Vintage collection. With all crinolines and florals these designs capture the fashion spirit of the 1950’s, but can also be perfectly compatible with a trendy summer party today.

Barbies - Outta the box!

I’d call your special attention to the fabulous NEW Blossoms Earring & Bangle set, which Seq made for me to go with this special dress.! It is available at Aurora Borealis. (Mention my name :))

NEW from Aurora Borealis!

Sequoia is wearing – Katinka pink from Ivalde Vintage Fashion 1950 Collection
Hair – Scarlet Semi-Updo from Pocket Mirrors
Shoes – Ribbon Slingback shoes from G Field

KymSara is wearing – ChaCha Dress – NEW from PurpleMoon Creations Vintage Collection
Jewelry – KymSara Blossoms Earrings & Bangles NEW from Aurora Borealis
Hair – Yara v1 – from CaTwA
Shoes – Absinthe by Nardcotix

On Location Lighting by LumiPro

And, with yet another echo from the fabulous fifties set in 1958 the film and play, “Grease” . . . PurpleMoon’s Sandy Dress. A sure hit at the drive-in or your favorite dance venue, or an evening cruise down Sunset Strip with the top down on the cherry red Corvette! Just to show how this lovely vintage offering can work for a current look, I’ve accessorized with jewelry from Finesmith and a most trendy pair of Fay’s Shoes’s Roxanne strappy heels!

Relivin' the fifties

Wearing – Sandy Dress in Cherry NEW from PurpleMoon Creations Vintage
Jewelry – Trivia Earrings & Swirl BRacelet from Finesmith Jewelry
Nails – Rave Reds from Finesmith Jewelry
Hair – Lolwa by CaTwA
Shoes – Roxanne from Fay Shoes
Poses – Morgane Batista Poses Shop

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