There’s just something about the Tango

Tango Time!

Whether you have legs curled in a dimly lit, smoky club in Buenos Aires, or you are curled up at home with a glass of fine wine watching Dancing With the Stars, the Tango captures the imagination. It’s a steamy dance that just radiates mystery and sensuality. Poulet Koenkamps’s new release from PurpleMoon Creation exemplifies that mood so very well! The spicy hot little Malena dress is not one to wear if you want to sit still, it just begs to go dancing. The hat, cuffs and tie I am wearing are actually accessories from Tangorize Me, another new release PurpleMoon outfit. I thought they added sort of a fanciful and intriguing touch to this totally flirty feminine dress. The Malena invites you to play to create your own imaginative scenario and make it a reality.

Tango Time!

I love this Bella hair that i purchased sometime back from I Love Olive, unfortunately that store closed. However, the designer, Prosperitus Nakamura who now goes by the nomme de plume, Mrs. Amour, is back and has a new store Pomme d Amour. Perhaps you can persuade her to bring the Bella back 🙂

Tango Time!

Wearing -Malena Dress NEW from PurpleMoon Creations
Hat & Cuffs -Tangorize Me from PurpleMoon Creations
Nails – Rave Reds by Finesmith
Hair – Bella by I Love Olive (not available “yet”) Store re-branded to Pomme d Amour
Shoes – Bare Katherine by Stiletto Moody
Poses – Glitterati


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