The Apocalypse Will Not Be Televised

The Apocalypse Will Not Be Televised

My friend Trill Zapatero is just overflowing with creative energy and always has a surprise in store. Whether she is designing some terrific new finely detailed wearable art for her Boho Hobo shop or decorating her city sewer gallery, yes, SEWER! Proving that even among such a setting such treasures will emerge and come to light. Speaking of which check out her exhibit of awesome lamps, or go up a couple floors to the loft above her shop to see her real life painting creations to brought to our pixel life , we can always be assured that her work is vital, colorful and fascinating. Her latest effort – a not to be missed interactive exhibit called – “The Apocalypse Will Not Be Televised,” is beyond description. Trill has combined some of the most unlikely media in such a wonderful way. You’ll find wreckage from man-made and natural disasters, lush gardens, ghost guides, intricate surprise pathways and colorful graffiti as you explore and consider what things might be like post oil, post economic collapse, post money, post everything almost, as the environment is repairing herself.

The Apocalypse Will Not Be Televised

O yes, my outfit — It is the new Tunic Suit from Gizza. Cool, colorful and comfortable. Tosy Xue, of WTG Jewelry just released these awesome Rainbow Rainbow sunglasses with an animation to push them up and bring them back down to your nose. And they go so well with the Tunic Suit! My earrings and necklace are new, and a Depraved Nation Hunt Gift from Chop Zuey. This is a unique color version of the newly released Babylon series at Chop Zuey which includes some really beautiful stones. (note the theme consistency here – Depraved Nation . . . Babylon . . . ) I’m also still enjoying the new releases from Elikatira Hair. This one is called “Later”. hmmm . . . perhaps just the style for an exploration of a post-apocalyptic world!

Model & Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing -Tunic Suit – NEW from Gizza
Hair – Later by Elikatira
Shoes – Espadrilles by GoS
Jewelry – Blood of Babylon – Depraved Nation Hunt Gift from Chop Zuey
Sun Glasses – Rainbow Rainbow Glasses by WTG Jewelry
Poses – Maiterya
On location at Trill Zapatero’s fascinating new interactive art exhibit – “THE APOCALYPSE WILL NOT BE TELEVISED” @

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