Vivien does Vivienne!

Vivien on Vivienne

I would strongly suggest you make some time to swing by the MANIERA sim before Sunday. MANIERA is hosting a Tribute to Vivienne Westwood Exhibition, as part of their launch as a real life digital publication. The exhibit is a fascinating glimpse into the artistic creations of the amazing British designer – Dame Vivienne Westwood. Now in her 70’s, Westwood still manages to shock and surprise and amazingly has remained at the forefront of fashion design for 40 years. As part of the exhibit, eighteen SL designers were invited to create a tribute piece inspired by Westwood’s work. Of the many exiting and exclusive designs my hands down favorite is Vivien Emerald’s Vivienne Dress. Surprising, in so many ways, pink plaid being just one! The Vivienne dress will certainly get you that wow factor and many will do a double take at the magnificently definitive cut and standout style.

There are just a few day left for the show items on the MANIERA sim. The designer tribute vendors will go away on Sunday 15th, so i suggest you rush over now to grab these unique items in the style of Vivienne Westwood, and while you there be sure to take in the Tribute to Westwood Exhibit [click for limo].

Vivien on Vivienne

Model & Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Vivienne; a Tribute to Vivienne Westwood – NEW from Desir by Vivien Emerald at MANIERA Tribute to Vivienne Westwood
Hair – Labonya by DamselflySkin – Julie by LAQ
Shoes -Dorian by Fay’s Shoes
Jewelry – Dark Zone Ensemble – NEW from WTG Jewelry
Poses – Body Talking
On Location Lighting by LumiPro


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