Meiling goes to London! A Major Hit!

O so many colours!

While we are huddled round our TV’s cheering on the gymnasts, swimmers, divers and all the other incredible athletes at the Summer Olympics there are other very noteworthy events happening in London. Today there was a showcase of a few specially handpicked Caribbean designers at the Olympics and SL’s own Meiling previewed her latest collection there in RL! Of course before Meiling became “SL’s own” she was a major star in the RL fashion galaxy. She has come to love Second Life and actually released the SL version of this new “24 Hours Collection” before she left for London! Previews of what has not even hit the big runways of RL; dont you just love SL! Here are a few of the delightful outfits that wowed the audience at the Olympic exhibit.

Beautifully executed in mesh, the stunningly colorful Harlequin gown will definitely be a standout ensemble at the `Fashion Engage’ Olympic Showcase and the season’s gala events in SL.

O so many colours!

Wearing – Harlequin Romance Gown NEW from Meiling “24 Hrs Collection”
Hair – Sora by D!va
Skin – Molly by LAQ
Shoes – Goshi by Mstyle
Jewelry – Tente Fire Ensemble by je suis Jewelry
Poses – DieselWorks

Denim goes to town

Meiling has a distinctively unique approach to utilizing unusual fabrics in unexpected combinations in her designs. Her new Moonglow Denim Skirt and Blouse ensemble shows that signature style beautifully. This outfit is available in both mesh and flexi skirt versions. I love the look of Lindy’s terrific Kitten Heels with this skirt!

Denim goes to town

Wearing – Moonglow Denim NEW from Meiling Couture’s “24 Hrs Collection”
Hair – Yara by CaTwA
Skin – Julie by LAQ
Shoes – Kitten Heels by Lindy’s Modern &Retro Shoes
Poses – Di’s Opera


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