Glitter Shimmer Glam

All that glitters . . .

There is reason to be thrilled when any formal invitation arrives this fall… Black and White and everyshade of the monochromatic spectrum are being seen at white tie events. Mohna Lisa Couture has a selection of wonderfully designed gowns that will do wonders to show off your figure and are amazingly inventive! This is the Erotica Mesh gown seen here worn by Sequoia. This silhouette dress will amaze both the one wearing it and those who see it passing by. The sheer sides of this optical illusion gown actually have colour change panels. These panels, under the sheer fabric, are able to match all skin tones, so they achieve that silhouette and remain modest like dancers costumes. Secondly, the skirting glimmers and shimmers as you move a unique effect perfected for this gown. This is not scripted or particle in any way, it is entirely accomplished by how Mohna textured the gown. The included Fascinator rises above in a flourish with optional veil and adds an adittional flair to an already very fascinating gown.

All that glitters . . .

Model – Sequoia Nightfire
Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Erotica Mesh Gown with included Fascinator from Mohna Lisa Couture
Jewelry – **Corsage ** earrings, necklace and bangle by WTG Jewelry
Hair – Reija Brown by Tukinowaguma
Skin – LAQ
Poses by Body Talking

Julia and Julie

Next we have Kymsara wearing the extremely provacative Julia gown with a pewter and sterling finish. The fabric is tailored exqusitely to form, capturing the light and the shadow cast so perfectly across satin patterned fabric. The silk highlights continue as the sheer threads woven into this organza skirt are fluid with her every move. The over the shoulder collar is also sheer and swoops down to frame the deep plunging neckline. The same fabric is used as cuffs to the sterling stiched gloves, giving the entire gown an attratively complete finish.

Julia and Julie

Model & Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Julia Gown – NEW from Mohna Lisa Couture
Jewelry – Wish Emerald Ensemble by Finesmith Jewelry
Hair – UKA 687 by boon
Skin – Julie by LAQ
Shoes – Sydney Stilettos by SLink
Poses – Body Talking

MLC Yolanda

Last we come to the Yolanda Glittery Black gown from Mohna Lisa worn by Sequoia. This black full skirted bit of artistic mastery cannot be captured well by mere photography, it must be seen worn to be appreciated. Like the Erotica gown above, Mohna has woven his magic glimmer shimmer into the skirt. Do not wear this to any events where you are trying to remain unnoticed. The plume of this gown will sweep across the floor capturing all eyes. What is best is that it flows below the shimmer of the black satin rising to silhouette your magnificent form. There is a certain assymetry to the cut of the Yolanda Glittery Black which encouraged Sequoia to take some chances with this gown and wear some jewels and hair that might not be the most traditional for such a formal white tie event. The Ireth Chain Halo Headpiece and earrings from PurpleMoon available through L’accessoires are absolutely perfectly suited to the braided mesh locks from Elemental Hair that fall wonderfully off the open end of the assymentric collar.

MLC Yolanda3

Model – Sequoia Nightfire
Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Yolanda Glittery Black gown by Mohna Lisa Couture
Jewelry – :: PM :: Ireth Chain Halo Headpiece and earrings from PurpleMoon available at L’accessoires
Hair – Angie Mesh Hair Chocolate Brown by Elemental Hair
Skin – YOA Divine Spell

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