Go Vest!

Go Vest young avi . . .
Isn’t there a song about “Everything Old is New Again”? Trill Zapetero has a real gift for bringing old styles into fresh and delightful forms at Boho Hobo. I love what she has done with her NEW lineup of vests. Her Fringey Vest comes in a super selection of colours and patterns, so you are sure to find just the right match. The Unicorn Tapestry Vest is based on an actual tapestry, and is fantastically detailed. I love the simple elegance of the Black Lace vest and can see wearing this in more formal stylings as well as to add a dressy touch to casual outfits.The other items in this ensemble are all from Boho Hobo as well, including my favorite Schlumpy Hat! (Trill has such a way with names for her designs :)) Remember too that all sales of Boho Hobo clothing support Afghan women. Lindy must have been reading my mind as I put this outfit together she called to tell me about her newest boot design. These Harleigh Boots are now available at her NEW Location, Lindy’s Modern & Retro Shoes and, for a limited time, also at Fashion Limited (for an introductory 50% discount! You can thank me later for this tip.)
I highly recommend a visit to Analog Dog Island to check out Queue Marlowe’s latest Point B Styles, a totally new line, distinct from the traditional Analog Dog styles. You’ll see more here later but I am really liking her new Cray design!

And last but definitely not least — Mallory Cowen has just released an amazing new line of skins — LAQ Essentials. You are going to love these as much as I do. If you have been following our blog for a while you have no doubt observed that I a major fan of LAQ skins. I must note that this is my personal choice – not a subsidized plug. I have been wearing her skins since I came to SL and up until this release have thought nothing could ever beat the LAQ Glow Skin line. The Essentials though not only continue Mallory’s softly natural makeup approach but exploit the features of MESH by offering a spectrum of eye and lip colours as well as nose and mouth shapes, hair and cleavage options as tattoo layers! There are two wonderful sets at the NEW  LAQ Essentials  shop now, with a promise of more to come.

Go Vest young avi . . .

Wearing – Fringey Vest NEW from Boho Hobo; Shlumpy Hat, Silk Skirt & Wide Belt – also from Boho Hobo
Boots – Harleigh Tawny – NEW from Lindy’s Modern & Retro Shoes
Jewelry – Shark Attack from WTG Jewelry
Skin – Saga NEW from LAQ Essentials
Poses – Di’s Opera
On location Lighting by LumiPro

Go Vest young avi . . .

Wearing – Unicorn Tapestry Vest NEW from Boho Hobo; Silk Top – also from Boho Hobo
Hair -Cray NEW from Analog Dog

Go Vest young avi . . .

Wearing – Black Lace Vest NEW from Boho Hobo; Silk Top – also from Boho Hobo
Hair -Cray NEW from Analog Dog


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