Paris in the Fall!

Sparkling Blue IceI know, I know . . . the song says Paris in the spring! But, you have to love the latest fall releases from Paris Metro Couture. Fantastic colours, elegant design and what a joy to wear clothes that fit so very well, and are so meticulously made. This “Sparkle My Mini” gown actually is based upon a sparkling little mini dress which certainly is a head-turner on its own but, I was so enchanted by the flowing long skirt and those incredible arm scarves that I just had to activate some of my favorite DieselWorks poses to capture the movement. And the fun is not just for the studio! The slightest breeze, or most graceful dance, sets these elements into soft movement. With that in mind Tosy’s “Sails” ensemble from WTG Jewelry seemed the perfect accessory choice!Sparkling Blue IceWearing – Sparkle My Mini in Blue Ice NEW from Paris Metro Couture
Jewelry – Sails Ensemble – from WTG Jewelry
Hair – Schnapp NEW by Analog Dog
Skin – Essential Saga NEW from LAQ
Poses – DieselWorks
Lighting by LumiProA touch of fall in the airAnd Rose rfb Morpork didn’t confine her creativity to the ballroom this season. Head over to Paris Metro and see for yourself. Her fresh wool and knit ensemble with scads of options which includes a snuggly suede Biker jacket, will have you ready for that coming chilly weather in style. I love the plaid mini skirt, and the Adventure boots were a bonus surprise which come with the ensemble. The detail work in the cable sweater and scarf really must be seen to be fully appreciated. Also, check out the “Fallen” Ensemble from Amorous Jewelry. I picked this set up at the October L’Accessoires sale but didn’t get back from travel in time to blog then. Both Amorous and L’Accessoires are so worth visits as you put together your fall and winter wardrobes.

A touch of fall in the air

A touch of fall in the air

Wearing – Plaid Miniskirt, Adventure Boots, Rawhide Biker Jacket, Cable Knit Sweater NEW from Paris Metro Couture
Jewelry – “Fallen” Ensemble NEW from Amorous Jewelry
Hair – Romilly NEW by Damselfly
Skin – Essential Saga NEW from LAQ
Poses – DieselWorks

Windswept Leaves

And back we go to the ballroom! My first selfish thought when I saw this incredible Windswept Leaves Gown was, “I must get that styled and shot before Seq spots it!” (So sorry Sis!) I think Rose was really perceiving the fall breezes in her Paris Metro Couture design studio this season, and did such an amazing job of translating them into positively elegant gowns. I have already received the nicest compliments wearing this one to a dance evening. This latest jewelry ensemble – Circus Maximus – from Chop Zuey caught my eye right away, not only for its design, but it comes in Rose Gold, one of my most favorite RL jewelry choices. I think the colour is just perfect for fall, and Windswept Leaves.

Windswept Leaves

Windswept Leaves

Wearing – Windswept Leaves Gown NEW from Paris Metro Couture
Shoes – Sydney Stiletto by SLink
Jewelry – Circus Maximus Ensemble in Rose Gold NEW from Chop Zuey Jewelry
Hair – Rosetta by Damselfly
Skin – Essential Saga by LAQ
Poses – DieselWorks


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