Beauty of Noir

Noir Beauty from EVOLVE

I love Film Noir because it was such an influence to bring new an exciting roles to the screen for women. It was in essence the birth of the Femme Fatale and was even popularized in song describing the cool calculating demeanor of such women, “She’s filing her nails while they’re dragging the lake. Watching the Detectives.” I think it is fair to assume Bond girls owe a piece of their paychecks to those girls in the shadows of pulp novel pages and B&W film noir too. Reign Congrejo of EVOLVE, has managed to salute all of these movie stars with her new sultry series, NOIR BEAUTY.

Jeweled nails from +:+WTG+:+

Tosy Xue of WTG has also gotten into the act, recently releasing an exciting set of jewelry, Naga Raja”, that can add to that mystique of the wild sexy woman who is plotting with Dr Evil while entangling the secret agent 007 in her snare. The nail, earring and eyepatch set is a perfect match to the Noir Beauty dress and accentuates the cut and attitude so well. Hurry now, don’t be tooo late they will be waiting for you at the Baccarat table when you make your grand entrance.

Eyepatch **Naga Raja** from +:+WTG+:+

Wearing – NOIR BEAUTY DRESS S-3 from Noir series at EVOLVE
Jewelry – **Naga Raja** ear-pierce, eyepatch & jeweled nails from +:+WTG+:+
Hair – “Asami” (Type B)(Onyx) from “”D!va””
Shoes – GOSHI Pumps – Black by Mstyle
Skin – Livia by al vulo
Poses – NEW from Morgane Batista Poses

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