Finesmith Forward Fashion

Finesmith Bali and Shame

Last week I was trying on all the wonderful new colour selections of the NEW Bali mesh dress available at FINESMITH and I thought it a great opportunity to share the SHAMELESS jewelry set in black with the contrasting B&W version of the Bali, a hip hugging number sure to create envy. The new Bali gown comes with a colour-change floral attachment for the hips and collar which you can see featured at the FINESMITH blog. The SHAMELESS set arrived in the store back in April so is still a very new set to the FINESMITH collection.

Finesmith Bali and Shame

I changed poses for another close-up of the SHAMELESS jewelry set from Finesmith, so you could see the fabulous bracelet that comes with the set. You can see, in this different pose from Morgane Batista Poses, how well fitted the SHAMELESS is to the body slipping seamlessly across the sweetheart top of the Bali dress, the beads cascade so elegantly. It certainly would be a shame to pass up.

Finesmith Bali and Shame

Model/Photographer – Sequoia Nightfire
Wearing – Bali gown B&W from F I N E S M I T H
Hair – *TYRA4*/black from .:EMO-tions:.
Jewelry – SHAMELESS – Bracelet, Earrings, Necklace, Hair Ornament and Shoulder Adornments in Black from F I N E S M I T H
Shoes – Grace Sandal – Elegance Collection from [Gos]
Skin – Al Vulo
Poses – Morgane Batista Poses
Location shooting at BOSL Fashion Dome


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