About Kym & Seq

Welcome to the fashion blog of KymSara Rayna and Sequoia Nightfire. We are models in Second Life who seem to have been separated at birth. We often find ourselves arriving in similar styles, colours or moods so it was only a matter of time before we came together to share our similar “Notions of Style”. We will tend to focus on clothing and accessories, however we may stray into home style or fashionable furnishings from time to time. We hope you will find our postings worth the visit and that you will leave comments if you enjoy what you see.

KymSara & Sequoia


2 thoughts on “About Kym & Seq

  1. Dear KymSara,

    I am absolutely thrilled from your Photography.
    I am a private graphic designer (just for fun and nonprofit) and I am
    writing tutorials for Paint Shop Pro (graphic program).
    I would like to ask you for permission to use your Images on this site:
    for making Signtags,Blends,Graphics animations and letters
    for IncrediMail.
    What I can promise you is I am doing this just for fun
    and nonprofit.
    It is selfevident for me to place a Copyright advice including
    your Website Address.
    Of course in every tutorial in which I have used a your photos
    I will link your Banner and also to write to your Copyright.
    Here you can see how I give the copyright to original Artist:
    or here
    If You want , I send to You all my work , if i used your beautiful Photos
    and of course all my works , will bear your Copyright Information.
    I promise You , that I respect Your Copyright.
    I have already received permission from some Artists
    and I am very grateful for the trust and Permission.
    You can see the permissions here:
    Here is my Website http://www.bluefay-tutorials.de/bluefay/menue.htm

    I am looking forward to your estimated answer.

    Yours faithfully

    • Thank you very much for your kind comments Marzena. I am sending my permission via direct email so that you will have my direct contact information. kym

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