Ebony and Ivory : In Pefect Harmony

Fresh Desir!

Vivien Emerald ushers us into the spring fashion season with a spectacular series of gowns and costumes from DESIR Haute Couture that were designed for candidates in the Miss Virtual World competition. The Ashia Gown is a spectacular, strapless, layered design incorporating both light translucent layers and tone-on-tone silk for a dramatic and yet flowing look.
KymSara chose the noir (black) version of this gown and Sequoia the blanc (white).

DESIR White Ashia

Kym really like’s Yula’s innovative creation of a jeweled fascinator headpiece and the NEW Shameless Ensemble available from Finesmith Jewelry.

SHAME on me!

Sequoia chose a traditional pearl set from WTG called Pearly Shell to complement the Chinese Shena head piece which is included with the dress.

Ebony, Ivory , working together in perfect harmony !

DESIR White Ashia

Model – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Ashia Gown in black NEW from DESIR Haute Couture
Jewelry – Shameless Ensemble – NEW from Finesmith Jewelry
Hair – Asami by D!va
Skin – Alva by LAQ
Poses – PosESioN

Model – Sequoia Nightfire
Wearing – Ashia Gown in white NEW from DESIR Haute Couture
Headpiece – Chinese Shena head piece (included with dress) from DESIR
Hair – “Asami” (Type B)(Onyx) from “”D!va”” Hair
Jewelry- **Pearly Shell** bangle, ear pierces and necklace by +:+WTG+:+
Skin – Al Vulo
Poses – Morgane’s Runway – Michela sets 1 & 2 NEW from Morgane Batista Poses

All Photography by KymSara Rayna


Easter Sunday 1963 – Happy Easter !!!

Easter Sunday 1963
Wishing you all the best on this blessed holiday. Sequoia Nightfire

Model Photographer – Sequoia Nightfire
Wearing – Sandy Mesh Dress from ArisAris
Shoes – Sandy Shoes by ArisAris
Bag – funny Bag with handhold animation from ArisAris
Jewelry – Lara pearl necklace and earrings from SEQUOIASTYLE
Hat – Miss Cristal Hat w/Ties – Crimson (by Ayrton) from B&W Hats and Accessories
Hair – ~ Jitterbug Doll ~ Noir black from Ingenue
Skin – Al Vulo

Happy “Valenteens” Day

Happy Valentines Day

Reign Congrejo has assembled a new collection of fabulous dresses that glow with electricity and will make your Valentines day even brighter! The VALENTEEN series is a new mesh that is has the most lovely crumpled bell skirt rising to an exquisite top with cute off the shoulder cropped sleeves. Make your way to the new EVOLVE store and pick up a Valenteen of your own and you will feel prepared for any surprise evening your sweetheart has planned.

Happy Valentine's Day

Accessories were next on my list…i found these cute earrings Belle Roussel of Chop Zuey has out as a gift and added a valentine ring sent to me by RKT of Vintage Jewels….and of course while you are out shopping don’t forget the chocolate! You can never have enough of this necessary indulgence.

Happy Valentine's Day

Wearing – VALENTEEN 7 from the Valenteen series at EVOLVE
Hair – Rita (Black) from :::Fab-U-Lous:::
Jewelry – Love’s Coming Rd Heart Earrings from Chop Zuey and Valentine Platinum & Ruby ring by Vintage Jewels
Shoes – GOSHI Pumps – Black by Mstyle
Skin – al vulo
Poses – NEW from Morgane Batista Poses

Beauty of Noir

Noir Beauty from EVOLVE

I love Film Noir because it was such an influence to bring new an exciting roles to the screen for women. It was in essence the birth of the Femme Fatale and was even popularized in song describing the cool calculating demeanor of such women, “She’s filing her nails while they’re dragging the lake. Watching the Detectives.” I think it is fair to assume Bond girls owe a piece of their paychecks to those girls in the shadows of pulp novel pages and B&W film noir too. Reign Congrejo of EVOLVE, has managed to salute all of these movie stars with her new sultry series, NOIR BEAUTY.

Jeweled nails from +:+WTG+:+

Tosy Xue of WTG has also gotten into the act, recently releasing an exciting set of jewelry, Naga Raja”, that can add to that mystique of the wild sexy woman who is plotting with Dr Evil while entangling the secret agent 007 in her snare. The nail, earring and eyepatch set is a perfect match to the Noir Beauty dress and accentuates the cut and attitude so well. Hurry now, don’t be tooo late they will be waiting for you at the Baccarat table when you make your grand entrance.

Eyepatch **Naga Raja** from +:+WTG+:+

Wearing – NOIR BEAUTY DRESS S-3 from Noir series at EVOLVE
Jewelry – **Naga Raja** ear-pierce, eyepatch & jeweled nails from +:+WTG+:+
Hair – “Asami” (Type B)(Onyx) from “”D!va””
Shoes – GOSHI Pumps – Black by Mstyle
Skin – Livia by al vulo
Poses – NEW from Morgane Batista Poses

Skin Fair 2011 Gifts & Guide

#Skin blog JeSyLitO skin and red mint nails_002

Skin designers continue to astonish me! Skin Fair is always one of my fave events of the year. This year is no exception and i encourage a visit to each of the 46 designers stores just so you can see just how truly gifted these artists are that help us look so good. This year we should probably call Skin Fair 2011 the Year of the Tattoo Layer. Most designers are offering tatto layers for hairbases, eyebrows, freckles, moles, a myriad of makeups , lashes and lipsticks. Many places have them included with the skins and others are making them available separately. The number of combinations possible makes my head spin thinking of the multiple attachments with the new upgraded viewers.

Skin Fair 2011 gifts

Lipstick from one designer, eyeliner and eyeshadow from another the skin from yet another. I have had some success with this already and it is my hope that designers will all continue to work well with each other . If the gifts from the fair are an example then the possibilities are endless! All the pictures in this blog feature free gifts from Skin Fair 2011 (see the list below for details).

Skin Fair 2011 gifts

Today i took some notes on each of the designers stores and what is offered to give you a shopping guide. These are my first impressions and are not a complete picture of the designers work or what is offered. They are intended to help the casual shopper find their way to the places that might appeal to them most. Here is your limo: http://slurl.com/secondlife/VANITY%20UNIVERSE/85/128/24
Modavia Productions 3rd Skin Fair 2011 will run from February 20th to March 6th. Gates open Sunday, February 20th at 3pm slt.
WARNING: If you are wearing over 50 scripts you will be ejected from the sim. You may return but will continue to be ejected until you go below 50. Do your part for a lag free Skin Fair remove your scripted items before leaving home.

FLOORPLAN-skinfair2011-V8 (2_1)

Store Skin Types Demo Fee Gift Comments
adam n eve Women, Alternative/Costume. Men No Yes Interesting Chrome skin. Makeup kiosk as you enter store. Women’s gift on makeup counter
Al Vulo! Women Yes Yes Free skin and eyes gift.
Aleida Women No Yes Valentina limited edition skins special price (all skin tones), 5 pack makeup pack gift
Atomic Bambi Women, Alternative/Costume No No Special edition special priced Noir skin
Baiastice Women Yes No Makeup packs available sold separately
Belleza Women, Men No No Nicely appointed store all products on walls
Candy Doll Women No No Catering to mostly young girls and dollies
Chaisuki Women No Yes Lots of lashes options, Gift for both women and men
Cheer No Women, Men No No Lipstick and hairbase options available
Cupcakes Women, Alternative/Costume No No Some fantasy makeups
Curio Women No No Jasmine megapack has a nice assortment of Asian skins
Daring Body Beauty Women Yes No Selection of distinctively different skins
DeeTaleZ Women No No Lipsticks, Makeups & Lashes
Dream Ink Women No Yes Worth a look
dUTCH tOUCH Women No No Large variety of Eyeshadows and eyeliner packs available also lipstick pack, all sold separately
Eureka Women Yes No More natural looks with an Asian influence
Glam Affair Women Yes No 5 skin tones of one skin
Glance Women Yes No Eyeliner, and eyeshadow options, reduced price skin fair exclusives
Grixdale Women No No Nice selection of skin tones of skins with Asian influence. Funky fun nose band-aid packs only $30
hsh Women Yes No Sol-X Limited version ethnic black-lip and neck-tattoo skin at special price.
Idiosyncrasy Women, Alternative/Costume No No Some interesting makeups
IrEn Women, Alternative/Costume No No Makeup packs available sold separately
JeSyLiLO Women, Alternative/Costume Yes Yes Three free skins! Teeth tattoo and crying skins, not your typical skin store. Lipsticks and eyes sold seperately.
JM Mai Women, Men Yes No Skins and Shapes for teens
LAQ Women, Men, No No 7 skin tones available for one skin for women
Lara Hurley Skin Women No No exquisitely blemish free glow skins
League Women, Alternative/Costume No No Special Sia Wrecked skin and shape pack mascara runs and smeared lips
lelutka Women Yes No Nice lashes assortment
Lion Skins Women, Alternative/Costume Yes No Nice set of Gothic skins, Tattoo Makeups available
Maverick Design Women No Yes Free skin and shape. Gigantic faceshot posters give a clear idea what you are buying.
Mojo Women No No The have their MOJO working
MONS Women No No All skin packs include: blush tattoo layers, some additional lip colours, makeup colours and breast enhancement.
Mynerva Women No No $20 6 pack eyeliner tattoo layer, Best selection of body of Eyebrows, Lips, Dollydots, Freckles, Moles of the fair
Nikita Fride Design Women, Men, Alternative/Costume Yes No Mostly alternative/costume skins, some very nice decorative lashes available
PICO Skins & Shapes Women Yes No Cute youthful looking skins
PXL Creations Women Yes Yes $1 Teeth Bracers tattoo layer
(RED) MINT Women, Men, Alternative/Costume Yes Yes Fascinating makeup choices and skin colours for both men and women. Free welcome gift for women
red Queen [rQ] Women, Men, Alternative/Costume Yes No Best alternative/Costume skins at fair
Redgrave Women No No Avie pack which includes additional brow options, lipstick layers, hairbase, long nails, breast enlargers
Rozena Women Yes Yes Freebie 7 pack of lipstick tattoo layers. plenty of eyeshadow options available sold separately
Tellaq Women, Men No No Afro Ethnic avatar packs geared predominantly to men though has a couple women’s packs
Tuli Women No No Each skin shade pack includes: eyebrow colours, freckles, eye makeups, lipsticks, cleavage, lashes tattoo layers, and a shape.
UNIQUE Megastore Women, Men No Yes Free Eyes gift
Vassnia Women, Alternative/Costume Yes No Some real interesting makeup skin selections. All light and Asian skin tones
X*plosion Women No No Nice selection including freckled and lace mask skins
YOURSKIN & YOURSHAPE Women No Yes Skins come with many tattoo options for hairbase eyebrows, freckles and cleavage. Free skin gift includes several tattoo layers.

Skin Fair 2011 gifts

Picture #1
YS & YS Susan – Skin Fair2011 gift
Unique Megastore- gift eyes
(R E D) M I N T ~ (5) No.09 ~ M A N I C U R E

Picture #2
ALEIDA make-ups (kobolt & magenta)
Al Vulo – eliza vanity bronze gift skin

Picture #3
JeSyLiLo Skin Fair gift skin

Picture #4
Al Vulo – eliza vanity bronze gift skin
Al Vulo – Vanity eyes gift