Peachtree Southern Style

MW 1930s Styling Challenge - KymSara Rayna

Model’s Workshop is a wonderful gift to Second Life Fashion, an organization that promotes continuing education of models and photographers and a forum for the exchange of ideas. I have attended a few of the Photography workshops over time and enjoy the Monday evening chats sis coordinates. I had not necessarily considered and maybe I should more often, joining the Model’s Worshop Styling Challenge held on Wednesday evenings.

When I saw the announcement that the weekly challenge was a 1930’s theme, Neferia Abel’s latest release from Ivalde immediately came to mind. The Elvira Gown has such a refined gentility and I thought it might be a nice excursion into sharing something I have become quite familiar with styling. I was both honored and amazed at the end of the evening when the voting was concluded, that I won the styling challenge! It is always a treat to share Neferia’s designs.

Being from the south, I grew up to the stories of the well mannered and fashionable southern society. As I prepared, I was paused to ponder the many period photos I had seen of the ladies of Atlanta lined up in their fashionable post antebellum southern style along Peachtree and Forsyth Streets, anxiously awaiting the premiere of Gone with the Wind at Loew’s Grand Theater. That was 1939 and knew the Elvira Gown would suit the definitive look I had in mind.

As I explained to the Model’s Workshop audience, during the 30’s ladies from the south were letting their hair flow while “y’all up nawth were lopping it off” into finger curls. We also were still so very fond of our millinery, a woman of refinement would not be caught dead without a suitable hat for the occasion. However lovely we looked, there were the occasional gusty days no hatpin was large enough to keep our hats from also being “gone with the wind”.

MW 1930s Styling Challenge - KymSara Rayna(Close)

I just had to include the Emma hat, which matched both the era and my vision for the ladies of Atlanta 1930’s outfit and went extremely well with the flowing curls of the Bettie hairdo from Analog Dog. Sadly this particular piece of fine millinery from Elegance Hats is no longer available in Second Life. The good news is that one of the fine makers of vintage shoes, Enkythings, continues to offer a myriad of designs. The Sulaco open toe style shoes are a perfect depression era look and the Clara Pearl set in Golden picked up at +Aurora Borealis+ completed the ensemble beautifully. Thank you to all who attended and voted this ensemble the best styled of the evening. Y’all come back now ya hear!

Model/Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing Elvira Gown by Ivalde
Jewelry – Clara Pearls by +Aurora Borealis+
Hat – Emma by Elegance Hats (Designer left SL – no longer available)
Shoes – Sulaco by Enkythings
Hair – Bettie from Analog Dog
Skin – Nellie by LAQ
Poses by Diesel Works
Nails – Je Suis

For more information on the Model’s Workshop visit:


Pictures from an Exhibition: Georgia O’Keefe

At the Exhibition III

Today is the third in the exhibition series and what fun i have had doing it! Lady Thera has created some incredible dresses, gaining inspiration from paintings of some of the worlds greatest artists! This latest outfit, Georgia O’Keefe dress provoked the comment “what wonderful colours!” to my flickr posting. That simple comment set me to thinking about the migration of thought and creativity and the many hands each piece of art passes through to be reinterpreted by each who add their own personality. Georgia O’Keefe synthesized the colors she observed in nature through brush strokes on a canvas . Lady Thera found insiration from a painting to create the pixel fabric and form for this impressive gown. I merely recognized their creativity and captured an image to share. Well maybe not quite so simple, surely i exerted a little influence on how you see the images presented. I couldn’t resist a bit of experimenting;the gown is so light and ethereal that it wasn’t difficult to envision leaves floating on the breeze, as in the O’Keefe painting, and i hope i have been able capture at least a small part of vitality of the artist’s vision. ~kym

At the Exhibition III

Model/Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Georgia O’Keefe Dress and Hat by Lady Thera
Hair – Mia by Analog Dog
Jewelry – California Horn Earrings by Turnstyle
Shoes – Bare Jane by Stiletto Moody Shoes
Poses – Diesel Works

Making the Scene in a Silky Dream!

Goin' Clubbin' (3)

Faery Sola, Owner and creator of Studio Sidhe, has been expressing her incredible creativity for quite some time now in jewelry, poses and props, fantasy environments, and has even created a unicycle! When i saw her Limited Edition Leaf Cocktail Dress it was truly hard to believe she has never released a dress until now. This frock from Faery is such a dreamy design, executed in the lightest faerie silk and delicately trimmed with embroidered leaf patterns and a rose corsage at the the high waist.
My favorite is the tiered cocktail version, the long skirt and non-tiered cocktail length options, which are included, are also delightful. There are six luscious colors available all worth a serious look. To celebrate the release Faery is sponsoring a photo competition. For more information check her blog at

Model/Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Bronze Leaf Cocktail dress by Studio Sidhe
Hair – Mia by Analog Dog
Skin – April by LAQ
Jewelry – Falling Leaves by Earthstones
Shoes – Bare Brigitte by Stiletto Moody
Poses – Mirone

52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Green

52 Week Color Challenge - Green (2)

Luna Jubilee’s 52 Weeks of Color Challenge for this week was GREEN. Having worn a several seasonal Holly-Green outfits through holidays, I was pleased to see that the sample color swatch offered was more of a jade green. And even more pleased to find some lovely gowns at a newly discovered shop — Bella Donna on Rodeo Drive.

52 Week Color Challenge - Green (3)

Bella Donna owner and designer Bree Flanagan’s lovely Green Oriental gown really caught my eye from my arrival in the store. The color was right and the detail work, incuding the woven gold trim which follows the plunging neckline and deep cut back, adds an elegant finish to the shimmering floral Oriental silk.

Model/Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Green Oriental by Bella Donna
Hair – Joy by Analog Dog
Skin – Molly by LAQ
Jewelry – O2 Earrings by Finesmith
Poses – Perfection is Style

More 52 Week Color Challenge - Green (2)

I thought i was finished and was celebrating my shopping success when I spotted yet another beautiful silk gown in soft pastel shades of jade. I hope Luna will be fine with our submittal of two gowns to her challenge this week. It was terribly difficult to decide and the Coco Elegant dress was difficult to pass up.

More 52 Week Color Challenge - Green

Bree emphasizes soft femininity in the Coco Elegant design with a sheer waist sash and a nicely contrasting satin bodice in soft gold. I am delighted to present both of these gowns and to welcome Bella Donna to Notions of Style. ~ kym

Model/Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Coco Elegant by Bella Donna
Hair – Adena by Amacci
Skin – Molly by LAQ
Jewelry – Leaf by G Field
Poses – Perfection is Style

Business Class

Business Class

It’s business class all the way, with the emphasis on CLASS! another breakthrough style from L`Abel’s Fashion Week Collection. The Beautifully tailored lines of the Rondine dress, created by Neferia Abel, make it a perfect choice for that next business meeting, or perhaps a more casual get together with friends for a glass of Chardonnay and a chat. Nef has included some nice optional trim ac in this outfit including the padded shoulder pieces, contrasting pockets, and even a pair of kicky socks which coordinate nicely with the wool pattern of this most flexible little dress. A must for your fall wardrobe! ~ Kym

Skin – Julie by LAQ
Hair – Kelly by Analog Dog
Shoes – Essentials by Storm-Schmooz

Evening In My Peaceful Place

Evening in my peaceful place

KymSara has found the perfect setting to show the latest in Neferia Abel’s summer collection from L`Abel. The Dus Minidress is the perfect summer dress to show off that tanned skin from your afternoon at the beach. Intimate evening wear even? Perhaps a moonlight stroll to allow the caress of the moon to paint you lithely across the waves as you hold the hand of one who cherishes you? The Vintage Bead necklace and earrings from ABJ ~ Aurora Borealis Jewelry offers a nice complement to floral colouration of the dress. Kym’s hair is Cafe from Analog Dog and her skin April from LAQ.