Bedecked, Bejeweled and Bedazzled!


L’agence Bel’Lys Academy presented an incredibly impressive and delightful show to a packed house on April 17th from the Grand Theatre of Paris spotlighting the remarkable creations of some of SL’s most prominent and renowned designers. The Mascarade Couture Show echoed and drew inspiration from one of history’s greatest eras of fashion, the most elegantly defined court of King Louis XVI, in particular the wildly extravagant Marie Antoinette and friends. I must admit am a little biased however, because I not only contributed my Aurora Borealis designs to the show, as the featured jewelry designer, but was asked to audition and consequently invited as a runway model to show the incredible gowns of these designers. The Mascarade show was so well received that a second show is being presented today, May 13th, beginning at 1pm slt at the Grand Theatre of Paris. Special thanks to Morgane Batista and Sue Moonwall and all the models who wore my jewelry so well!!!

Venice Gown - Sucreries de Fairy (1)

To whet your appetite for the show we will give you a preview of two of the fabulous gowns you will see, beginning with fairyzette Sahara’s Venice Gown from Sucreries de Fairy. The Venice is a dazzling white brocade strapless design with a golden accent over-skirt, rows of gold beading following the bell curve of the long formal giving it wondrously regal and elegant look as you move.

Venice Gown - Sucreries de Fairy (2)

This outfit also includes a lovely lingerie set with matching gold stockings. The delicate Valentin Silver Face tatoo from White Widow emphasize the princess look of this ensemble. The necklace is included with the ensemble and the earrings I made special to match fairyzette’s design.

Venice Gown - Sucreries de Fairy (close)

Model – Sequoia Nightfire
Photographer KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Venice by Sucreries de Fairy (fairyzette Sahara)
Jewelry – Venice earrings by Aurora Borealis
Hair – Ribbon updo by Curio
Face tatoo – Valentin Silver from White Widow

Rialto Gown - Edika Creations (close)

Intrigue, mystery and glamour radiate from the intricate blue and gold detail of the Rialto costume by Edika (Kohime) Membert of Edika Creations. A grande entrance is assured with the spectacular cape, jewel encrusted headpiece, and the striking colours of the peacock plumage.

Without the cape, the deep cut of the gown reveals a seducive glimpse of decollette and a charming line to the low shoulder of the attached sleeves. and what could be more alluring than the delicate gold filigree embellishment or the simply elegant jewel which dangles from the perfectly framed headpiece !

Rialto Gown - Edika Creations

Hope you can attend the show today (May 13th) at 1pm slt, at Grand Theatre of Paris. If you do not land directly in the theatre but land on the ground at the hub, take the ferris wheel to the deck and click on the transport booth in the corner next to the invitation poster to arrive at the theatre. SLURL:

Model – Sequoia Nightfire
Photographer KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Rialto by Edika Creations (Edika (Kohime) Membert