Return to AlaFolie

Morning Glories and Violettes

It has been way too long since my last visit to AlaFolie. I was reminded of this when I spotted the AlaFolie shop at Vintage Fair 2012 last week. A look around at the lovely new designs there (and a few purchases later, including this Robe d’ete Violettes) and I was off to the main store! Of course I found some delightful things there too — but I digress. Pixi is doing some great things with mesh. This new dress comes with both mesh and sculpty options for the top, as well as a really pretty babydoll skirt variation. And you will love the variety of prints she has chosen to use with this design. I am always impressed with the lace details in AlaFolie creations. The lace motifs and the way they are integrated into the overall design add just the right delicate touch. Once again I found Lindy’s Kitten Heels to be a most comfortable addition, and a snap to adjust to the perfect color.  And, just down the way at the Vintage Fair I found PurpleMoon’s Coco sunglasses for the finishing touch. A perfect outfit for an early morning stroll around the flowered paths of Second Norway!

Morning Glories and Violettes

Wearing – Robe d’ete violettes NEW from AlaFolie for Vintage Fair 2012
Sunglasses – Coco NEW from PurpleMoon Creations for Vintage Fair 2012
Hair – Emilia by Amacci
Skin -Pamela by Orage Creations
Shoes -Kitten Heels by Lindy’s Modern & Retro Shoes
Poses – Mirone
On Location Lighting by LumiPro

Dreams of Clockwork Ponies

I have always been fond of carousels, especially the traditional ones with the authentic carved horses. This charming small carousel is just out back of the AlaFolie main shop and reminds me of a music box belonging to a great aunt, which seemed a bit of a dream maker to me. So naturally I couldn’t resist doing a shoot there with my lovely new Camille dress and Boots Moutarde from AlaFolie. Once again the synthesis of lace and silk in this new dress is just delightful! With a cutaway through the multiple layers that adds a saucy touch while dancing, and a comfortable free feeling while strolling about, this is going to be one of my very favorite go-to dresses. There are two other color variations and, I couldn’t decide among them. Pixi thoughtfully provided a discounted option for indecisive folks like me – so I came home with all three! Watch this space for more pics in the near future! And the boots! What a find! A lot of my AlaFolie dresses have had shoes included in the package so I was aware that Pixi did most lovely footwear. But now the shop includes a special boot selection that will definitely tempt you. My pick of these stiletto heel ankle boots with the side bow is but one of many choices, colours and textures available.

Dreams of Clockwork Ponies

Tosy Xue has just released his “Shark Attack” jewelry ensemble from WTG Jewelry. It seemed a bit fierce when I first opened it but, I really love the detail and the contrast with this dress. We can always count on WTG as a source of the most wonderful and out of the ordinary jewelry!

Dreams of Clockwork Ponies

Wearing – Camille by AlaFolie
Jewelry – Shark Attack NEW from WTG Jewelry
Nails – J:D – 02 by WTG Jewelry
Hair – Marie by D!va
Skin -Pamela by Orage Creations
Shoes – Boots Moutarde by AlaFolie
Poses – Di’s Opera
On Location Lighting by LumiPro


Summertime and the Livin’ Is Easy…

Summer Cream

Neferia Abel has released the very popular and much anticipated Part Two of the L`Abel Country Chic Collection to an very enthusiastic response. We are excited to be able to showcase a few of our favorites. The Country Chic Collection Part Two continues the theme set in the first collection of comfortable cotton cool summery fashion with a definitive southern country chic flavor. A full selection of separates and outfits which can be interchanged is sure to have something to suit both your fancy and your taste.

Summer Cream

Sequoia has chosen a few favorties to share. The crisp cream colored July Lace top, paired with the color matched Lana Cream leggings is a fresh and stylish casual outfit – perfect for most everyday summer activity including jaunts to town or a picnic at the lake.

Justa Dasha Raspberry!

For a slightly more dressy look you could pair up the Raspberry Dasha Tunic with the tailored Alicia white pants, a look that inspired her latest +Aurora Borealis+ jewelry creation — The Baccara set available now at the Designer Showcase.

Justa Dasha Raspberry!

KymSara’s favorite outfit from the new collection is definitely the Ella dress with matching bloomers. Feeling and looking every bit the southern country girl that she is, she strolls the colourful summer gardens of Ivalde comfortably cool in the cotton lace couture of the Ella outfit. Kym’s G Field Lace Up boots not only match well but are easy on her feet as she steps over the uneven terrain and with the summer heat bringing her hair off her neck was easy with a fresh new hair style – Cocomin, from LaLa Moon.

Summertime, and the livin' is easy . . .

Yes, its summertime and the livin’ is easy at L`Abel. Y’all come on down and see us real soon now, ya hear.

Summertime, and the livin' is easy . . .

Style Card

Model: Sequoia Nightfire
Wearing: July Cream Shirt & Lana Cream Leggings, L`Abel Country Chic 2 Summer Collection
Jewelry: Wanderer – Wood Medley set by League
Shoes: Little Diva flats from G Field

Model Sequoia Nightfire
Wearing: Dasha Raspberyred Tunic & Alica White Pants, L`Abel Country Chic 2 Summer Collection
Jewelry: +AB+Baccara Orchid set by +Aurora Borealis+ (NEW at Designer Showcase)
Hair: Liz – Natural Blond by Amacci
Shoes: Venus Sandals by VioMagic

Model: KymSara Rayna
Wearing: Ella Dress with Bloomers NEW from L`Abel Country Chic 2 Summer Collection
Hair: Cocomin from LaLa Moon
Necklace: Super Ladybug from Gems & Kisses
Shoes: Lace Up Boots from G Field
Skin: Molly by LAQ
Poses: Mirone

ALL Photogrphy by KymSara Rayna

Northern Lights Over the City of Light

Reflections of Aurora Borealis from the North Pole

JeanPierrot Hamelin, Curator of the Paris Metro Art Gallery recently premiered a new exhibit of RL Danish & Second Life Artist Betty Tureaud’s work entitled “North Pole”. In the exhibit the award winning Miss Tureaud experiments with the brilliant spectrum of colour and light of the Aurora Borealis. Rose (RFB Morppork), owner of the Paris Metro Art Gallery and designer of Paris Metro, took the opportunity to collaborate with Betty to create an unbelievable new dress to add to her Paris Metro Artist series. Rose has captured the colours and dynamics of the artist’s work beautifully in the truly inspired Betty Tureaud gown. The movement of the brilliant patterns and flow of the gown is as mesmerizing as natures brilliant display. This fabulous gown is available at Paris Metro for the duration of the exhibit with 50% of proceeds going directly to the to Miss Tureaud. The “North Pole” exhibit is something you must experience and i urge you to attend. Here is your taxi (click to SLurl) Paris Metro Art Gallery. Put your settings on midnight when you arrive 🙂

Reflections of Aurora Borealis from the North Pole

Model/Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Betty Tureaud Gown from Paris Metro Artist Series
Jewlery – Azul Back Neckalace & Triva Earrings by Finesmith
Shoes – Cassandra by SLink
Hair – Updo #1 by LAQ
Skin – Nelly by LAQ
Poses – Mirone

Ivalde is Back !!!

Spring is in the air!

Ivalde is back! After a total rebuild Ivalde has reopened with a new and historical Norwegian character. The sim is resplendent with natural wonders such as waterfalls and a fjord with a Viking ship and buildings representative of the home nation of owners Neferia Abel and Brumm Bricklin. Standing watch over the sim are monsters of lore such as a rock troll and sea serpent and there is even an occasional ghost sighting of Thora the mansion’s one time matriarch. The best news of all is that during the rebuilding process Neferia was devoting all her time to creating more masterful designs. Her opening day releases included gowns and dresses inspired by fashion eras from the full spectrum of the last century. And she continues even this week later to add even more!

All are so lovely it was hard to decide where to start, but it seemed appropriate to start with one of the earliest designs from the Regency period, the Constance gown. This gorgeous design is rich with luxurious detail, perfectly appointed to this era of elegant refinement, when even a stroll through the spring garden was a formal affair requiring a proper hat and, of course a matching parasol!

I would also have you take notice to what delightful things are on the horizon at +Aurora Borealis+, just a short pleasant walk thru the Norwegian countryside from Ivalde’s main store. The lovely Neferia Cameo set is so perfect with this gown. It is a preview of one of Sequoia Nightfire’s new designs available soon as she bring’s her renewed look once again to her main store on the Ivalde sim.

Spring is in the air! (close)

Model/Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – NEW Release – Constance Gown by Ivalde
Hair – Faye by Mirone
Skin – April by LAQ
Hat – Lady Delia by Hatpins
Jewelry – Neferia Cameo NEW from +Aurora Borealis+
Poses – DieselWorks

Making the Scene in a Silky Dream!

Goin' Clubbin' (3)

Faery Sola, Owner and creator of Studio Sidhe, has been expressing her incredible creativity for quite some time now in jewelry, poses and props, fantasy environments, and has even created a unicycle! When i saw her Limited Edition Leaf Cocktail Dress it was truly hard to believe she has never released a dress until now. This frock from Faery is such a dreamy design, executed in the lightest faerie silk and delicately trimmed with embroidered leaf patterns and a rose corsage at the the high waist.
My favorite is the tiered cocktail version, the long skirt and non-tiered cocktail length options, which are included, are also delightful. There are six luscious colors available all worth a serious look. To celebrate the release Faery is sponsoring a photo competition. For more information check her blog at

Model/Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Bronze Leaf Cocktail dress by Studio Sidhe
Hair – Mia by Analog Dog
Skin – April by LAQ
Jewelry – Falling Leaves by Earthstones
Shoes – Bare Brigitte by Stiletto Moody
Poses – Mirone

52 Weeks of Color Challenge : Plum

52 Weeks of Color Challenge - Plum

There were precious few Plum-colored items in my closet to respond to Luna Jubilee’s 52 Weeks of Color Challenge this week. Oh my, what to do? SHOPPING! I found a number of potential candidates but, even if i had not been seeking a specific color, i would not have been able to resist this Candlelight gown from G. Sloane Creations. It is so appropriately named, with an exceptional blend of the most luxurious velvet and satin and a contrasting reveal of midnight blue lace at the slightest movement! At just a bit longer that tea length, it is perfect for dancing, or merely looking spectacular under soft candlelight.

Photographer/Model – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Candlelight in Plum by G Sloane Creations
Skin – April by LAQ
Hair – Meredith by Calico Ingmann
Shoes – Pinup Pumps by Stiletto Moody
Poses – Mirone