Thor’s Hammer Falls Silent. . .

ivalde add 2011-3

Second Life lost one of its true fashion icons the last day of May, which sadly went relatively unnoticed. Ivalde Vintage Fashion, the shop which sustained the finest in Vintage Women’s clothes, from carefully researched inspirations, is now closed.

Neferia sept 2011Neferia Abel

Neferia Abel is a legend in SL Fashion, building an incredible collection of what one customer described as,“a very valuable living fashion history”. Angie Mornington of Fabulous Fashion on Treet TV said of her experience attending an Ivalde Fashion Show, “was like taking a visual walk through time”.

Fabulous Fashion - Angie & NefFabulous Fashion – Angie & Nef

Neferia’s designs were indeed derived from historical patterns, illustrations, films, and photographs and her textures were based often on actual fabrics and laces from the era she was designing. What most people were unaware of was that these fabulous clothes were all textured with paintings or drawings from the artist’s hand.

Ivalde-Live TV BroadcastLive Broadcast of Ivalde on Norwegian Network TV

Neferia’s artistry was not only acknowledged by SL, being asked to be the main guest of the second episode ever of Fabulous Fashion, but she was also being featured on a major Norwegian television network program. Ask some of the hosts of other SL TV programs and you will find they are serious customers of Ivalde. Neferia not only provided a full array of outfits that had depth and true style, but were modest and professional as well. Neferia has a love of her customers and those she worked with so much that it was unbearable for her to linger, so she went softly into the night. Ivalde Vintage Fashion clothes are still available on Marketplace, but it is not the same as the experience of shopping and getting the famous customer care from her “family” when visiting the store. That is just how it is with Nef, she not only created wonderful clothing but also a comfortable place where everyone felt at home.

Ivalde Vintage Fashion (1.28.11)Warm Hearts and a Warm Hearth

The sim of Ivalde was created from the imagination of Neferia’s husband, Brumm Bricklin, and was full of Norse Teutonic Myth and legend. KymSara Rayna captured the last sunset over the Ivalde sim where Thor the Thunder God stood watch from a mountain top. Even he could sense the passing of something special. The closing of Ivalde Vintage Fashion and passing of Neferia Abel’s presence in Second Life fashion could be compared to the silencing of her countryman’s hammer.

and Thor's Hammer Falls . . .Last Sunset over Ivalde

We would like to share some thoughts and memories of our time with our dear friends and family to give you a sense of our and Second Life fashion’s loss…

Ivalde Vintage Fashion (1.28.11)The First Home of Ivalde

It seems like only yesterday, not the over four years it has been, since when we Vintage Lovers would gather in the original wooden building. Things seemed simpler, gentler and moved much slower then. We would meet in the early evening around the Lucky Chair to share our adventures and compare notes on our fashions finds. Neferia’s latest releases always caused excitement across the grid.

Fabulous Fashion - Faces of IvaldeIvalde models posing for Fabulous Fashion TV

Ivalde never once advertised for model positions they were always filled by those who shopped there. Nef would on a very rare occasion ask one of her customers to join the Ivalde staff as a model. It was so rare because it was so very seldom any one would leave once hired. It was a thrill and absolute honour to be asked and a blessing to be part. The Ivalde staff was more like a family than a work team, we were sisters with an absolute love of vintage and could not have been happier than being at Ivalde. We really enjoyed sharing the amazing designs that Nef was creating, and loved being with each other. Our customers were family; all the models had their regulars, which we were excited to see and share not only the latest vintage designs, but to chat and get to know them personally.

MOD Girls in LondonSequoia, KymSara, Beulah, Ada, Eileen, & Fay

The staff of Ivalde was always on call to any of our customers whether we were in the store or not. That was by choice and out of loyalty to Nef, she never had us turn in time sheets or keep tabs of our time, we were family and we were there when she had new releases and gone to RL when we needed, no questions asked except out of care. She gave each of us a tag that truly exemplified how she felt about us, “Trusted Friend”.

Vintage Fair Opens today!Sequoia Baccara, & KymSara

Each of the models had their special place in her heart and each of us had a particular vintage that we all felt Nef did best and likely because we looked absolutely fabulous in that particular era. We had something really amazing there which may never be repeated and worth a look back at the people who made it special. In the course of five years only a dozen special ladies held the tag of Ivalde Model.

ashwyn collectionAshwyn Collection named in memory of Ashyn Pastorelli

Ashwyn Pastorelli was with us all too briefly. The very personification of the ‘blythe spirit,’ Ashwyn brightened the room, wherever she was, she loved to dance, loved people and brought her special style to our little family. Sadly she lost her long RL struggle with MS only a week before her wedding.

5.9.12pm_001Qyhat Harbour

Qyhat Harbour, was the first model coordinator, but in reality she was more a mother to all of us models, looking after us and being certain we had styled properly before getting on the stand, sometimes firmly, but always caring that we represent Nef and her designs well. She continues to offer her abilities in SL for the benefit of others with her many skills.

dreamingBeulah Mills

Beulah Mills was the top model and was our big sis and was the nurturer. Beulah was a hoot, and could always be counted on to lighten our mood with some odd avatar or toy; she moved on to RL over a year ago and is sorely missed.

beeJujuBee Klaar

JujuBee Klaar was the overnight model and kept us all on our toes mixing and matching and often with the wild hair to take us out of our comfort zone and make us stretch our imagination. She moved on from modeling to become a celebrated SL artist, marketing her own brand of textures, sculpture and paintings.

eileen villiersEileen Villiers

Eileen Villiers is so clever and was always busy with extra projects. When Eileen was not meddling, or looking so groovy in her 70’s getups, she could always be found tending her ever increasing brood of breedable chickens and then it was on to bunnies. I always found that funny, it was as if she was breeding a supply of food, because her other avatar was a Tiny Fox.

KymSara RaynaKymSara Rayna

KymSara Rayna was there when the sim was picked up this week; she remained a steadfast model for over four years. A Renaissance woman she is a musician and artist. She has shown and sold several of her quilts which she sewed in RL through SL. Currently she is an award winning photographer receiving accolades from RL artists for her virtual images. Her flickr addiction has made her the perfect blogging partner to her sister Sequoia.

Sequoia NightfireSequoia Nightfire

Sequoia Nightfire came after KymSara to Ivalde and never sat still. Her Aurora Borealis jewelry was featured on the Ivalde sim, she is a top model, teacher and mentor and Academy Director for Mimmi Boa Modeling Academy. Her gridwide hunt “Peace On Earth” is entering its fifth year. She just finished with her Top Model Event Colour of Couture and finds plenty of charitable events to get involved in. Sequoia now blogs and has a nice following with her sister KymSara in their “Notions of Style” fashion blog.

fay rhodesFay Rhodes

Indefatigable, Fay Rhodes, also always had several irons in the fire. In addition to her ready wit and willingness to explore any and all styling challenges she was a poplar DJ with a loyal following. She now is making shoes for all vintage lovers to enjoy.

Ada HoobinooAda Hoobinoo

Then there is little sis, Ada Hoobinoo, who owned her own SL modeling agency and mall which she coordinates between her college studies.

Back to BerlinMadison Talon

Madison Talon who now is deeply involved in the Swing Times era sim and is hostess and owner of Club Noir, the best 40’s era club ever to be in SL. Her previous venture “USO 1940’s Club” was the first WWII era club in SL. She continues to hold special events with 40’s or WWII themes on request.

Baccara RhodesBaccara Rhodes

Then last year came Baccara Rhodes, who actually arrived long before any of us. She joined SL in its infancy and was even the subject of a feature for CBS News about Second Life. Her wedding planning business in SL is famous for holding the only wedding event that Philip Linden ever attended. Baccara joined us to try and manage a monumental task to keep Neferia free from the worry of doing anything but creating new designs. She succeeded entirely in what she came to do, but when Nef’s RL became even more demanding time became the ultimate enemy of our favorite designer.

ElaraGloriana ScabblebatElaraGloriana Scrabblebat

Last to join the family was our dear little sister ElaraGloriana Scrabblebat who raised our spirits whenever she was around, even if it was ever so briefly toward the end of the Ivalde era. In my picks I have a quote from her, “in my philosophy we all have a belief system or BS, and so knowing we all have our own BS, i am patient since i know not everyone’s BS jives with mine ;)”. Elara is a builder as well as model and has a very bright future ahead for herself in SL.

A Red, White & Blue Kinda Day!Our USO Poster

As one can see a lot of talented ladies with very diverse interests were in full support of Neferia Abel and still managed to have a full productive SL. The growing and development of those interests and abilities was directly influenced by the vision of Neferia to provide a nurturing creative environment.

Nef was fond of that Chanel quote, “Fashion fades but, style is forever.” Thank you to all who carry the love of Neferia Abel forward, I am sure that we will still see plenty of Ivalde designs at Vintage affairs around the grid for a long time to come. We are saddened by the closing, but richer for the experience of being a part of the Ivalde family.

Andrews Sisters - LIVE!Andrews Sisters – LIVE!

**This article is reprinted by permission from an article published in the June 2012 edition of Retropolitan Magazine written by the authors of this blog. You can visit Retropolitan Magazine online at

Ivalde and L`Abel Creations of Neferia Abel Online [click bold names to link]

Official Ivalde Website

Ivalde Vintage Fashin outfits still for sale at Marketplace

Ivalde on Flickr Ivalde Group Pool

Ivalde Vintage Fashion on Flickr Ivalde Vintage Fashion

L`Abel Fashion on Flickr L`Abel Group pool


Retro is back . . . hmmm is that redundant?

Fab 50's Barbies!

It seems that recently some of our favorite designers have been picking up inspiration from past decades. We even saw a great new sim, Spyderville, spring up with a completely fifties theme. That’s where we found these groovy Barbie boxes. Sadly, it is disappearing almost as quickly as it rezzed. But the timeless styles of the era continue. Neferia Abel continues to amaze us with her fastidious study of vintage era fashions, and her finely crafted vintage dresses. Sequoia is wearing one of her favorites, the Katinka, a recent addition to the Ivalde Fifties Collection. Kym is showing a brand new offering, the ChaCha dress, from PurpleMoon’s Vintage collection. With all crinolines and florals these designs capture the fashion spirit of the 1950’s, but can also be perfectly compatible with a trendy summer party today.

Barbies - Outta the box!

I’d call your special attention to the fabulous NEW Blossoms Earring & Bangle set, which Seq made for me to go with this special dress.! It is available at Aurora Borealis. (Mention my name :))

NEW from Aurora Borealis!

Sequoia is wearing – Katinka pink from Ivalde Vintage Fashion 1950 Collection
Hair – Scarlet Semi-Updo from Pocket Mirrors
Shoes – Ribbon Slingback shoes from G Field

KymSara is wearing – ChaCha Dress – NEW from PurpleMoon Creations Vintage Collection
Jewelry – KymSara Blossoms Earrings & Bangles NEW from Aurora Borealis
Hair – Yara v1 – from CaTwA
Shoes – Absinthe by Nardcotix

On Location Lighting by LumiPro

And, with yet another echo from the fabulous fifties set in 1958 the film and play, “Grease” . . . PurpleMoon’s Sandy Dress. A sure hit at the drive-in or your favorite dance venue, or an evening cruise down Sunset Strip with the top down on the cherry red Corvette! Just to show how this lovely vintage offering can work for a current look, I’ve accessorized with jewelry from Finesmith and a most trendy pair of Fay’s Shoes’s Roxanne strappy heels!

Relivin' the fifties

Wearing – Sandy Dress in Cherry NEW from PurpleMoon Creations Vintage
Jewelry – Trivia Earrings & Swirl BRacelet from Finesmith Jewelry
Nails – Rave Reds from Finesmith Jewelry
Hair – Lolwa by CaTwA
Shoes – Roxanne from Fay Shoes
Poses – Morgane Batista Poses Shop

Vintage and Retro – Always in Style!

Dreaming of Spring!

Things have seemed relatively quiet around Ivalde since the big flurry of activity around the Advent Gifts. The store has had a bit of a face lift, and Neferia is beginning to release some stunning designs inspired, as always, from her meticulous study of period fashion. She surprised us in the bleak mid-winter, with a look to spring and a delightful little Fifties frock – the Roseann –  in a  fresh bouquet of pastel chiffon.Just the thing to brighten your spirits while waiting for the snow to melt! Sequoia took one look and went to work designing a matching jewelry set. Her Roseann Floral Pearls are available at Aurora Borealis, just across the island from Ivalde.

Dreaming of Spring!

Model – Sequoia Nightfire
Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Roseann pink Dress NEW from Ivalde Vintage Fashion 1950 Collection
Hair – Posh-A-Browns by ICONIC
Jewelry – Roseann Floral Pearls NEW from Aurora Borealis
Shoes -*GF* Ribbon Slingback Shoes by G Field
Skin – LAQ
Poses – Morgane Batista Pose Shop

Sixties in Sequins

The latest addition to the Sixties Collection at Ivalde is the Elsa, a sillouette-hugging, sequinned cocktail dress with the classic stand up collar. Available in six jewel tone colors, this stunning number is turning heads at SL’s popular jazz clubs.

Model & Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing -Elsa Sequin Dress NEW from Ivalde Vintage Fashion 1960 Collection
Glasses – Dorothy Cateye by PurpleMoon
Hair – Mochi by Analog Dog
Skin – April by LAQ
Shoes – Pinup pumps by Stiletto Moody
Poses by Morgane Batista Pose Shop

The Upstairs Room

From the Sixties back we go to the Thirties with an exquisitely detailed dress named in honor of Gina Ventris, the winner of the recent Black Magic Styling Competition**. The Gina combines a rich deep velvet full skirt with a subtle floral-patterned silk top and matching bow at the low cut back. While clearly this gown reflects a high fashion thirties origin, it is equally appropriate for that special evening at SL’s trendiest ballrooms.

The Upstairs Room

Model & Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Gina Gown NEW – From Ivalde Vintage Fashion 1930’s Collection
Jewelry – Floral Ensemble NEW from WTG Jewelry
Hair – Labonya by Damselfly
Skin – Molly by LAQ
Poses by Avante
On Location Lighting by LumiPro

** In addition to all the wonderful vintage and retro designs from Ivalde, you might want check out their opportunities to participate in styling contests and win prizes such as Gift Certificates and a new outfit named for you!

Winter Blues? Blame It On Mame

Winter Blues

Looking for that perfect winter gown with a flourish then direct your sleigh to Ivalde Vintage Fashion. This bit of satin yumminess called Gilda is 50% off for a limited time. Also available in red and green to fit your holiday theme and of course a passionate purple and black as Rita Hayworth wore in that fantastic scene from the movie Gilda

While you are there at Ivalde sign up for their group and collect the almost two years worth of group gifts and if that wasn’t enough! Pick up the remaining Advent gifts daily. Each day Neferia puts one fully priced dress to sell for FREE as part of her Ivalde Vintage Fashion Advent Hunt. All you need do is follow the clue or find the vendor with the snowflake. Clues are placed daily in a Christmas package located in the group member room.

Winter Blues

Model/Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Gilda Gown NEW from Ivalde Vintage Fashion
Jewelry – Midnight Pearl Teardrop by Alienbear Designs
Hair – Jessica by Amacci
Skin – Alva by LAQ
Shoes – Bare Marilyn by Stiletto Moody
Poses – DieselWorks

L`Abel “Everything 75% Off Store Closing !!!”

an evening at the old Forrest Theater
Photo courtesy of KymSara Rayna

The exquisitely designed and fashion forward looks of L`Abel by Neferia Abel will soon be gone from Second Life forever and now is the time to gather all of the exceptional tailored and textured ready to wear items for a song! Separates priced as low as 10 lindens and nothing more than 99, including her most fantastic gowns or seasonal ensembles!

Mimmi Boa wears  l'abel "Oline"
Photo courtesy of Mimmi Boa

Nef wants to be certain every fashion conscious woman of style is able to get these beautiful outfits, which she hand drew to give such rich realistic texture and depth. Everything in the store at L`Abel is 75% off what were originally very affordable prices.

MFW 2011 L'Abel
Photo courtesy of July Raymaker

Our very dear friend has for such a long time been trying to accomplish the superhuman task of maintaining two brands, one her exciting vintage collections at Ivalde and the other her contemporary fashion forward designs at L`Abel. She has decided after much heartfelt thought that it was time to make a choice and let go of L`Abel. Which although sad is a good thing for the bargain seekers, and oh my is it ever!

L'Abel ~Summer Collection ~Farmgirl
Photo courtesy of ElaraGloriana Scrabblebat

Come take a look at all the L`Abel designs and you will surely leave with several overflowing shopping bags to complete your wardrobe for any season!
Scene at the Museum
Photo courtesy of Sequoia Nightfire

You can find all of these sensational looks at L`Abel

Peachtree Southern Style

MW 1930s Styling Challenge - KymSara Rayna

Model’s Workshop is a wonderful gift to Second Life Fashion, an organization that promotes continuing education of models and photographers and a forum for the exchange of ideas. I have attended a few of the Photography workshops over time and enjoy the Monday evening chats sis coordinates. I had not necessarily considered and maybe I should more often, joining the Model’s Worshop Styling Challenge held on Wednesday evenings.

When I saw the announcement that the weekly challenge was a 1930’s theme, Neferia Abel’s latest release from Ivalde immediately came to mind. The Elvira Gown has such a refined gentility and I thought it might be a nice excursion into sharing something I have become quite familiar with styling. I was both honored and amazed at the end of the evening when the voting was concluded, that I won the styling challenge! It is always a treat to share Neferia’s designs.

Being from the south, I grew up to the stories of the well mannered and fashionable southern society. As I prepared, I was paused to ponder the many period photos I had seen of the ladies of Atlanta lined up in their fashionable post antebellum southern style along Peachtree and Forsyth Streets, anxiously awaiting the premiere of Gone with the Wind at Loew’s Grand Theater. That was 1939 and knew the Elvira Gown would suit the definitive look I had in mind.

As I explained to the Model’s Workshop audience, during the 30’s ladies from the south were letting their hair flow while “y’all up nawth were lopping it off” into finger curls. We also were still so very fond of our millinery, a woman of refinement would not be caught dead without a suitable hat for the occasion. However lovely we looked, there were the occasional gusty days no hatpin was large enough to keep our hats from also being “gone with the wind”.

MW 1930s Styling Challenge - KymSara Rayna(Close)

I just had to include the Emma hat, which matched both the era and my vision for the ladies of Atlanta 1930’s outfit and went extremely well with the flowing curls of the Bettie hairdo from Analog Dog. Sadly this particular piece of fine millinery from Elegance Hats is no longer available in Second Life. The good news is that one of the fine makers of vintage shoes, Enkythings, continues to offer a myriad of designs. The Sulaco open toe style shoes are a perfect depression era look and the Clara Pearl set in Golden picked up at +Aurora Borealis+ completed the ensemble beautifully. Thank you to all who attended and voted this ensemble the best styled of the evening. Y’all come back now ya hear!

Model/Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing Elvira Gown by Ivalde
Jewelry – Clara Pearls by +Aurora Borealis+
Hat – Emma by Elegance Hats (Designer left SL – no longer available)
Shoes – Sulaco by Enkythings
Hair – Bettie from Analog Dog
Skin – Nellie by LAQ
Poses by Diesel Works
Nails – Je Suis

For more information on the Model’s Workshop visit:

Joan is Fashionably Late!

Joan is Fashionably Late!

Joan has definitely chosen well to be Fashionably Late… Keira Seerose of Chic Management has recently opened a new sim where she is hosting a NEW weekly event called Fashionably Late. The event highlights guest designers who will offer NEW and EXCLUSIVE items at the Fashionably Late venue for one week. Participant designers may offer these special items in their stores after the event but they will go to full retail price, so the savvy fashionista will want to visit Fashionably Late each week to pick up the specially priced items. This week Joan from Ivalde is avalable for only 99 lindens as part of the Fashionably Late event.

Joan is Fashionably Late!

Neferia Abel has created a very special brocade pattern just for Fashionably Late. Joan is one of my personal favorite dresses, and this edition is no exception. Joan, while retaining that vintage feel is perfectly current for that unique dressy look, featuring a trim bolero jacket and custom pleated to form skirt. I wanted to have a contemporary up-to-date look so i went with brand new Serenity Heels from Purrfect 10, Tosy Xue’s Kaleidoscope earrings and bracelet from WTG, and JeSuis Naive nails in silver. Keeping with the modern and realistic theme, i chose Caitrin style hair from Exile. The NEW line of Roots Hair Styles have created quite a bit of excitement and i am definitely a fan. As the name suggests, they feature a shaded option in contrasting color for an amazingly realistic appearance. Of course if you are not inclined to show your roots, you can choose the main color

Joan is Fashionably Late!

The designs and invited designers at Fashionably Late will change each week, beginning at 4pm SLT on Sunday and will close on the following Sunday at approximately 9am SLT. TP to the Fashionably Late weekly event HERE

Model/Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Joan Dress by Ivalde for Fashionably Late
Jewelry – Kaleidoscope collection by WTG
Hair – Caitrin Roots by Exile
Shoes – Serenity Heels by Purrfect 10
Skin – Molly by LAQ
Nails – Je::Suis Naive
Poses – Glitterati

The Vintage Advantage

Hello Dolly!

Neferia Abel, designer of Ivalde Vintage Fashion and L`Abel has such incredible designs inspired by her personal research of fashion photography, magazines & films, patterns and fabrics from nearly every fashion era since the birth of Haute Couture. There has been a flow exquisite pieces from several historic periods in fashion history since the Ivalde sim was rebuilt to reflect the comfortable surroundings of her native Norway, and we are delighted to share some of these fabulous designs with you. Let us take you now on a journey from Disco to Go-Go.

Hello Dolly!

First up on our itinerary Sequoia is wearing a lovely silk dress that is already destined to become a season favorite for 2011. The Dolly dress is inspired by the shimmery glam disco dresses of the eighties with a timeless attractiveness that will keep it in the spotlight well into the future. This figure hugging gown communicates a sexy sublime elegance, with only the minimal need for further accessoriies.

Ivalde Toril

The Toril Pantsuit from the 70 decade, is a unique period design that can be dressed up or down, depending on your mood and the occasion. Sequoia has chosen a more alluringly sophisticated approach, coming in hot, hot, hot coiffed in her fiery copper Maryam hair from CaTwA and her scorching SEDUCTION XtremeHeel “Galaxy” sandal heels from N-Core.

Ivalde Toril

One of Ivalde’s all-time favorite suits, the Joan, inspired by stlized office wear of the eighties, is back again with a fresh update.

Joan, from the 80's (close)

KymSare looks thoroughly professional, and the Joan has just the look for that interview, or presentation or dinner with someone special. the cropped jacket , contrasting bow and matching wide waist band are indeed reminicent of the 80’s while presenting a sharp fashionable appearance for today’s professional woman.

Joan, from the 80's

And finally, we can say for certain when you shop Ivalde you will see Nef has covered all the dance floor options! From the 60’s we complete our Disco to Go-Go tour with KymSara in the kicky little Gemma dress ! Pull those skin tight white boots out of storage and find those contrasting shades and you are good to Go-Go!

Gemma-a-go-go (2)

Style Cards

*All photography by KymSara Rayna

Model – Sequoia Nightfire
THE 80’s
Wearing – Dolly from the Ivalde 1980 Collection
Shoes – Xandri Disco silver shoes by SHINE
Skin – LAQ
Poses – Body Talking

THE 70’s
Wearing – Toril Pant-suit from the Ivalde 1970 Collection
Shoes – SEDUCTION XtremeHeel “Galaxy” by N-Core
Hair – Maryam Hair from CaTwA
Nails – Takara Nail/Gold from MANDALA
Skin – LAQ
Poses – Body Talking

Model – KymSara Rayna
THE 80’s
Wearing – Joan Suit from the Ivalde 1980 Collection
Skin – Emma Sunkissed by Tuli
Jewelry – Clara Tahitian Black Pearl Earrings from Aurora Borealis
Poses – Mirone

THE 60’s
Wearing – Gemma Dress from the Ivalde 1960 Collection
Hair – #132 by W&Y Hair
Skin – Emma Sunkissed by Tuli
Earrings by Gems & Kisses
Sunglassees – Butterfly by GOS
Boots – Tall Patent by Stiletto Moody
Poses – Diesel Works

Natural and Native

Farmer Girl by L`Abel

Crisp, fresh, demure and playful; all adjectives to describe Neferia Abel’s recent release, Farmer Girl bloomer set , part of her Casual Chic Collection featuring natural woven fabrics found at L`Abel . Both casual and fun, Nef did not spare any expense or detail weaving in an elegant touch of Belgian lace trim to raise this ensemble into the category of dressy summer attire. The versatility of opportunity to wear well into any summer event is such a delightful feature.

Pochahontas Jewelry by Chop Zuey

I added an aesthetically pleasing touch of colour with a selection of Chop Zuey Couture Jewelry that is both natural and native. The latest Pocohantas jewelry set features wrapped and braided rawhide with turned and polished natural turquoise beads. Chop Zuey is new to Notions of Style, and you will no doubt be seeing more of Belle Roussel’s fine jewelry creations in the future.

Farmer Girl by L`Abel

Belle also has something special brewing called “The Search for Miss Chop Zuey Summer 2011”, with an impressive list of prizes for the winners. Details and an entry form, and one of the largest collections of fine jewelry on the grid awaits you! Hurry to her main shop at Chop Zuey!

Model – Sequoia Nightfire
Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Farmer Girl white bloomer set by L`Abel
Jewelry – Pocahontas Earrings & Necklace by Chop Zuey
Hair – Liz ~ Natural Blond by Amacci Hair
Shoes – Jolie Pied Achillia Gladiator Silver by SLink
Poses by Behavior Body

Country Chic: Florals

Country Chic - Summer Pantsuit - NEW! from L`Abel

The excitement continues at Ivalde and L`Abel as the word of the special new L`Abel Country Chic Summer Collection splashes on the fashion scene like a beautiful sun shower offering refreshment for the body and soul. Cool comfortable lace, ruffles and florals are the order of the day this summer fashion season. We have already highlighted a some of the lace frosted and hemmed confections of this collection, now let’s have a look at two of the delightful florals.

Counrtry Country Chic - Summer Pantsuit - NEW! from L`Abel

Seq predictably grabbed the Summer Pantsuit in seagreen floral print and is stunning and at ease in the knee length loose-fitting pants and layered strapless top. The picture hardly does justice to any of the Country Chic Collection you must see the impeccable detail to really appreciate ! Tosy Xue really seems to be on a roll creatively as his nails most often are the manicure of choice, this time Seq is wearing the Magna Mater in platinum from WTG. Ever alert to spot a special exquisitely made jewelry design, Sequoia also discovered a wonderful bracelet called Friendo at The Hive when she was buzzing the grid. Of course she bought the necklace too but will save that for another time 🙂

Model – Sequoia Nightfire
Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Summer Pantsuit in SeaGreen- NEW! from L`Abel
Skin – Najeenda Pale from Deesse’s Skins
Hair – Sara Hair – Wheat from CaTwA
Jewelry – Friendo bracelet from The Hive
Nails – Magna Mater platinum by WTG
Shoes – SLink Jolie Pied Achillia Gladiator Silver from SLink
Poses – Glitterati

Moonlight becomes her . . .

As you may have already guessed, when it comes to florals Kym would seek the sweetest and loveliest flowing full skirted dress. Savanna features all the summery hues of pink, purple and blue that are certain to capture the attention of the entire garden grid. Cool comfort is a bonus feature of this lovely dress. It moves with the softest summer breezes to reveal the delicate Belgian lace underskirt. This, of course, was the perfect excuse for Kym to run to Hatpins for a new summer hat to match! (as if she really needs an excuse!) Reghan Straaf always has a super selection of vintage inspired hats which work beautifully with actual period dresses or as a special finishing touch to todays most modern ensembles. It was a challenge to decide, but the Lady Zarah seemed a perfect choice for a midnite stroll in the meadow.

Moonlight among the Foxgloves

Model/Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Savanna Dress – NEW! from L`Abel
Hair – Evi by Maitreya
Skin – Emma by Tuli
Hat – Lady Zarah by Hatpins
Poses – Glitterati