FIERA SAVIAD Spring Fashion Fair OPENS

fiera officialThe SAVIAD group is honoured to invite you “FIERA/Blooming Spring Fair” which will be held from March 15th to the 31st.
The event with themed NEW releases from the Best Designers in SL, SAVIAD FIERA Spring Fashion Fair is open and there are all sorts of gorgeous things to tempt you – all the designers at the fair have released exclusive items that will only be available during the event! And there’s an amazing give-away planned as well!

One lucky Winner will have the chance of winning a box with the exclusive releases from ALL the event sponsors: sYs, Gizza, Gabriel, Dead Dollz, HMEAM, Azul, LPD, Elysium, Sonatta Morales, Zibska, Pure Poison, and Lybra!!!!!!

To have a chance to win this HUGE Prize all you have to do is join the SAVIAD in world group, and then click on the Giveaway Board at this location.

Winner will be announced on 31 March.

SAVIAD FIERA event is spread over 3 connected sims for a with a wonderful array of exclusive selections only available during this event at each of the shops participating.

GREENHOUSE GARDEN SIM by soraya Vaher (Violator)

WHITE GARDEN SIM by Mila Tatham (Solidea Folies)

OBSCURE GARDEN SIM by Aliza Karu (AD Creations)


CW Celestina Wedding, IceWater, ROMANCE COUTURE, Artizana Ethnic Couture, Chocolat, AVALE, DEESSES SKINS, ! -slouch- poses, Ghee, Delirium Style, Xen’s Hats, Boudoir.

BSD, Living Imagination, Poseison Pose, Wicca’s Wardrobe, Silken Moon, Natzuka, Poseway, MUA, BAOBA, White Widow, StyLux, Tissu PiCHi, Blackliquid, Desir, Sascha’s Designs, Nailed It, Orsini Red, N1CO, Loovus Dzevavor, Countdown, Amarelo Manga, Swallow, BLacklace, A Gata Moura, Lyrical Bizarre and Finesmith.

EVENTS Calendar

Saturday March 15th
FIERA/Blooming Spring Fair 2014 Official Opening

Friday March 21th
FIERA/Blooming Spring Fair 2014 Tiger Alley Opening with Special Guests Artists

Saturday March 22th 2pm slt
Sponsors Fashion Show produced by Kabuki Boutique

Thursday March 27th
FIERA/Blooming Spring Fair 2014 Bloggers Contest Winner Announcement

Sunday March 31st
FIERA/Blooming Spring Fair 2014 Closing Party & GiveAway Winner Announcement

Mila Tatham/Soraya Vaher/Aliza Karu
Natzuka Miliandrovic/COO
Bodza Mubble/Manager




Let’s get together and feel alright…

Let's get together and feel alright

Sascha Frangelli of Sascha’s Designs has put out three fabulous dresses all for only 60 lindens this weekend but you have to hurry to get them before she picks up Monday morning. I decided on the sexy casual mesh Dora Choco Dress to match up with a pair of the special featured Tamara High Heels Leather Boots that Miamai is offering at L’accessoires this cycle.

Let's get together and feel alright

It was an easy choice to toss on this very stylish knit Ariadna Beret from B&W Hats, the Chestnut is such a perfect hue to tie together with the addition of the amazing FZaPP stand alone mesh belt. One Love, One Heart All came together and I feel alright!!!

Let's get together and feel alright

Model – Sequoia Nightfire
Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – SAS – Dora Choco Dress (S) Mesh from Sascha’s Designs 60 Linden weekend special price!
Hat – B&W – Ariadna Beret v.2 -Chestnut – MESH B&W Hats at L’accessoires
Nails – :: PM :: Metallic Bark Brown Nails by PurpleMoon Creations
Jewelry – Nabila bracelets and earrings from Angel Dessous
Boots – Tamara High Heels Leather Boots from Miamai at L’accessoires

Elegant Ensembles Part II

Sascha Zephra -  Full Ball Gown Variation

Part two of my Elegant ensembles post begins with a beautiful pose and focus on the exquisite J.D-2 ensemble from the creative mind of tosy Xue. WTG has offered many wonderful sets in the past year and this may be the crown jewel. Not only is the J.D-2 ensemble a perfect set to play off the Zephra, but the ensemble options give nearly as much variety, all re-sizable, the ensemble includes choker and necklace styles which can be attached to either spine or chest to enable you to work easily with all clothing attachments, as well as beautiful bracelets for either or both arms, and the most finely detailed earpieces. Exquisite fit and such elegance, the bracelets are such a striking accent to wear over the the soft full length gloves.

Sascha Zephra -  Full Ball Gown Variation

The full ball gown variation can be fabulously trimmed in a sheer shawl surrounding the bare shoulders and a hat of the same light material woven into this terribly chic matching hat. Sascha Frangelli has really created the all in one formal ensemble in the Zephra : the perfect little black cocktail dress, to the full ballroom gown with accessories including hat, stockings, gloves, ruffled collar, shawl, and bolero. In these two posts i put together three totally different looks, but could easily have assembled many many more . . . and i will! I will with certainty, turn to this delightful set time and time again for special occasions in the coming season.

Model – Sequoia Nightfire
Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Zephra in Black by SAS [Sascha’s Designs]
Jewelry – J.D-02 Ensemble by WTG
Shoes – Bare Kathryn by Stiletto Moody
Poses – Body Talking

Elegant Ensembles Part I

Sascha Zephra -  Cocktail  Variation

I hardly know where to begin. Sascha Designs new Zephra ensemble is full of so many elegant options it boggles the mind! Sascha Frangelli has just released two sets of a phenomenal dress, in black and white versions, named Zephra. A name from a bygone era of refined privilege, these collections offer so many exciting choices and variations to help you style for any occasion this fashion season and into future! Also featured, the new release from tosy Xue of WTG.

Sascha Zephra -  Cocktail  Variation

To give you a sense of the possibilities even one dress ensemble can offer is too much to submit in just one blog post. Therefore, we will split into two parts beginning with the cocktail variation, which was the last look i assembled, but is a very good place to start. Brought together are the cocktail skirt, one of over 5 skirt options, the sweetheart backless top and the wonderfully constructed bolero, shown with the choker version of J.D-2 jewel set from WTG.

tosy Xue’s newly released J.D-2 ensemble is a perfect counterpoint to the Zephra, with nearly as many options including choker and necklace styles which can be attached to either spine or chest to enable you to work easily with all the clothing attachments as well as beautiful bracelets for either or both arms, and the most finely detailed earpieces i have seen lately!

Sascha Zephra -  Long Strapless Variation

Next is the long strapless variation i felt was just the sort of simple elegant formal that fits in so many occasions. This time i introduce the J.D-2 full length necklace from WTG. See what wonderful lines this gown has from every side. The back cutaway is curved to the waist and ultra sexy. The possibilities of accessories is endless, i love how the J.D-2 bracelet looks against the soft full length gloves. Stay tuned for a third variation tomorrow 🙂

Sascha Zephra -  Long Strapless Variation

Model – Sequoia Nightfire
Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Zephra in Black by SAS [Sascha’s Designs]
Jewelry – J.D-02 Ensemble by WTG
Shoes – Bare Kathryn by Stiletto Moody
Hair – Lolwa from CaTwA
Poses – Body Talking

Dizzy for Izzy

SAS New Release

Sascha Frangelli has done it again!!!
Another winning new release from Sascha’s Designs that includes all sorts of built in flexibility. The “Izzy” is reminiscent of the high waisted full skirt and turned up collar looks of the fabulously vogue fashion magazines of early 60’s. Each ensemble (available in black and red) offers both a more formal skirt look as well as the highwaisted pants – both perfect to wear with your favorite boots. I have paired up my Whitney Boots from SLink with the Red Izzy skirt. Seq is elegant, as always, in the the Black Izzy pants wearing Prestige boots from BAX. We are both wearing Miaa Cuff bracelets, one of the new jewelry sets available soon at the Grand Reopening +AURORA BOREALIS+ Jewelry. Stay tuned here for updates!!!

Got Bear?

We wish to share with you an opportunity for you to help the people of Japan….

Donating to charity in Second Life can be a tricky business. It’s difficult to know where your money goes, and in a world of assumed names and alternate accounts, it’s always best to go through official channels.

Linden Lab created the perfect way to donate to Disaster relief. Purchase an official Linden Bear from “Donation Linden”. The money goes straight to LL.. and from there to the American Red Cross. – Linden Labs at Marketplace

If you would like a bear as you see pictured with all proceeds going to the Red Cross [CLICK HERE] they are available at different values so everyone can afford to offer some support. Every little BEAR counts! 🙂

Models – KymSara Rayna and Sequoia Nightfire
Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Izzy NEW RELEASE from [SAS] Sascha’s Designs
Poses – SEmotion

Fashion For Life: Sascha’s Designs

Today is a special day for Kym and i, we have reached a milestone of exactly 100 blog posts in Notions of Style! We are glad this auspicious occasion occurred on the last day of a truly wonderful event, Fashion For Life. Tonight during the last few hours we are strolling and seeing what else we might pick up to help bring us closer to that $5 Million linden goal for Relay For Life. Oh so close $4,567,401 at this posting!!!

Fashion for Life - SAS Gown

We chose Sascha’s Designs for our 100th and as our last blog post for FFL because it allowed us the opportunity style together for our special milestone. We begin by sharing a picture of ourselves wearing Beerel Black and White dresses, [Kym in White & Seq in Black], which truly illustrate well the theme of this years Fashion For Life “Beyond Black & White”. Our time together as bloggers and sisters has colored our lifes in immeasurable ways. We have thoroughly enjoyed sharing the incredible outfits presented by a few of our favorite designers who participated, so generously, in the Fashion For Life event. We have a lot of other favorites, but time did not permit us to include them all. We hope you have also found some favorites and discovered some new designers during this incredible event and that you will run back today for a quick final look before it is all over for 2011.

Fashion for Life - SAS Gown

One of our favorites of the entire event is the Arrogance gown collection. Elegant, romantic, dramatic, sensuous and more! Sascha has taken the most luxurious black silk and created a dream gown series with so many delightful options that we could only begin to explore them here! Also lest you be confused by the switch of hair colors on your Notion’s friends, for the Arrogance, Sequoia is in red hair and KymSara in blond.

Fashion for Life - SAS Arrogance Gown, Long Variation

The SAS Arrogance gown can be worn in long formal style witth a slim or full skirt adorned with intricate bead and sequin patterns. I have chosen the full version here and selected the full sleeveless top option. Seq picked the cocktail version and paired it with the daring lace cutout top and the Extravaganza Shawl, for a completely different look. The ensemble includes several top and skirt variations which are equally alluring and will provide you with a myriad of fantastic looks throughout the coming season. And 100% of the proceeds go to Relay For Life!!!

Fashion for Life - SAS Arrogance Gown, Cocktail Variation

Special Note:
We just could not resist including a very special new release from tosy Xue, designer of WTG jewelry, in this our final FFL blog because it was so conspicuously perfect. While not a part of this years’ event his Blessings Series works so very well with the SAS gown that we wanted to share it with you. You will be seeing more about this creative jeweler here soon.

Style Card

Models – Sequoia Nightfire & KymSara Rayna
Photographer – KymSara Rayna

1st Photo:
Wearing – SAS Beerel White & Beerel Black by Sascha’s Design’s SAS FFL Store

2nd, 3rd & 4th Photos:
Wearing – SAS Arrogance Gown by Sacha’s Designs SAS FFL Store
Jewelry – **Blessing-G** by +:+WTG+:+ (not at FFL)