Breakfast at FineSmith

Breakfast at FineSmith!

While visiting the recent Hollywood Fashion event I found this delightful outfit at SF Designs and immediately thought that if Holly Golightly were to visit Second Life today she would probably head straight to FineSmith for breakfast! I went digging through my older jewelry drawers and found just the right pearls from FineSmith – fitting for that vintage look. And then, I thought of what a more current look Holly might discover on this visit . . .

Wearing – Audrey Outfit includes Hat & Shoes – NEW from SF Designs
Jewelry – Pearl Choker & Pearlin Earrings from FineSmith
Skin – Alva by LAQ

Breakfast at FineSmith!

Yula’s amazing new color-change Diamond Ensemble would probably catch the eye of a savvy, fashionista like Holly Golightly – and also catch the eye of everyone in the ballroom as she made a grand entrance.

Wearing – Natzuka Gown from DESIR Haute Couture
Jewelry – Diamond Neclace & Earrings NEW from FineSmith
Hair – Katt from Damselfly
Skin – Alva by LAQ

Breakfast at FineSmith!

Perhaps she might even go for this spectacular new Collar from FineSmith, which also goes quite well with the earrings from the Diamond Ensemble.

Wearing – Natzuka Gown from DESIR Haute Couture
Jewelry -Guilt Collar & Diamond Earrings NEW from FineSmith
Hair – Katt from Damselfly
Skin – Alva by LAQ


Fashion for Life 2013 – Lazuri, SF Designs, WetCat Poses

Everso violet . . .

Everso violet . . .

Everso violet . . .
Model & Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Lisa Suit – EXCLUSIVE by SF Designs for Fashion for Life 2013
Jewelry – Spring Pastels Ensemble – EXCLUSIVE for Fashion for Life 2013 by Lazuri
Shoes – Part of the Lisa Ensemble from SF Designs
Hair – Glory by Exile
Skin – Essential Saga by LAQ
Poses – Gravity series by WetCat available at Fashion for Life 2013

FASHION FOR LIFE 2013 : Shopping SLurls

….You Make My Heart Sing!

Chillin' at the Cascades

It’s officially Summer, and time to find that perfect swimsuit! We’ve been watching our waists, counting our pixel intake. Now we get to show off our sexy curvaceous shape in high style! Swaffette Firefly has created some extraordinary sets for the beach and poolside, including her wonderful new line of Wild Thing Swimwear from SF Design. Each suit comes with a matching sarong which intensifies the vibrant colors patterned exquisitely in an animal skin. All of the color selections are tempting , i finally decided on the pink in snakeskin. That settled, i knew exactly where to turn for accessories – where else but Finesmith?

Chillin' at the Cascades

I faced a wide selection of possibilities from Yula’s myriad of incredible designs. I couldn’t narrow to one set so decided on pieces from a couple of different Finesmith series – the earrings are from the Leah Inspiration Set, while the bracelets i like best come from The Idioma Series – both are colour change and menu adjustable. And of course would feel naked without my nails so i added Finesmith Rave nails to finish the look. I recently picked up a few summery shoes at a new store to me, SHOEnique. The have some really unique and comfortably stylish designs worth a trip to see. I chose the Sea Shell Wedges which not only looked just right ,but have a name to match for any beach or swim suit destination.

Chillin' at the Cascades

Model/Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Wild Thing Swimsuit & Sarong by SF Designs
Jewelry – Leah Inspirations Earrings & Idioma Bracelets by Finesmith
Hair – Angie by EMO-tions
Skin – Julie by LAQ
Sea Shell Wedge Heels by SHOEnique
Nails – Rave Purple by Finesmith
Poses – Diesel Works

Coveting Pixels

Silk and Silver Leaves

Coveting pixel outfits may seem a bit out there, but when you wear business wear as i do in my RL circumstance you might even become envious of your avatar when you come across certain outfits. Among Swaffette Firefly’s latest releases from SF Designs, the Rizzo silk blouse and Leather skirt separates really caught my attention. Swaffette, in my humble opinion, is one of the select group of SL designers who is simply superb in bringing desirable and current RL designs to SL. Her styles are exciting, her workmanship flawless and she always includes options to make the fit and look personal.

Silk and Silver Leaves

The Rizzo Blouse, for example, includes both regular and “discrete” variations, as well as integrated and separate collar and ruffle attachements to enable all the fine adjustments for a perfect fit. The menu adjustable skirt and finely tooled belt, with exquisite detail and silver buckles, also reflects her customer care. Like many SF Designs outfits there are additional options in each set; she has thoughtfully included a mini-mini version of the leather skirt! I found my NEW Marina boots from SLink to be a perfect match and i loved the way the streaks of my blond Nanase hair by Hal*Hina were drawn out by the color of the blouse. This is an ensemble i will wear a LOT and hope some RL designer will be inspired to recreate.

Silk and Silver Leaves

Model/Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Rizzo Silk Blouse and Leather Skirt by SF Designs
Hair – Nanase by Hal*Hina
Skin – Emma by Tuli
Boots – Marina by SLinK
Poses – Body Talking

Office Wear Design Sublime

SF Design - Mimi Suit (Close)

Swaffette Firefly has done it again! The Mimi, the new release suit design from SF Designs, is not only a major style find in SL, but has raised my RL coveting to an exuberant level! The crisp lines, exquisite fabric texture and fine detailing are so clearly evident, but that is just the beginning of the story. This suit ensemble includes both a medium and long skirt, I chose the shorter of the two for the office, AND something very special — the collar and jacket peplum prim pieces each have two different size options included to minimize the typical “fit fussing” associated with such parts. YAY Swaffette!

Lunch in the City . . . hmmm

Time for a bit to eat i don my Roma, a Sophia Loren inspired hat from Couture Chapeau and i am easy to spot as i hail a cab to club for a light lunch. Chigadee London has captured the elegant style of the screen goddess that will give a panache to any look.

Swaffette really does so much to bring her SF Designs customers a wonderful one stop shopping experience and complete satisfaction, as if the thoughtfulness in assuring a perfect fit were not enough , she has also included matching heels and even a clutch purse to finish the look. The Mimi suit comes in three wonderful colors. I chose the charcoal which would also be my first RL pick. But, the blue and oatmeal colours have also found a spot in my business wardrobe and will definitely be seen in board meetings, special presentations and other to other important functions, especially with the versatility offered with the additional long skirt.

SF Design - Mimi Suit

Model/Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Mimi Suit – NEW from SF Designs
Hair – Lush by LeLutka
Skin – Emma by Tuli
Hat – Roma by Couture Chapeau
Poses – Body Talking

Fashion For Life: SF Designs

The Relay for Life in Second Life has kicked off in a big way and we will be quite busy at Notions of Style during Fashion for Life, running March 12-22. Like so many, the devastating effects of cancer has touched our lives. We want to encourage you to take that special trip to walk the 9 sims of Fashion for Life visiting the 180 stores. Please remember all funds in donation vendors go to the American Cancer Society. This includes the regular dedicated vendors, gacha and hunt items. Each designer has at least 4 items or outfits they are offering with all proceeds going to RFL. A lot to choose from and affordable items which will help you to bring more dollars the American Cancer Society to bring a cure. We will try to show you as many of the designs that caught our eye as we can during the run of the event. Go to for the latest news and locations and list of designers.

The theme of Fashion for Life this year is “Beyond Black and White.” Instead of doing themes that were based on locales or one monolithic theme, FFL came upon the idea of making the sims in black and white—like a black and white photo. They felt that this would reinforce how cancer is no longer a black and white diagnosis because of the work of the American Cancer Society. They provide funds, programs and support that takes cancer “beyond black and white.” Designers and builders were given this theme and encouraged to interpret it as they pleased.

Fashion for Life - SF Designs - Lauren

Swaffette Firefly of SF Designs has designed two wonderful gowns for the FFL. They are not only beautiful but, are created for, and dedicated to, some very special people.

The Lauren, in rich teal silk, includes both evening and cocktail versions . This gown is dedicated and created for Lauren Fox – Lauren is currently undergoing chemotherapy for Ovarian Cancer.

Fashion for Life - SF Designs - Briar Rose

The Briar Rose gown is a recreation of gown from the RFL 2009 auction, with the permission of Feles Seitan, who purchased the original and has recently been bereaved by cancer. This very special creation features an elegantly detailed Briar Rose overskirt which continues the flow of the bodice embroidery. This gown is dedicated to Wiccan Sojourner who lost her fight to Lymphoma in December 2010.

Both of these extraordinary creations are available as FFL selections at the SF Designs booth and all proceeds from the sale will be donated to the American Cancer Society for cancer research.

Style Card

(We wish to draw attention to the Fashion For Life items so will list only those available at the event.)

Lauren Gown
Model/Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Lauren Gown & Shoes by SF Designs SF Designs FFL booth

Briar Rose Gown
Model/Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Briar Rose Gown & Shoes by SF Designs SF Designs FFL booth

SF Design Suits to a T

Another Day at the Office

I am always alert to fine tailored business wear since my non-pixel counterpart spends a great deal of time in such outfits and Sequoia and i are consistently meeting those who are in SL in professional capacity. Helping others find their own unique style and helping them feel attractive and confident, in other words comfortable, in their avatar has always been a personal joy for us. So discovering well made professional clothing is always a great find and i must admit that the the Performance Suit, from SF Design is a true treasure. Swaffette Firefly has created a totally flexible and superbly fitted outfit for the business traveler.

Another Day at the Office - 4

The Performance Suit comes complete with vest, skirt, trousers, a variety of shirt options, and even several variations of the necktie which will have you styled perfectly for every occasion. The wide range of options is a major draw, but the real key for me is the fine quality construction of each and every piece. From the careful pattern alignment of the wool skirt and jacket to the crisp fit and detail of the blouse, with cuff and collar options, to the soft silk ties. Swaffette has crafted a masterpiece set which will enhance the business wardrobe of any successful executive. It had me thinking of the the phrase “Suits to a T” , i am not sure of the origin of that phrase, but what i can say for certain is the business wear for women, at SF Designs, is Terrific with a capital “T”.~kym

Another Day at the Office - 2

Model/Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Performance Suit by SF Design
Hair – Andrea by Sirena Hair
Skin – Molly by LAQ
Shoes – Essentiels by Storm-Schnooz (no longer available)
Jewelry – Threader Earrings by Grace Selene