Glitter Shimmer Glam

All that glitters . . .

There is reason to be thrilled when any formal invitation arrives this fall… Black and White and everyshade of the monochromatic spectrum are being seen at white tie events. Mohna Lisa Couture has a selection of wonderfully designed gowns that will do wonders to show off your figure and are amazingly inventive! This is the Erotica Mesh gown seen here worn by Sequoia. This silhouette dress will amaze both the one wearing it and those who see it passing by. The sheer sides of this optical illusion gown actually have colour change panels. These panels, under the sheer fabric, are able to match all skin tones, so they achieve that silhouette and remain modest like dancers costumes. Secondly, the skirting glimmers and shimmers as you move a unique effect perfected for this gown. This is not scripted or particle in any way, it is entirely accomplished by how Mohna textured the gown. The included Fascinator rises above in a flourish with optional veil and adds an adittional flair to an already very fascinating gown.

All that glitters . . .

Model – Sequoia Nightfire
Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Erotica Mesh Gown with included Fascinator from Mohna Lisa Couture
Jewelry – **Corsage ** earrings, necklace and bangle by WTG Jewelry
Hair – Reija Brown by Tukinowaguma
Skin – LAQ
Poses by Body Talking

Julia and Julie

Next we have Kymsara wearing the extremely provacative Julia gown with a pewter and sterling finish. The fabric is tailored exqusitely to form, capturing the light and the shadow cast so perfectly across satin patterned fabric. The silk highlights continue as the sheer threads woven into this organza skirt are fluid with her every move. The over the shoulder collar is also sheer and swoops down to frame the deep plunging neckline. The same fabric is used as cuffs to the sterling stiched gloves, giving the entire gown an attratively complete finish.

Julia and Julie

Model & Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Julia Gown – NEW from Mohna Lisa Couture
Jewelry – Wish Emerald Ensemble by Finesmith Jewelry
Hair – UKA 687 by boon
Skin – Julie by LAQ
Shoes – Sydney Stilettos by SLink
Poses – Body Talking

MLC Yolanda

Last we come to the Yolanda Glittery Black gown from Mohna Lisa worn by Sequoia. This black full skirted bit of artistic mastery cannot be captured well by mere photography, it must be seen worn to be appreciated. Like the Erotica gown above, Mohna has woven his magic glimmer shimmer into the skirt. Do not wear this to any events where you are trying to remain unnoticed. The plume of this gown will sweep across the floor capturing all eyes. What is best is that it flows below the shimmer of the black satin rising to silhouette your magnificent form. There is a certain assymetry to the cut of the Yolanda Glittery Black which encouraged Sequoia to take some chances with this gown and wear some jewels and hair that might not be the most traditional for such a formal white tie event. The Ireth Chain Halo Headpiece and earrings from PurpleMoon available through L’accessoires are absolutely perfectly suited to the braided mesh locks from Elemental Hair that fall wonderfully off the open end of the assymentric collar.

MLC Yolanda3

Model – Sequoia Nightfire
Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Yolanda Glittery Black gown by Mohna Lisa Couture
Jewelry – :: PM :: Ireth Chain Halo Headpiece and earrings from PurpleMoon available at L’accessoires
Hair – Angie Mesh Hair Chocolate Brown by Elemental Hair
Skin – YOA Divine Spell


Notions of a Very Merry Christmas from KymSara and Sequoia

Sequoia Christmas 2011

Model/Photographer – Sequoia Nightfire
Wearing – GizzA Flawless Gown [Red} dress gift from GizzA Creations
& Red Retropolitan gloves from Ivalde
Jewelry – Princess Haukea necklace white from AlienBear Designs
Hair – Princess Ribbon Chocolate from Tukinowaguma

Brightest Christmas Blessings to all my flickr friends!

Model/Photographer – KymSara Rayna

All That Glitters…Part II

Ala Folie Miss Phillipines, Long with cowl

As you may recall we promised you a peek at the other variations of pixivor Allen’s amazing Miss Phillipines gown, available from Ala Folie. It took us a few days to get back to it, but worth the wait and what fun I had getting them ready!

Ala Folie Miss Phillipines, Long

For the long gown I wore the optional stole to our shoot locale, the home of Lusti Decosta of Decosta Custom Builds. I chose not to add the lovely Fleur attachments with this variation, mostly so that i could better highlight the sensational silouette and detail of the sequinned streamers.

Finesmith Inspiration - Shena

For this particular look the cascade and flow of Yula Finesmith’s Shena Inspiration Set of earrings and necklace seemed to be made to go with the gown. Coincidentally, Yula released her incredible series of Inspiration Jewelry sets just as we were preparing these shoots and i think the combination of the AlaFolie gowns and Finesmith jewelry sets are just magic!

Taylor Inspiration by Finesmith & AlaFolie  Miss Phillipines Courte

As i continued to explore the possibilities of the Miss Phillipines gown I found an irresistible set, the Taylor Neckpiece and Bracelet Ensemble! True to the series name, these accessories provided just the right touch of fantasy and inspiration for the presentation of the third variation. If you look real close you will see that i am adorned in the earrings from the Finesmith Rusalka Inspiration set. All of the Finesmith Inspiration Sets are released in a limited edition of 50, so if you are even considering adding them to your fine jewelry case — hurry!

Ala Folie  Miss Phillipines Courte & Taylor Inspiration by Finesmith

Ten available Finesmith Inspirations and three delightful AlaFolie gown variations the possibilities seem endless. Did we mention there is a black version of the gown called Diamant Noir to be featured in future Notions of Style posts. We know you’ll enjoy these delightful dilemnas as much as we do!

Ala Folie  Miss Phillipines Courte & Taylor Inspiration by Finesmith

Long Variation

Model/Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Miss Phillipines Gown by AlaFolie
Hair – Necy by Damselfly
Skin – Julie by LAQ
Jewelry – Shena Inspiration Set by Finesmith Jewelry
Shoes – Bare Katherine by Stiletto Moody
Poses – Body Talking

Short Variation

Model/Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Miss Phillipines Gown Courte by AlaFolie
Hair – Faith by Tukinowaguma
Skin – Julie by LAQ
Jewelry – Taylor Inspiration Set (Limited Edition of 50) by Finesmith Jewelry
Shoes – Bare Katherine by Stiletto Moody
Poses – Body Talking

Holidays Around the World by NightMagic (Part 2 – Intrigue of India)

NightMagic Productions presented “Holidays Around the World”, a concept show which brought together the fashion vision of some of SL’s greatest international designers, and premiered to a resounding cheer from the SL fashion community. In this second installment, titled “Intrigue in India”, i offer another example of the diversity of fashion which was showcased in NightMagic’s runway extravaganza.

Seqouia in India - Close

The traditional costumes of India always feature the most exquisite and colorful silks and patterns. The NEMI gown, designed by Kimmera Madison of Tres Beau, captures the essence of this tradition with a stunning design appropriate for any modern formal occasion. The bindi-style jewelry accents of the NEMI jewelry set also from Tres Beau and the incredible chocolate Feather hair design from Tukinowaguma complete the look of a Rajasthani princess.

Seqouia in India

Model – Sequoia Nightfire
Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Clothes and jewelry – Nemi from Tres Beau
Skin – Tasha by LAQ
Hair – Feather Chocolate by Tukinowaguma

Holidays Around the World by NightMagic (Part 1 – Out of Africa)

Just before the frenzy of the Holidays i was invited to participate in an important event on the SL fashion scene. NightMagic Productions, a new runway production company started by Marcus and Jasmine Night and Katina Magic presented “Holidays Around the World”, a show conceived and developed by dancer Dallagio of Stiletto Moody and a top 10 finalist in Miss Virtual World 2010. The concept show brought together the fashion vision of some of SL’s greatest international designers and premiered to a resounding cheer from the SL fashion community.

Client - Sequoia in  Africa (2)

I will present the continental diversity i styled to showcase in NightMagic Productions “Holidays Around the World” in three posts here is Part 1 “Out of Africa”…
The inspiration for this outfit is the amazing NABILA gown from Angel Dessous. The feline sensuality of the design is strongly reinforced by the tiger texture, with an dramatic formal finish at the feathered hem. The freckled skin Embrace Mocha from Cupcakes adds to the Nubian mystique. Accessorized with the NABILA gold and natural pattern jewelry also from Angel Dessous and the perfectly braided hairstyle Rocca Chocolate from Tukinowaguma, to complete the natural yet, elegant look from the mysterious dark continent. Shoes are the GF Figure Pumps from G Field, prim nails by MANDALA and Ruby Arch lashes from Avion

Client - Sequoia in  Africa - Close

Model – Sequoia Nightfire
Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Clothes and jewelry – Nabila from Angel Dessous
Skin – Embrace – Mocha from CUPCAKES
Hair – Rocca Chocolate by Tukinowaguma
Prim Nails – MANDALA
Lashes – Ruby Arch from Avion
Shoes – GF Figure Pumps from G Field


Client - Sequoia Nightfire, Velvet 1

Bellisima!!!! No better word could be uttered about this lushness in velvet. While many designers might make noise about something so wonderful, US born Journey McLagen of Prism in her quiet way continues to astound and adorn us with such richly textured yumminess. From the perfectly realistic and caressing shoulder wrap to the dreamy flowing skirt this gown is velvety smooth considering the yards and yards of pixel fabric involved!. The silver accents of the glove tops to the silver crystal beaded bodice rising in a strap between the bust to circle the neckline giving a regal elegance. Hurray Journey!!! i and many others will sing your praises. 🙂 ~ seq

Client - Sequoia Nightfire, Profile 1
Model: Sequoia Nightfire
Pictures by KymSara Rayna
Earrings: ABJ – Audrey earrings in Onyx
Hair: Princess Ribbon by Tukinowaguma