Glitz ‘n Glamour * HOLLYWOOD Style

Hollywood MLC

Hollywood MLC

Hollywood MLC
Model/Photographer – Sequoia Nightfire
Wearing – Ms MLC Adriel Huntress Glittery dress with drape – Available now at Mohna Lisa Couture “.the event. HOLLYWOOD”
[*NOTE* This is an incredible gown and these pictures do not give a perfect glimpse, it must be worn or seen live to appreciate… imagine wearing a thousand tiny points of glittery golden light.]
Jewelry – **Papillon** bracelet and ear piercings from +:+WTG+:+
Hair – WMO003 hair black from booN
Shoes – [Gos] Grace Sandal – Elegance Collection
Shot on location at “.the event. HOLLYWOOD” running March 30th – April 14th


KITES Collection Part 1

One Starry Night

STARRY Night —
Sequins and pin pleated chiffon combine artfully to make the Starry Nights gown a memorable standout look for your most special event. In RL this would be so very perfect to wear for my harp concerts but, SL provides a fantasy opportunity to imagine i could be an actual chanteuse — as long as i just pose with the microphone and don’t really try to sing!

One Starry Night

The bold Black and White combination also seems just right for an evening at your favorite piano bar – whether you are performing or just there for a quiet drink with friends and an elegant dance or two. Speaking of bold – how perfect is tosy Xue’s Blessing Jewelry set from WTG with this gown!

Model/Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Starry Night Gown from Meiling Couture Kites Collection
Jewelry – Blessing Set from WTG Jewelry
Hair – Chica4 from D!va Hair
Poses – DieselWorks
On Location Lighting by LumiPro

Off for a drive to Malibu!

AYO Cocktail Dress –
And for pure fun – mix one part Little Black Dress with one part Little Red Car! Meiling’s Ayo Cocktail dress inspired me to jump in the Ferrari and zip up the coast to that little seafood place in Malibu. This is a delightfully crisp and flexible ensemble with an optional sleeveless jacket, and just the right feminine frills and bows, with a bit of a breeze in from the ocean giving those loose wisps of hair a bit of a carefree look. Carry the theme of casual elegance right through with the strappy look of SLink’s Tiger Heels.

Model/Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Ayo Cocktail Dress – Meiling Couture Kites Collection
Jewelry – Kaleidoscope Set from WTG Jewelry
Hair – LAE 656 by booN
Skin – Julie by LAQ
Shoes – Tiger Heels by SLink
Poses – Morgane Batista Pose Shop
Ferrari Perfetta gift from FiBiX Steig
On Location Lighting by LumiPro

It's a wrap!

MANZA Wrap —
When Diane von Furstenburg splashed her wrap dresses onto the fashion scene in the 70s she launched an enduring favorite concept. Meiling’s latest build on this foundation, the Manza Wrap dress, takes shape with the distinctive prints and solid linens and underlines the whole notion of the wrap by using the two different fabrics. Light and comfortable, while stunningly fashion forward, this was one of my first picks from the Kites collection. Finesmith’s oversize hoops in coral and Kagami graphic bracelet work really well for that late afternoon shopping trip that flows right to cocktails and dinner uptown. And the Felicia Capped Stiletto from SLink are just perfectly matched to that look.

Model/Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Manza Wrap Dress from Meiling Couture Kites Collection
Jewelry – Kagami Bracelet and Pearl Hoops by Finesmith
Hair -Tibby by Damselfly
Skin – Molly by LAQ
Shoes – Felicia Capped Stilettos by SLink
Poses – Morgane Batista Pose Shop

Sea Breeze

Sea Breeze

Late Afternoon the shadows are long and i am thinking of what a grand day this has been. This New Silk Handerchief Skirt, Double Coin Belt & Racerback top from Boho Hobo kept me cool and comfortable all day. This day of whimsy found me weaving my way to Evie’s Closet where i found this sweet freshly woven garland wreath that fit the mood and outfit so perfectly. So easily it would be to lay below a tree reading a book of poetry and wake transported to some English countryside of bygone days. Right now captured in the moment i wish time would stand still.

Model & Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Silk Handerchief Skirt, Double Coin Belt & Racerback top from Boho Hobo
Jewelry – Armaghan by Meena @ Boho Hobo
Hair – JPN 670 by boon
Nails – Naive by Je suis
Skin – Alva by LAQ
Wreath of Flowers by Evie’s Closet
Shoes – Ilaida Morji by Zaara
Poses by Diesel Works
Lighting by LumiPro

Angel’s Black Box Secret

The Angel D. Surprise! *

Each Wednesday Angel Dessous offers a very special ensemble to their group members for a mere $69L! The fun part is that the ensemble is offered as a Black Box with unknown surprise contents. I always race home to open the Box and sometimes discover, as in this weeks Box, a lovely gown complete with hat and gloves, or sometimes a special day dress and sometimes one of Angel Dessous’ incredible lingerie ensembles. I have been buying these boxes since the start of the tradition and each surprise has been very special.The deep rich color of the Madeleine Gown and the detailed floral and lace trim work are typical of the exquisite styling in Angel Dessous offerings. It is always refreshing to discover designers who believes it is important to showcase their best efforts in their group gifts and specials. Thank you Nando and Gina!

The Angel D. Surprise! *

Model/Photographer – KymSara Rayna
Wearing -Madeleine Ensemble NEW! from Angel Dessous (Black Box #19)
Hair – LAE 656 by boon
Skin – Alva by LAQ
Earrings -Camouflage des Lumieres by Chop Zuey
Shoes – Sydney Stiletto by SLink
Poses – Diesel Works

Exquisitely Set for a Holiday Hunt

POE3 Coming soon to a neighbourhood near you...

The holiday season always seems to bring out the best of some of our wonderful SL designers. We will be taking a look at some of the seasonal designs during December. A Second Life tradition that we look forward to each year is the Peace on Earth Gridwide Hunt [POE] – now in its 3rd year! My Dear Sis and co-conspirator on the Notions Blog, is also the founder and organizer of the POE3. This year she created a lovely Antique Cameo Jewelry set which is the first gift in the hunt which features 280 of SL’s best. This set from ABJ [Aurora Borealis Jewelry] is a very Victorian themed set, a perfect match for Ivalde’s Holiday edition of the Dorothea gown. However upon trying it with other new and current release holiday gowns i discovered that it also works extremely well. The detail is exquisite and the poinsettia cameo is timeless. The hunt begins at ABJ [Aurora Borealis Jewelry], Happy hunting! for more on POE3 visit the blog at: ~ kym

ABJ Antique Christmas Cameo Set (2)

Photographer/Model – KymSara Rayna
Wearing – Dorothea Holiday Edition from Ivalde Vintage fashion
Skin – Molly by LAQ
Hair – QPT129 by Boon
Jewelry – Antique Christmas Cameo Set by Aurora Borealis Jewelry (ABJ)
Poses – Glitterati

Perhaps Tonight…

Perhaps tonight!

The dramatic eye-catching color combination of the Arjla Gown and the elegant asymmetric look make it a certainty that you will stand out from the crowd in your most formal fall event.

Oh, what a ball!

This gown, a highlight of L`Abel’s Fashion Week Collection, features gathered silk and satin layers softly flowing from a single shoulder cascading to the full flare of the ballroom skirt accented with a wide self cummerbund. All you need do to accent is add your favorite pearls and a confident smile and your are good to go! ~ kym

Skin – Julie by LAQ
Hair – QPT 129 by booN
Jewelry – Pearls of Wisdom by flirt